June 30, 2008

Obama fibs and flip-flops on patriotism [Karl]

The AP’s Jennifer Loven covers Barack Obama’s speech on patriotism, in which he said he “will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign” and implictly threw his surrogate Wesley Clark under the campaign bus for questioning John McCain’s war record. [Update: Here’s the official squishing sound. -K]

The Hill notes that Obama also implicitly whacked MoveOn for its “General Betray Us” ad last year.  Yet Obama refused to vote on a Senate resolution condemning MoveOn’s attack at the time, saying, “By not casting a vote, I registered my protest against these empty politics.”  Of course, Obama is now dashing to the center and already has MoveOn’s endorsement, which Obama welcomed.

In today’s speech, Obama also said this:

Of course, precisely because America isn’t perfect, precisely because our ideals constantly demand more from us, patriotism can never be defined as loyalty to any particular leader or government or policy.

However, during the flag lapel pin flap, Obama said this: 

A party that presided over a war in which our troops did not get the body armor they needed, or were sending troops over who were untrained because of poor planning, or are not fulfilling the veterans’ benefits that these troops need when they come home, or are undermining our Constitution with warrantless wiretaps that are unnecessary?

That is a debate I am very happy to have. We’ll see what the American people think is the true definition of patriotism.

As noted previously, issues of body armor, military training, or veterans’ benefits might actually be debatable among reasonable people, but he was willing to question people’s patriotism over them.  Moreover, Obama now supports the terrorist surveillance program, having seen and learned the degree to which it is necessary to help prevent terrorist attacks.  So perhaps Old Obama should be questioning New Obama’s patriotism.

Incidentally, since Obama gave today’s speech in Independence, MO, I cannot help but note that much of Obama’s flag lapel pin flap played out in — Independence, IA.  Must be a thing with him.

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Update: Insta-lanche!

Update: To give credit where due, Tom Maguire noticed Obama questioning other people’s patriotism back in April, though he didn’t have the quote I used today.

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  1. I just found out that my son, Matt the Marine will be eligible this September for $80,000 in college education.

    Plus what he had payed in under the previous plan.

    No benefits, eh?

  2. Palooza – Even Baracky thinks you are an asshat.

  3. When will Baracky disown either the MSM, or his own campaign?

    I know, he could no more disown the MSM than to disown Rev. Wright.

  4. O! will be happy to discuss the few times where he has been pro-American and does not wish to discuss the the many more times he has been anti-American.

    What is so hard for you to understand, Karl?
    Stop being a hater!

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  6. This whole “Obama does not love America because he is an arrogant liberal and doesn’t wear a flag pin or have a yellow ribbon decal on his phat SUV” thing is ridiculous. To even try to cite “flipflops” out of statements he made in regard to such a spurious, underhanded and loathesome charge is completely laughable – he shouldn’t have had to in the first goddamned place. There are a lot more important ways to judge someone’s patriotism than what little peice of metal(probably “made in China”) is pinned to their lapel. He should have just said “Fuck you and your meaningless, jingoistic, quasifascist lapel-pin nonsense.” and then been done with it.

    I had to beat Thor to the Outraged Obamabot Podium today.

    I am unfortunately unable to drop by and be annoying as much as I used to due to work constraints, but it is always fun to do a little drive by ranting.

    Cheers and happy Monday!

  7. I had to beat Thor to the Outraged Obamabot Podium today.

    I’m starting to worry about him. Normally the most dangerous place on earth to be, is between Thor and that podium.

  8. Each American, at watershed moments in his or her life — to get a driver’s license, a marriage certificate, a passport — must produce a paper birth certificate for official inspection and analysis. Now it’s Obama’s turn.




    Obama’s mother was not a patriot, by the time she was 16 she was already running towards muslims, see her bio

  9. Fuck you and your meaningless, jingoistic, quasifascist lapel-pin nonsense.”

    I would have respected him more if he had said that. Not a lot more, but some. But I am jingoistic and xenophobic like that.

  10. Normally the most dangerous place on earth to be, is between Thor and that podium.

    Clearly, you forgot about me.

  11. Lisa

    Yes, he should have said something along those lines, but he chose to try to turn it into something he intended to do. Have you noticed Obama moving to the right lately? All Democratic nominees must, and because of it they always open themselves up to the flip-flop charge, since they are, often, changing their positions to be more agreeable to the larger core of American voters.

  12. Hey, Lisa! Nicely done. We missed you over at the Wesley Clark thread as we were beating that pissant into mud until Obama threw him under the bus.

    good times …

  13. Normally the most dangerous place on earth to be, is between Thor and that podium.

    Clearly, you forgot about me.

