March 18, 2008

Andrew Sullivan launches a preemptive attack on Obama’s critics [Karl]

Excitable Andy is just so excitable that he could not wait for Barack Obama to give his speech on race issues before suggesting that anyone who does not buy it is a racist:

Today will be a crucial day. It will be a day when we will discover if America’s racial environment – and the emotions and feelings and anger and fears that it entails – can allow for a black man – with all that entails – to become president.

And Obama’s 20-year relationship with the noxious and hateful Rev. Wright?  It’s a black thing; you wouldn’t understand:

And so there is a difference, pace Jonah, between a white charlatan like Robertson who chooses to demonize minorities in the name of Jesus and a pastor like Wright who vents rage against a majority that has, in the not-so-distant past, given African-Americans every reason to be angry. And there is a difference between a white politician (like Bush) who seeks to enjoy the support of a Robertson without ever challenging his ugly dimensions and a black politician who, while remaining in a congregation like Wright’s, nonetheless has written and spoken as movingly as anyone in my lifetime about the need for racial reconciliation and understanding.

But who never challenged Rev. Wright and remains a member of the church.  I have much more on that, but — unlike Sully — I prefer to actually listen to what Obama has to say before pronouncing judgment on it.

Bonus: That is the second post in as many days in which Sully has checked the “much of Wright’s worldview I find repugnant” box.   But in yesterday’s post, Sullivan admitted that his “knowledge of the tradition from which he springs is limited.”  It may be that by day’s end, he will lack that excuse.

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  1. I am convinced more than ever that the true racists are to be found on the left. only people with such juvenile concepts on “fairness” and what to do about it get soooo caught up in it. I couldn’t give a fuck, meself. But the hand-ringing on the left is amazing to me. Makes me suspicious. Talk about projection…

  2. I pre-emptively denounce myself and everyone else as racists.

    The media coverage and political response to this will be so predictable.

  3. Obama isn’t a racist while bigotry directed towards him will likely boomerang on ya head, fool. The man is too big. The man is too strong. And Obama is the man.

    Obama farts apple pie. You’ll learn.

    Yes We Can!

  4. JD – Yes You Are!

  5. Just kidding.

  6. Si, se puede ¡

  7. A request, if you will. Cannot we find a better name what to call Andy? Excitable and Andy linked together is kind of …. ewwwww.

  8. We should do a compare and contrast of the media and Leftist reaction to Obama’s speech and Romney’s. This whole BS that they will gloss this over really chaps my ass.

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  10. We *do* live in interesting times. We may just see the left eat their own.

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  12. Has the bareback buttplug done his post on how true conservatives would support Baracky yet?

  13. Dan – ! I suppose only Shelby Steele could write that one.

    I was intrigued that Steele ventured Tiger Woods as a bargainer as well. Where’s the rationale in that? If there’s anyone who is participating and excelling in a completely pure meritocracy seems like that’d be Tiger.

  14. I’m waiting for the invevitable TV commericial

    “Obama stands for hope and change. If you don’t want hope and change, you’re a racist”

    I’m the savior of Mankind, and I approved this message”

  15. Once again, Andrew argues about American racism regarding the chief executive from a position of strength, what with the long history of having black PM’s in his home country. Don’t even get me started on the number of black monarchs that the UK has been blessed with.

    I would suggest that Andrew look to the logs in his own eyes, but it might be wasted effort with his probable belief that they are due to his consumption of magic mushrooms.

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  17. Obama got where is by being what he is, so why would he change?

    I don’t need to hear about Kennedy and MLK and the other histories that really are just a bunch of politicians making deals. I don’t care about Obama’s race unless it is going to cost me health, family or money. Yes, Obama, we’re all listening and can you guess why?

    He is religious, look at the church. He is African, look at his tribe. He is pro union, look at his socialism. Obama really is nothing but things he really isn’t unless there’s money. He never has been a leader and leads by what he is not. Hope and change. He keeps on giving us what we already had.

    The million dollar question is does he worship the weather like Al?

    Woods? He’s an I’m, but that’s okay } cause everyone is now, besides the Air Force who did all the time travel and started the Masters said he was okay and got him that flight in the jet…………

  18. I don’t see how a big speech on race and religion is anything but a big sign that he’s failed to be particularly transcendy. This is tired. My sense is that he’s trying to pull an enlarge-the-problem solution here, but instead of being strategeric it’s mostly just melodrama. The Harvard lawyer has a dream. Big fucking deal. What Harvard lawyer doesn’t?

