March 7, 2008

Voyage . . . [Dan Collins]

to the bottom of the barrel. 


(a serr8d joint)

Film my kraken (see Karl’s story, above)


Posted by Dan Collins @ 6:14am

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  1. It is not a good thing to say that ‘Clinton’s reaching bottom.’ Though it isn’t unexpected, mind you.

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  3. Clinton still has some way to go before reaching the levels she was willing to sink to 16 year ago while defaming the many women that Bill had sexually assaulted.

  4. Far be it from me to defend a Clinton, but what exactly has she said or done vis a vis Barry O that is so offensive to the left libs, other than point out the emptiness of his suit?

  5. I must remember to take off work the week of the democrat convention and to stock up on beer, pretzels and popcorn.

    I have a feeling it’s going to be epic!

  6. Does serr8d have a photoshop of an Instalanche? ‘Cuz we need one.

  7. When they start accusing each other of having illegitimate black babies, that will be the bottom. Oh wait.

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  9. point out the emptiness of his suit

    What — you don’t think that alone is sufficient?

    I have to admit, Her Inevitableness deserves a tiny bit of cred for not raising the spectre of “affirmative action” against His Blank-Slateyness. You know she wants to.

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