    And, me.

  14. “Fuck you and your meaningless, jingoistic, quasifascist lapel-pin nonsense.”

    I could have respected that a lot more than the squishy answers he gave.

    Sepecially as he’s now regularly wearing that product of China.

  15. It won’t be long before Obama says the following: “Thats not the B.H. Obama I know and respect”.

  16. Normally the most dangerous place on earth to be, is between Thor and that podium.

    Clearly, you forgot about me.

    And, me.

    And, me.

  17. Here comes the beginning of that pivot on Iraq ..

    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, in a major speech on patriotism, criticized MoveOn.org for referring to Gen. David Petraeus as General Betray Us last year.

    After the “FISA” sellout, how long before the “netroots” are in full revolt ?

  18. Obama’s surrogates are out there ripping McCain’s record with a wink and a nod from Obama’s people. We all know that. Out of everything they are saying, the one thing that pisses me off is the mention of the propoganda video. Let’s say that is 100% true. So what? I would have confessed to the JFK assassination if I were tortured like he was. Also, funny how that bozo used the word “disloyal” when all we have heard from the leftists for years is them complaining how everyone is questioning their patriotism and how real patriotism is saying how much America sucks.

  19. Clearly, you forgot about me.

    And, me.

    And, me.

    Well, I think of “danger” as meaning there’s some actual chance, however slight, of surviving.

    You guys, not so much.

  20. I am sorry but doesn’t this speech seem to well timed? It seems almost a coincidence that within 24 hours of Wesley Clark questioning McCains service that we have a major Obama speech about patriotism that makes him out to be “above” all the pesky mud slinging. Well I would think something was up if I did not think Obama was the greatest politician ever and is going to kick the old mans ass.

  21. He is not the Obama he knew.

  22. “Fuck you and your meaningless, jingoistic, quasifascist lapel-pin nonsense.”

    So, why did he put a lapel pin back on for a speech to veterans shortly after it became an issue in the news? Perhaps because there is absolutely no moral bedrock beneath his feet? Because NOTHING means ANYTHING to BHO except getting his new 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. address labels?

  23. We can’t love our country and hate our government.

  24. Lisa

    the only thing about the lapel pin was Barry’s answer…his “some scoundrels wear pins, so I can be patriotic taking it off” nonsense.

    It’s like a guy taking off his wedding ring and telling his wife he’s only doing it because it proves how much he loves her.

    Let’s see him try to run that one by Michelle.

  25. dur, Lisa, just more sorry campfire songs.
    seems to me the proteins oughtta be fixing their own house steadda wilin’ out on O!

  26. did u hear Lisa?
    Karl almost banned me!

  27. parsing that a bit …

    Obama’s “never questioning” does not rule out His prejudging another’s patriotism, inquiring as to the status of one’s patriotism, expressing concern about the health of one’s patriotism, or otherwise exploring the nature of one’s patriotism, other than His own.

    He gives Himself a clean bill of patriotic health.

  28. Nishit has had some competition for the most mendouceous lying crapweasel.

  29. Hope. Change.

    Obama used you and yours like a Kleenex, nish, and he’s flushing you down the toilet as we speak.


  30. Yeah I would have too, JD. I hate that he has a constant equivocation for every issue. Just take a damned stand and stick with it, fucker. He says stuff I like but then undercuts it with some qualifier so that he can wiggle out of it later.

    And I suppose all candidates have to move to the center do after they secure their base in the primaries. But it still bugs me that he won’t just say “hey man, kiss my crack on this patriotism thing, you motherfuckers”.

    I think he is treading lightly, trying not to offend the so called “heartland Democrat” voters who still think he is a gay, cracksmoking muslim. He, like everyone else in this country, seems to think that being an ingnorant cretin who gets information from chain emails rather than cracking open a newspaper every once in a while is “quaint” and as American as dogs, stars and bars, and apple pie.

    I hate it, but apparently the conventional wisdom is that he must move right to get the “voters that REALLY matter” – not that most of them would vote for him in a gazillion years. They think he is weird and snooty and his wife is a bitch who hates freedom and loves the terrorists.

    Clinton did this shit and ended up trouncing the Republicans in 92. However, I am always a bit heartbroken when I see the “base” get shunted aside for the amber-waves-of-grain set – you know, the ones that flit from party to party depending on who kisses their asses the most deeply.

  31. Karl almost banned you because you are a lying mendoucheous memebot. I suppose that is something that makes you proud.