  19. All of Sullivan’s babble is to the notion that there are different kinds of racism, and some are acceptable and some are not.

    How he manages to convince himself he’s a conservative is beyond me. He sounds like your basic Democrat, past and present.

  20. It sounds like Baracky’s challenging all black people to embrace the Reverend Wright bitterness so we can all pretend it’s a mainstream kind of thing. But all black people simply don’t embrace that crazy shit. Baracky wants to universalize it. “In fact, a similar anger exists within segments of the white community.” Yes. This is what Hitler did.

  21. I am just waiting for the “True Conservatives would support Obama” screed like the Kerry one last go ’round.

  22. Excitable Andy is considerably left of center in American terms.

    By British and Continental standards he is barely distinguishable from Cheney. This should offer a clue about British and Continental standards vs. ours.


  23. I think that Dan and Jeff G., both of whom have lingusitics training, seem particularly well suited to comment upon something Ive noted recently about Andrew Sullivan. Namely, that his writing is begining to read like that of a liberal humanities professor.

    seriously, he has the moral relativism tic down pat.
    “knowledge of the tradition from which he springs is limited.”
    who the hell talks like that, let alone thinks like that…except for hectoring liberals when they are making an argument that seeks to minimize an “unfavorable fact.”

    oh, and of course pat robertson = jeremiah wright.

  24. Perhaps “Sullied Sullivan” instead of “Excitable Andy”??

  25. I’ve been out of town for several days so I’m just catching up on political events, including the Wright kerfuffle. I would really like Obama to talk about that list of Black ideals on his church’s website. I’m particularly interested in the idea that blacks should covet “middle incomeness” but not “middle classness” as that would result in them being “hypnotized by whitey” into accepting their middle of the road serfdom to the caucasian capitalist system.

    Or … something like that.

    Make money but don’t join the PTA or a golf club? Turn down all caucasian barbeques? Fly the Black Panther flag at your daughters 10 and under soccer game?

    Please, Baracky, ‘splain this to me!

  26. Andy is at the crest of his testosterone cycle. He’ll calm down and smoke a little weed after Obama’s dropped out of the race.

  27. No one is an authority on any one thing, which includes Andrew Sullivan. You and others have racial prejudices inbedded for one reason or other, needs to pull in your antenna and stop looking for anything and everything that might depict racial controversy. It is alive and well. We all have some degree of it in our family, whether we agree with it or not. You don’t and won’t throw out the baby with the bath water, so to speak.
    The one point made in Obama’s race speech, that supercedes his back ground, his ministers statement about how and what he felt just as any skin head or klu klux klan might interject, is that if we we would just memebr and could get to the point where we stop judging people by the color of their make up but by their character, I believe we can above all else, we can treat people as we want to be treated. That’s the golden rule. Think twicxe before we act once.

  28. Before even discovering this blog today, I sent Andrew Sullivan (who I read daily) an e-mail about the shamefulness of calling people racists for not “getting” Barack Obama.

    I don’t disagree with Andrew about who Barack Obama is, but it is intellectually obtuse to deny that being a member of such a church goes against everything the man stands for. If you can be President if you are a member of Pat Robertson’s flock, you can’t be President if you are member of Jeremiah Wright’s flock. It’s even clear Obama didn’t become a Christian for spiritual reasons, but for race reasons, i.e., to make him an acceptable black politician and so he would finally be a part of a “real” black commmunity.

    Andrew’s complete lack of objectivity is really dissapointing.

  29. LAINEY

    where we stop judging people by the color of their make up but by their character, I believe we can above all else, we can treat people as we want to be treated. That’s the golden rule. Think twicxe before we act once.

    Harkening back to true leaders and visionaries will not make Baracky a visionary. Actually, he so incredibly pales in comparison, that I suspect he would not want you doing so.

  30. Today will be a crucial day. It will be a day when we will discover if America’s racial environment – and the emotions and feelings and anger and fears that it entails – can allow for a black man – with all that entails – to become president.

    Yes well that pretty much defines his position: he’s right no matter what he says, and you’re wrong if you disagree – and racist besides.

  31. Christopher – I denounce your racism for pointing that out.