April 5, 2008

The "Moderate" Voice calls Phil Gramm a terrorist [Karl]

At the so-called Moderate Voice, Shaun Mullen has an interesting concept of terrorism.  Former Sen. Phil Gramm, now an adviser to John McCain’s presidential campaign, is a “terrorist in pinstripes” for his sponsorship of the Financial Services Modernization Act.  Mullen blames the law for the subprime mortgage meltdown… because Barack Obama says so.  You really cannot get more moderate than that.

Okay, so maybe Mullen could get more moderate than that.  For example, Mullen could have noted that the Financial Services Modernization Act was signed into law by then-Pres. Bill Clinton.  Mullen could have noted that Obama, like Hillary Clinton, has taken plenty of campaign cash from the main players in the subprime-mortgage industry.  Mullen also could have told his readers that Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee has defended the deregulation of mortgage lending on the op-ed page of the New York Times.  Mullen might even have pointed readers to Gramm’s response to the charge.

Mullen chose not to do any of those things because the the tagline for “The Moderate Voice” really should be “Moderate, but reliably Lefty.”  And once you have chosen to mislead people as to who you are, the rest follows naturally.

(h/t Memeorandum.)

Update: Insta-lanche!  (Heh.)

Update x2: Pejman-lanche! (I wonder whether Pej knows I used to comment at his old haunt?)

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  1. Well, he could have, but that would not have been appropriate. What with the hate and all.

  2. I like my moderation like I like my women. Either black or white.

    Because really, who wants a gray gal?

  3. Um…a necrophiliac?

  4. Because really, who wants a gray gal?

    I did before she fucked up her nose.

  5. Once you go blue and bloated, you never go back. U. and Oated.

  6. Do suicide vests come in 48-Short? Maybe a touch on the portly? I mean, they already got ’em for the retarded, you’d think economists wouldn’t be far behind.

  7. They ought to re-name it ‘The Moderate Intelligence.’

  8. They keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

  9. ahem,

    Aren’t you the charitable one.

  10. “I like my moderation like I like my women. Either black or white.

    Because really, who wants a gray gal?”

    “In the dark,all cats are gray.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  11. Gramm is a terrorist as are all Republicans! Obama will save you from them, from the honkies who want to rule the world!

  12. Gramm is a terrorist as are all Republicans! Obama will save you from them, from the honkies who want to rule the world!

    How do you know he isn’t a plant? Super deep cover agent for the real powers?

    (looks under bed, hides)

  13. Yeah, “moderate voice”? That label was out the window for me a long time ago when the editors deleted my comments taking down far-left radical and Hugo Chavez-backing Libby Spencer of Newshoggers (http://www.newshoggers.com/). Good thing you’re calling out Shaun Mullen. “The Extremist Voice” would be more appropriate.

  14. Why didn’t I think of that? The parallels between losing your assets because of risky investment choices is EXACTLY like seeing your spouse and child turned into pink vapor while getting on a bus.

    Man, them guys is all kinds of smahts.

  15. Go ahead and rub it in, Karl.

    With salt. And a side of lemon.

    But you know he only linked this to chap my ass. He has that kind of sense of humor.


  16. I am and always have been a classic ‘moderate’–in fact last year there was reprint of a famous newspaper test for finding your place on the political spectrum with 40 being ultra-liberal and 0 ultra-conservative. I’m the only person I’ve ever heard of who scored an even 20. I support the war–as I do ANY war my country fights–but I also support gay marriage. I believe in Reaganomics–and abortion rights. maybe ‘grey’ is unpopular in the blogosphere, but I believe it most accurately reflects the views of the average American voter. My point? That I’ve been reading the ‘Moderate Voice’ on and off for a couple of years–mostly for its foreign coverage–and it’s generally slightly to the left of Obama and Clinton. Never was a blogsite more deceitfully named, and you are right to expose its true agenda.

  17. Mikey NTH – As a 1/2 whitey, Baracky has a good idea what those whiteys are up to, and is uniquely qualified to vote present.

  18. “Terrorist”, “warmonger”… what’s next, “climatologist”?

  19. You know… when your favorite candidate is buddy-buddy with an ACTUAL terrorist (Bill Ayers) you probably want to be careful about throwing around the terrorist accusations.

  20. If Jeff had only sent Insty a new puppy blender like I did…

  21. JD – you’re right! He might be a double agent or a triple agent! His campaign is to gain control over the country through mindless Obamazombies! The viral videos are proof!

    (checks closet, closes door – checks closet again. Hides.)

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  24. “doing away with obsolete rules from a by-gone era.”

    that’s why we’re fucked. Tradition, fairness, and honesty, all gone.

    Remember Enron? Gramm and his wife drove and rode that corruption right to the bank. Why does Gramm and Lieberman both make me want to puke….it’s their dishonesty and lack of integrity: they’re both constipated with puffiness and lies behind their fake smiles and pasty mellowness.

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  26. “At the so-called Moderate Voice”

    You noticed, I see, that they haven’t been ‘Moderate’ in some time. I suppose they found it easier to get traffic from the left.

  27. Remember Enron?

    Oh, shut up, dave.

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  31. no candidate is “lefty” unless you count the green party. McCain is Clinton in an old man suit…

  32. RE: The “Moderate” Voice

    You have nailed it – the so-called Moderate Voice is actually moderately far left wing. One short scan of topics and takes on that blog exposes the truth. They don’t want to be called “Liberals”. They don’t want to be seen as Democrats. Paraphrasing Sherri Finkbine of “Romper Room”, don’t bee a “don’t wannabe”.

    The site is an emasculated “Daily Kos”.