  32. Lisa – I cannot find anything in that comment, 30, that I disagree with. Well, except for that part about those of us in flyover country floating around with the breeze, but I know what you were trying to say.

    Personally, if you are undecided in this election, you are too stoooopid to vote, and should be systemically disenfranchised.

  33. Well, Lisa, the facts are:

    1) Most voters don’t like socialism and don’t want anything to do with it.
    2) Most voters believe in the individual right to keep and bear arms.
    3) Most voters believe in a strong national defense.
    4) Most voters don’t believe that “all cultures are equally valid”.

    These are all issues on which Obama is very weak.

  34. He says stuff I like but then undercuts it with some qualifier so that he can wiggle out of it later

    You know, Lisa, when all this started eons ago, I didn’t know much about Barry and was honestly curious if he was a true moderate Dem. Someone I might disagree with, but whose values and record showed we walked the same road in the same direction, even if we were in different lanes.

    He has be a huge disappointment for me. His glaring lacks and the brittle spackle lovingly spread over them time and time again by the Win At All Costs leftcult is downright scary. Barry TAUGHT constitutional law when he seems never to have really read the Constitution or any writings of the founding fathers. He has some weird gaps in his knowledge of American history (the stuff he pumped out about JFK and Kruschev should have doomed him on the spot).

    Barry says he loves his country and I do NOT doubt him. But what his vision of this country that he loves is not the same one I love.

  35. There is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government.

  36. JD: I am not talking about everyone in flyover country. You know that. Don’t be deliberately obtuse. I am talking about the “precious” Democrats who hold themselves out as deeply precious Reagan Democrats and are the ones who are happy to tell reporters that they think Obama is a Muslim trained at a Madrassa (they know this because their buddy’s cousin sent them an email telling them so).

    Interestingly it is Republicans who are the most informed about Barack Obama. When asked about Obama say they don’t like his associates and think he is a Marxist dickhead and a weak, lilly livered redux of Jimmy Carter. I disagree with that, but it tells me that they don’t like Obama because of the substance of his proposals and his real history – not because he is vaguely exotic looking and their cousin Cletus sent them a “very informative chain email”.

  37. JD & Lisa,

    I do find something in #30 to disagree with:

    …“heartland Democrat” voters who still think he is a gay, cracksmoking muslim…

    You forgot “black”.

    I end up talking with quite a few “heartland Democrats” as they come in my store. To the extent they worry about it at all, rather than simply “vote the Party!”, they seem to be concerned that he’s a city-machine Democrat, with no visible qualifications and a bunch of scummy friends, who seems unwilling to make a stand and defend it on any subject whatever. Since that matches my perceptions I simply nod.

    BTW add me to the list of people who’d respect O! more if he contemptuously dismissed the lapel-pin business. I still wouldn’t vote for him, but I’d have at least some respect. Note that I, myself, do not wear a lapel pin…


  38. But I do think that Karl is developing a bit of a crush. I think he would like to nibble Baracks large and intriguing ears.

  39. Lisa – I knew that. You do not have to defend yourself to me. I know you come in good faith.

  40. “That is a debate I am very happy to have. We’ll see what the American people think is the true definition of patriotism.”

    – Somehow I doubt the “cut and run” strategy would not meet the American peoples litmus test for patriotism.

    – Besides, that was then, we’re months, and so many pragmatic changes later. Gotta roll with the flow you know.

  41. Yeah but it is not like Senator Clinton is not an exquisitely crafted creature of the Democratic Machine. So that shit just does not fly at all Ric. As a matter of fact, I can’t believe they said it with a straight face.

  42. BBH – In the primary, it seemed like Baracky and Hillary were in a contest to see who could surrender first, much to the delight of the nutroots. Now, not so much, but he knows they aren’t going anywhere.

  43. I am unfortunately unable to drop by and be annoying as much as I used to due to work constraints, but it is always fun to do a little drive by ranting.

    We are honored what with gas prices and all. And I must admit that a LisaRant™ is very entertaining.

  44. Sugartits are very entertaining too, but so far, they are about as real as snipes and unicorns.

  45. I have a picture of a unicorn just after it had foaled. She had massive sugartits.

  46. Lisa, the proteins are incapable of doin anything but tossin crits at O!
    They should be fixing their own house.
    Live by the theoconvote, die by the theoconvote.

  47. Clinton did this shit and ended up trouncing the Republicans in 92.

    You mean with his big 43.0% of the vote?

