April 5, 2008

Pule-itzers? [Dan Collins]

Ran into this at memeorandum:

Silicon Insider: Should Drudge and Huffington Get Pulitzers?

I think they’re crappy enough. You?

Posted by Dan Collins @ 5:55am

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  1. Why, that would be like Al Gore and Yassar Arafat winning the Nobel Peace Prize! Couldn’t happen…

  2. true

  3. Bittersweet Zen of Ironic Comment Spam:

    Dont Date Him Girl on Dear burrhog [Dan Collins]

    Spammers should all die in a fire.

  4. What exactly has HuffinPuff done for journalism?

    Besides provide a hate-filled sewer for the most vile dregs in the nutosphere? I mean, having to shut down comment threads because your readers engage in spontaneous displays of mass death-wishing for their political opponents?

    Murrow would be proud.

  5. What exactly has HuffinPuff done for journalism?

    Well, considering that Walter Duranty won a Pulitzer, I’d say Arianna “Will Change My Political Beliefs For Food” Huffington has a high bar to meet. Maybe if one of her pet whackjobs actually manages to murder a few million people….

  6. Speaking of ignorant attention whores, my compliments on giving the TTP a thread of her very own to keep her occupied. Good job, Dan.

  7. The disconnect in the piece is Malone thinking worthy journalism from people like Michaels Yon and Totten has anything to do with the Pulitzer, as Dan notes with humor. The Pulitzer is all about The Narrative. It does not go to the Yons and Tottens; it goes to the Bilal Husseins who have the connections necessary to supply the antiwar pr0n the establishment media requires.

  8. Also, a practical tip for Dan — if you run across an item at memeorandum, link it. Pretty much guarantees the post will get added (as it is not at the moment). It’s all about the traffic baiting, m’friend.

  9. For Huffington, the Howitzer Prize.

  10. I don’t think HuffPo is really liberal enough to be considered journalism.