April 5, 2008

Hillary Makes Sense [Dan Collins]

Clinton Calls for ‘Poverty Czar’

History has shown that Czars are excellent at perpetuating poverty. The number of Czars (or “Caesars,” “Tsars,” “Koses” or “Kaisers”) a country can support has been shown to be proportional to the potency of its economy.

Posted by Dan Collins @ 6:27pm

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  1. “America’s need to address the great moral issue of poverty demands strong action, and a cabinet-level poverty position is exactly that kind of action,” Mr. Edwards said through a spokesman.

    I say we mail a hot letter to poverty, too.

  2. the great moral issue of poverty demands strong action

    But we already have a Department of Education.

    Wait, we’re against it?

  3. … a cabinet position that she said would be “solely and fully devoted to ending poverty as we know it, that will focus the attention of our nation on this issue and never let it go.”

  4. Testicle Lock-Box.

    Because of the Snapper !

  5. misery pimps

  6. Oh, fuck her. Aren’t we already bathed in shame? What the hell is that, other than a concession that we are the land of the dead.

  7. I think it’s a great idea, and I think that the new Department should start out with a significant budget of, what say, $109,000,000?

  8. what what in the what??!?!

  9. Right, because if there are two effective elements of American governmental interventionism in the last 50 years, it’s the departments that were formed to combat poverty and offices with the title “czar.”

    Cowboy: Yeah, right. Add 2 zeroes on the end and that’ll be a likely figure for Year 1.

  10. If we do get a poverty czar, I want it to be one those Jamaicans that has three jobs.

  11. A fucking “Poverty Czar.” Think about it. Has it come to that? Jesus Christ, people, we live in the purported greatest nation ever. Do I write too much like John Cole? Figure it out.

  12. A department that only John Edwards is qualified to lead.

  13. The Drug Czar has been doing a good job. Drugs are cheaper than ever.

    I expect the Poverty Czar will reduce the costs of poverty.

  14. I thought there already was a Department of Health and Human Services. Or did I miss something?

  15. I’d go for a ‘Brain-dead Liberalism’ Czar. Let’s end that in our lifetime, okay?

  16. “Comment by ahem on 4/5 @ 9:10 pm #

    I’d go for a ‘Brain-dead Liberalism’ Czar. Let’s end that in our lifetime, okay?”

    No more comments from cynn, then.

  17. Let’s just declare war on poverty and eradicate it once and for all.

  18. Proposals for a position called “czar,” coming from Hillary Clinton.

    At what concentration does irony become toxic?

  19. Let’s just declare war on poverty and eradicate it once and for all.

    I dunno, Wade, Six years from now us right-wingers will be blogging about how Clintoon had poverty pinned down in Appalachia and then let him get away. And whenever poverty releases another propaganda video the left-bloggers will be speculating on whether it’s really him, and we right-bloggers will be wondering if Clinton has him stashed at Gitmo waiting to announce his capture just before the 2012 election…

    More trouble than it’s worth. Seriously.

  20. Oh, goody! A war on math.

    Look, if we just kill the bottom 10% then there won’t be a bottom 10%. What could go wrong with that plan?

  21. cynn, dearest love, it “came to this” a long time ago. The only thing new is that you’ve started to notice.

    Now watch: this will become another instance of Leftist solution definition. That is, a problem is identified: poverty. A Designated Hero of the Proletariat™ has specified the solution. Note: “specified”, not “suggested” — this is the crucial point; The Solution® having been handed down by the All-Wise™, no other solution is possible, and, indeed, any other proposal is defined as being not just in opposition to The Solution® but constitutes defiant opposition to solving the original problem. Anyone who suggests that The Solution® won’t work is by definition attempting to perpetuate the problem, and providing evidence to adduce failure of The Solution™ is “Hate Speech”.

    No doubt Lisa is lurking somewhere, thinking, “Aha! The Solution™ has been Revealed, and they’re against it! I just can’t understand why the wingnuts go ballistic at every suggestion that poor people ought to be helped!” It avails nothing to say that we aren’t against helping poor people, but what ought to be provided is help, and this is nothing of the sort. It is futile to point out that identical “solutions” (save for the specific rhetoric involved) have been implemented repeatedly over the last two or three thousand years, and all of them not only failed miserably but made the problem worse — that’s “hate speech”. And it is definitely “hateful” to say that, with millenia of precedent to guide them, the proponents of the measure are either brain dead or intend nothing in the way of solving the problem of poverty — what they can be presumed to want is what such programs have in fact achieved in the past, which is an ignorant class dependent upon and therefore supportive of The Leader. They can reliably expect the support of the envious, spiteful, and lazy, who look forward to the warm glow attendant upon being generous with somebody else’s money, and feel no compunction about taking the money to support their perversion at weaponspoint, because the people who have money are “rich” and therefore evil, not really “people” with “rights” at all.

    So just go with the flow, cynn. It is, after all, your party. The only thing I would like to suggest is that we abandon the custom of naming such things “Department of XXX.” Let us call the new organization the Agency for Economic Improvement, and name the new edifice to house it the Donald F. Barr building. A minority of science fiction fans may not have to Google to find out why.


  22. A fraction of the science fiction fans can’t find a reference to Donald F. Barr even with the help of Google.

    A subset of them applaud your post, and have saved it for future use.

  23. So the poverty czar will end the minimum wage, abolish farm price supports, encourage right to work laws, and reduce taxes?

  24. The Democrats “100 years War”.
    Declared by LBJ.
    Bill Clinton declared the whatever act in 1996 would “…end welfare as we know it.”
    Billary re-opening the war on behalf of rabble-rouser John Edwards.
    It’s been 40+ years, and they have YET to achieve their goal
    Since they keep moving the goalposts, it’s a planned failure!
    How about creating a Depart of DunceOids. Only Democrats can be Czar of this dept.
    BTW, what’s their exit strategy?

  25. #18
    Lyndon Johnson did that in 1965(+/_). Bad news. We lost. So. the “Poverty Czar” he/she gonna be the king of the homeless?

  26. I, for one, am glad to see cynn being as cynical towards this “proposal” as I am.

    But, folks, you’re missing the point — the Poverty Czar will have an entire supporting bureaucracy, staffed by public-sector union employees. That’s the Donk’s primary constituency these days; Hillary’s just playing to her base.

  27. [Tongue Firmly in Cheek] Actually, Hillary might be on to something with this one. We give everybody below the poverty line a job in the Department Of Poverty Elimination with a federal paycheck. What could go wrong?

  28. “Department of XXX”


    I nominate me as Secretary.

  29. Dsinope,

    Donald F. Barr was a contemporary of Keith Laumer’s at the State Department, but an FSO rather than an embassy puke, and a man of wide-ranging interest and experience. His SF output is rather meager, comprising primarily two novels: Space Relations, which is about slavery, and A Planet in Arms, which is about revolutions.

    “The Agency for Economic Improvement” is from the latter, an organ of the highly-corrupt Leftist Government. It is referred to by everyone except a minority of its staffers as “AEIOU” or “The Vowels of Compassion.”


  30. Hey, can I be head of the “Poverty Cheka”?…