    Truely, Lisa, this reflects very little difference from the way most of us feel about McCain.

  48. “When asked about Obama say they don’t like his associates and think he is a Marxist dickhead and a weak, lilly livered redux of Jimmy Carter.”

    Not all of them. Some Republicans don’t have anything good to say about him at all, they would never focus on his positive traits like that.

  49. I would have agreed that he shouldn’t have to address this issue, but for the fact that his longtime spiritual adviser damned the country. And that he was the director of an outfit founded by an unrepentant domestic terrorist who helped bomb the Pentagon — who O! tried to claim was “just a guy in his neighborhood” and still defends on his website (though he’s airbrushed it a bit).

    The flag lapel thing wouldn’t have mattered to me at all, but for the fact that O went all GWB/Michael Douglas about it, asking people to bring it on. Now Clark was dumb enough to bring it on, and as it turns out (according to the latest from TPM) O really does not want it brung on.

  50. Gotta get back to the grindstone and meet with some bloodsucking lawyers, a whiny and dimwitted student, her entitled parents, and a browbeaten professor. I denounce my job for requiring me to be at this meeting when I could be browsing the PW posts.

  51. After the “FISA” sellout, how long before the “netroots” are in full revolt ?

    Where in Satan’s hell will they go?

  52. As for O!’s ears, not really. Makes him look like Alfred E. Newman to me — though not as much like Newman as former IL Sen. Paul Simon. That dude had ears.

  53. I’ve seen similar things happen, and I’ve never understood it.

    When I was an undergrad, I’d have died before having my parents come in to talk to an instructor.

  54. Where in Satan’s hell will they go?

    That prospective Cindy Sheehan/Ned Lamont ticket that someone mentioned, maybe?

  55. “… precisely because our ideals constantly demand more from us ….”

    I’ll have to mull this some, but my gut reaction is that, if we are speaking precisely, our ideals do not demand not more from us, but consistency from us and maybe better from us.

    I don’t mind the more all that much, but it has that faint sound of a vacuum creeping up on my back right pants pocket.

  56. – Never fear Dusty. If O! gets the nod, you won’t notice anything unusual, because most of it will never make it to your wallet.

  57. “Where in Satan’s hell will they go?”

    – I think you answered your own question.

  58. Wasn’t it the congress that blocked buying new body armor for the troops? And aren’t it the Dhimmocrats who are the majority there?

    “We’ll see what the American people think is the true definition of patriotism.”
    Sorry Barry O. I don’t consider Code Pink to be “American people”. We know their “definition” and they support you, Barry.

    Face it Barry O. You’re going to cut and run from Iraq (or any other possible battlefield), like a Frenchman. I’m looking forward to the day when I can say “Want to buy rifles from the US Army? Never fired, only dropped once”. Thanks to Barry O and the rest of his goons this day will come soon. Be “proud” Americans, you’ll be named alongside the French and today’s Germans.

  59. After the “FISA” sellout, how long before the “netroots” are in full revolt ?

    – Admittedly that us a big one, but its nothing compared to the absolute holy grail of the Left, the whole demonizing Bush/Iraq war screed.

    – And the CandyMan has already started slipping sideways to the rightward wind on that one with his “…informed and thoughtful, carefully timed draw down…” he delivered at the Hillery/Obama love/hate fest the other day.

    – Expect to see the vibrating on the Left over that little gem to start soon, and build to a deafening roar, as he proceeds to slide.

    – Remember the one big “reason” in the beginning of the primary being clarioned for supporting Obama and dumping Hillery. Exactly. She committed the unforgivable sin of voting for the war.

    – O! needs to be mondo careful with “teh issue” or you may see the biggest revolt in modern political history. Remember, in spite of the gushing happy face BS of his supporters, he most definitely does not have this nomination locked up.

  60. I live in the midwest and voted republican in every election in my life until 2004. Now i’ll vote democratic every election until the republicans find themselves. This blog is indicative of why i, a reaganite through and through, abandoned the GOP. You stand FOR nothing. You are only AGAINST things. Trite slogans like “Appeaser” and “flip flopper” and “nutroots” replace any actual ideas or policy positions. Good riddance to you.

    I hate to admit I voted against Bill Clinton twice….Remember when he was president? and the economy was awesome for 8 years, and gas was $1.50 a gallon, and we weren’t in two wars, and there was a budget surplus, and the president knew how to speak in actual english sentences, and the vice-president wasn’t a war criminal? Yeah, that was awesome.

  61. Lisa: “Gotta get back to the grindstone and meet with some bloodsucking lawyers, a whiny and dimwitted student, her entitled parents, and a browbeaten professor. ”

    Working Democratic outreach, eh?

  62. blog is indicative of why i, a reaganite through and through, abandoned the GOP. You stand FOR nothing

    Either you haven’t been around here long or you’re a moby.

    ignorant or mendacious

    your call

  63. oh and your anklelicking of the BJ years including your selective deja vu about it tends to lean to “moby”

  64. correct, jackson.
    Karl, wilin out on O! here in your own private echo chamber is a profound waste of spacetime.
    You should be popularizing mccain, AND romney, and at the very least figgering some way to keep the sizeable contingent of anti-mormon bigots in your partys base from staying home in november.

  65. I live in the midwest and voted republican in every election in my life until 2004.

    No, you don’t, and no, you didn’t.

  66. bryan jackson is a BS’ing Moby.

  67. Lisa,

    It’s more than just conventional wisdom, it’s American political reality. The single largest group in the US is the moderates (40%), followed by conservatives (32%) and liberals (18%). The math is pretty straightforward there and the numbers are pretty solidly consistent across time. Either you shoot for the center right on the national stage, or you get blown out, or at least that’s the way it has been. I doubt you’ll see Obama trying for new math here, even if he is trying hard to capture the elusive youth vote.

    I had a link which I posted here a couple of times before that shows those numbers over time and also shows party affiliation (which is trending democrat and has been for a while), but I can’t seem to track it down.

  68. i really don’s see a need to question Obama’s patriotism. after all, his mother hated America, as did his father. neither his church, his pastor, his wife or his good friend Bill Ayers has anything good to say about my country either, so i’d say questioning his patriotism is futile in that he has no love for this country to begin with.

  69. – Damn brian. Looks like you still haven’t figured out what the meaning of “is” is.

    – And nishi….you’ve gone from lying twatweasel to tedious twatweasel, with your repetitious Obama cheer leading. Get a hobby. Well, something besides clapping for dead fetuses.

  70. Good riddance to you.

    ☹ It sounds like he may not come back! I’m sure the Republican party will miss you. BTW, President Clinton’s administration didn’t do well until the “Contract with America” was implemented, which was due to a Republican congess.

  71. – And BTW, Obama is now saying “never question the patriotism of others in this campaign…”, simply because its his patriotism, and only his that is being questioned. Thats why the surrogate attack yesterday by Clark. Now Obama follows up with a “don’t question peoples patriotism” speech.

    – apparently the nutroots are all worried and stuff that someone will notice his lack of military experience compared to McCain, along with his lack of any other sort of experience.

    – Tough shit…..Oh and Go go go Findley Ohio…..*snort*

    – Ah yes, Obama continues to build his support among those godbothering, bible thumping, gun clinging, pickup truck loving, flyovers in the mushy middle.

  72. “Comment by bryan jackson on 6/30 @ 2:28 pm #

    I live in the midwest and voted republican in every election in my life until 2004”

    You knowm pw has hit the big time when you start getting seminar posters.

  73. – when you see this kind of mind boggling stupidity and political death wish coming from the Obama camp, and screeching from the Left, you have to think G_d is pulling for McCain.

  74. Comment by nishizonoshinji on 6/30 @ 2:36 pm #

    The only anti-Mormon bigot around here is you, you retarded marmoset.

  75. The only anti-Mormon bigot around here is you, you retarded marmoset

    no idictments from the Texas grand jury yet. and nishi has also been quiet about how the ONE teen, Warren Jeff’s daughter, has been fighting her own attorney … an attorney that lied to the press about her (that she had a baby that someone else was claiming .. the girl has never been pregnant)

    Now those brainwashed, subservient, stepford polywives have formed their own business … sewing and selling clothes … because they were already stripped of their communal lives, never took welfare as Texas lied about them, and now have to prove to the state they are worthy of keeping their children.

  76. – I mean, when you think about it, would it be possible to conjure up a worse approach than disparaging a war hero’s war record among the very people that would support him the most, for the most part, because of that same record, and choose to do it on the very day you launch your much hyped mid-America outreach tour.

    – I honestly think the Left has taken leave of the last working brain cell they had among themselves.

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  78. Lisa said; “…seems to think that being an ingnorant cretin who gets information from chain emails rather than cracking open a newspaper every once in a while is “quaint” …”

    “Newspapers?” Why, how very 20th-century of you!

  79. But of course Obama makes such nice speeches and he uses such nice phrases and complete sentences, unlike the under-educated Bush.

  80. “Of course, precisely because America isn’t perfect, precisely because our ideals constantly demand more from us, patriotism can never be defined as loyalty to any particular leader or government or policy.”

    I am so precisely (!) sick and tired of being reminded precisely (!)by Barack Obama how not perfect (read “defective” — “belly of the beast” defective) America (that means me — and you) is as a country. I don’t need “hope” that *demands* more (“What? What? What are you talking about??”)

    I need someone who says “God! What a great place this country is! Can you believe how many opportunities there are here! I love this place. I’m free to become someone with a good life and raise my kids in a beautiful place which is getting better as we continue to grow as a country. We aren’t perfect, and we know it, but we’ve been working on it for a couple hundred years, and we’ll keep working on it. I thank God I’m an American.”

    Guess that means I might be patriotic, huh.

  81. Obama excuse #347:

    not acting very patriotic is not he absence of patriotism (i.e. unpatriotic)

    Make sure in the future to temper all you comments that might possibly maybe be misunderstood to make Obama sound unpatriotic with the phase “not acting very patriotic” to indicate that Obama retains some, but not all, of his patriotism.

  82. The full quote of Senator Obama is: “I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign”

    Note that the addition of the word “I” only includes Senator Obama who would be restrained from questioning the patriotism of Senator McCain.

    From reading the full quote, it seemed that Gen. Clark Ret. was clear of the bus. Then a little heat was applied…

    It was only later, that Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton clarified that Senator Obama really wanted to through Gen. Clark Ret. under the bus. Again, someone else is doing the dirty work.

    For Senator Obama, the buck stops just down the hall.

  83. One point that I’m a bit confused over.

    When Obama criticizes MoveOn.org in his patriotism speech, what exactly is he crticizing ? Surely it not their patriotism, so it must be their judgement.

  84. Barack Hussie nObama = 6 6 6 . No matter what he says he is a muslim. His father and stepfather are muslims and in the eyes of all muslims that makes him one. He is unpatriotic, from his stupid excuses to why he doesn’t wear a flag pendent to his crazy, black, racist, damning America preacher and mentor. He is the charming, charismatic, mesmorizing, speaker that the devil is. He wants to talk and negotiate with America’s enemies, to pull troops out, to let them reorganize and stregthen, and then eventually side with them. Obama’s real name is Mabus. Nostradamus talks of Obama, the third antichrist of middle eastern background, ‘The Black One’. He is the devil. He will be the next President of the United States. America is blinded by Obama’s image and is persuded by the media’s portrayal. The media positivly portrays Obama, but is always negative against McCain. Its sick. McCain’s views are the truth and the correct way to handle things in this time of war. Which is a neccassary war. McCain is realistic on the way to deal with America’s enemies. McCain’s experience in the Senate and as an Air Force Officer/Pilot and POW gives him exceptional qualifications to run a country that is being attacked, on a Biblical scale. McCain knows how to get this country under control; the economy, fuel prices, illegal immigration. America is clearly divided into two, McCain Americans and Obama Americans. The Obama Americans want change but don’t want to make the sacrifices to do so. They want low gas prices but down want to drill causing harm to the environment. They want a border security but don’t want a wall that may disrupt natural mirgation of wildlife. They want lower taxes and don’t want to support a war they think they know so much about and don’t see a wider picture of our purpose and responsibility as Americans to respond to their attacks and their inhumanity to their people in their own region. America needs to be strong to be able to defend it’s enemies. We need to stand together as one country and unite on our way of thinking or we aren’t going to stand. The muslims are set in their plans to destroy the west and Israel and for Islam to be the world religion. They burn Bibles and flags, dancing and chanting ‘Death To America’ daily. They get upset and cry when a Quran is treated the same way and want an apology for it. They get upset and cry when someone draws a cartoon of Mohammed when I see cartoons of Jesus helping Santa and boxing Satan on South Park and can laugh about it, but yet they want an apology. We want our apology. They aren’t going to stop. The way they think is backwards. They are ignorant in their views and only see their own way. We have to check them. They are the enemies of Israel and that makes them the enemies of God. This is a holy war that must be fought in the name of God. Obama is just going to cause more problems and just weaken our nation. He is a muslim. The muslims around the world support him and praise his name. Obama’s views are completly unrealistic and are just lies to brainwash the American people to follow and believe in him. ‘Change We Can Believe In’, he is the anti-christ. Just lies to get the vote. He is the devil and will be America’s next President. In 2012, 3.5 years into his rule we will see his true self and intentions. 2012 is the Chinese year of the Dragon, in which divine and other worldly events occur on year. Dec 21 2012 the earth completes a precession on its axis which will cause shift of poles and magnetic fields. Also the day when the sun rises and aligns with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy and passes into the 13th zodiac which is a man wrestling a snake, symbolizing a time of struggle with evil. The Mayans predicted a beginning of a new cycle of change. The four horsemen are riding now. The natural disasters, climate change, world hunger, oil crisis, and a holy war. These are the end times and Obama is the devil.

  85. Wow just…..wow. That was amazing man. If I am a parody then you my friend the fuckin Kobe Beef of parody. That was simply amazing man.


  86. Maybe Oboma could start a new campaign tactic. He could do airplane whistle stops all over the country. They would called it “Barak over America”. A photo featuring Oboma looking out a jet window at the American countryside. He be a shoe in for Chancellor…uh President…Oh well…it’d been done before….sorry

  87. How has that motley cadre of geniuses in the Obama campaign managed to miss the opportunity to redesign the flag lapel pin?

    A thought starter:
    Make the flag pin look more like the raising at Iwo Jima and have Rev Wright, Plager, Ayers, Dorn, Michelle and Barack as the ones raising it. Have Michelle wearing something from Target, of course.

    Cool, huh?

  88. #85 got blocked as a spammer when he was F– Obama. If he continues, he’ll get it again.

  89. BTW, I am always amused when someone wastes time telling me I am wasting mine.

  90. How has that motley cadre of geniuses in the Obama campaign managed to miss the opportunity to redesign the flag lapel pin?

    They are way ahead of you al, the new flag is done,
    they are working on the setting.

  91. B Moe,

    You’re a damn cornucopia.

  92. BTW, I am always amused when someone wastes time telling me I am wasting mine.

    And not just time, Karl, but spacetime! Which is like extra wasteful, because it’s got space in it too.

  93. Comment by redc1c4 on 6/30 @ 2:51 pm #

    sh*t! there goes the neighborhood.


  94. Someone forgot to take their Lithium ….

  95. I live in the midwest and voted republican in every election in my life until 2004. Now

    I stopped there. No need to read further. Liar.

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  97. Where did Nish go? I want to gossip with her about her near-banning experience.

  98. no idictments from the Texas grand jury yet.

    oh, dumbleen, i guess you missed u the part where the head patriarchy daddie said theyd stop raping 13-yr-olds.
    the mills of justice grind slow, but they grind exceeding small.
    i think its wunnerful that the zombie breeder-bots have been forced into cottage industry capitalism.
    praps they can advance into the industrial age someday?
    guess whose fundage PAID FOR the YFZ mormon polygamy ranch?
    the taxpayers of Idaho, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

  99. im guessing…a whole lotta trials involving the MORMON polygamy ranch will start processing about the time mccain names handsomemormonguy his VP.

  100. you too can have a near-banning experience Lisa.
    just question Karls interpretation of the Constitution.


  101. Lisa, when you were little, and you played Bloody Mary… she actually did appear to you, didn’t she?

  102. LOL, McGehee.

  103. Nish that is not juicy. I thought you threatened him with pictures of him with a Mexican tranny or something interesting.

  104. Actually, she didn’t question my interpretation of the Constitution, because she has no basis of knowledge from which to question it. She does what she always does — repeat the same tired crap over and over and over. And considering that I spent a decent chunk of a year researching and writing a published scholarly work on church-state law, I have little patience with our little griefer rainman just blatting out the same crap that has been debunked by 12 other people in the thread. A ‘bot could be easily programmed to randomly spew out the eight or so ideas rattling around in that skull.

    Also, do I need to relink to the long thread where it takes me clubbing nishi in writing about a dozen times before she grasps the oh-so-difficult point that the Fifth Amendment applies to people, not just citizens?

    The idiot savant knows about two or three things really well, but beyond that, she’s an effing retard who thinks she’s a genius.

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  107. Baracky is patriotic like having the Olympics in China is patriotic. It’s just not patriotic for us.

  108. aight, Lisa.
    i asked Karl to show me where the phrase “Christian nation” was used by the Framers.
    He cant.
    So he quoted me the “Creator” schtick.
    and i said, why didnt the Framers just write “God”?

    and he said….wait for it…..they were usin “poetic justice”!!!!!!!

  109. oops, i mean “poetic license”…..or some crap like that.
    im kinda toasted.
    an then i said….is that poetic license what judges use in interpretin the constitution?

  110. Well duh. Are you working this Christmas? Some things are just implicit.

  111. anyways, i read this that you might enjoy Lisa.

  112. Christianity is a lot the tasty cream filling *. Feel free to nibble around it if you want though I guess. It’s America.

  113. this relly pisses off the theocons

    The political-theological problem America’s founders thus faced is they needed to and did appeal to a God that orthodox Christians did not worship. Such Christianity was socially and institutionally entrenched at the state level during America’s founding era. Though, some studies have shown huge portions of the American populace during the founding era were nominal or unchurched Christians. When the first four Presidents invoked this God in their public supplications, they systematically used generic or philosophical terms for God so as not to contradict either their heterodox opinions on God or the orthodox opinions of the masses (or least the churches to which the masses belonged). In doing so, they established America’s civil religion.

    Since the time of America’s founding a tension existed between the non-Christian premises that silently underlay America’s civil religion, and the Christianity that dominated American demographics. That tension still exists. One opiate politically conservative traditional Christians oft-use to ease the tension is the myth of the Christian Nation where America’s civil religion is conflated with traditional Christianity.

  114. xianity is fine….i just want them to keep it to themselves.

  115. That’s fair. That’s just more Christianity for the rest of us then.

  116. i have too much to drink
    nite feets
    bonne nuit toutes des monde

  117. i have too much to drink

    I never would have guessed.

  118. That sounds kind of like post-graduate work, what you quoted.

  119. Goodnight nishi. I’m glad you’re here. I was concerned but just a little. It wouldn’t be the same without you I don’t think.

  120. Are you working this Christmas?

    eh, so I’m a few days late on the Solstice.

  121. And from the nishidiot’s link:

    My own view is I cannot endorse the notion of a secret atheist Hobbesian-Locke because Locke never claimed to be an atheist.

    Indeed. Quite the contrary; Locke was a pietist. Which is one major flaw in the one thing the nishidiot ever seems to cite on this topic. That the Founders had heterodox views on God did not make them atheists, or Sufi muslims, for that matter. But there is more:

    However ironic it may seem to Lilla, Protestant evangelicals and fundamentalists who believe that God wants them to be tolerant of, and civil to, people who have a different idea, or no idea, of what God wants have a thicker, personally more demanding, and publicly more resilient set of arguments in defense of religious freedom and the civil society than do the pragmatists and utilitarians. So do those Catholics who take seriously the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and Pope John Paul II that religious freedom is the first of human rights—a claim the Catholic Church argues on genuinely public, not sectarian, grounds. There is no miracle here. But there is political theology at work, and at work in defense of the democratic common good.

    Mark Lilla wants his Hobbes without the English philosopher’s dark view of man. Rémi Brague, I suspect, knows that there is no such thing as Hobbes Lite, and that so thoroughly grim a view of the human condition runs the very real risk of underwriting an ignoble and ultimately vicious politics. There is a sense, then, in which the debate over religion and politics is a tale of two Thomases, Hobbes and Aquinas, with their deeply divergent views of human nature and the human prospect, and thus of politics and its pitfalls and its possibilities. One cannot imagine a more consequential debate for the future of democratic freedom in America, throughout the West, or in the intellectual and cultural struggle between the West and its enemies.

  122. Funny how they always have had too much to drink, isn’t it? It gets drunk, it cuts, it pastes, it adds very little to the conversation. It is the whiny, pouting, spoilt child.

  123. It wouldn’t be the same sane without you.

    Fixed that for you, Feets.

  124. BTW, here’s Hitchy on Lilla’s book, which he wrongly attempts to co-opt as part of his current atheist campaign.

    One thing Hitchy gets right is that Lilla does an excellent job ripping on liberation theology, which is why I cited a lengthy NYT article by Lilla in my piece on Black Liberation Theology.

    The stupid, however, will read a CATO blurb and think they have mastered the subject — not realizing that the person she is citing as an expert has no use for the theology of O!

  125. It’s like she’s the Grinch sometimes I think. Stealing the Christmas and all. But you have to remember how that story ends. She’s a lot welcome in our little Whoville I think, but it wouldn’t be the same either if everyone else thought so too I guess.

  126. She drives traffic.

  127. You’re not so bad yourself.

  128. hf,

    Thanks. Dan, Darleen and I hit the trifecta today, which was good. Visits are up about 70% year-over-year, and page views about 50%, which is down only from the peak of the Rev. Wright stuff. So Jeff will have someplace to come back to, anyway.

  129. You never ever hear anyone complain about guest-posters anymore that’s for sure.

  130. Except thor.

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