November 17, 2007

Privacy [Dan Collins]

Megan’s tormentors

Dan Collins

Posted by Dan Collins @ 9:57am

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  1. Really, if you ask me, which that hardly never happens, this whole thinger, as a category of brouhaha, is a reflection of how conditioned even people here are to find victims in a kind of tourette’sy Where’s Waldo kind of way. Both examples, same thing, and it really doesn’t resonate harmoniously with that intentionalism thinger I don’t think, none of which makes Vince Vaughn any thinner, or the Jennifer Aniston thing any more explicable.

  2. Oh. The last example is different, and I never got the first one cause my firewall blocks, but every time I look at her I think of Juliette Lewis, even though they really don’t look much like each other.

  3. She’s the lost Arquette sister, I think.

  4. But let’s go ahead and add in our favorite l’il socialist tyke Graeme just cause he worked so hard.

  5. Oh. That almost kind of nails it, the Arquette thing – the whole there but not there around the eyes.

  6. Oh this is really freaky man. People used to tell me I looked like “an Arquette” with some frequency. Which, btw bemused me and did not seem like a compliment. Sandra Locke, now that was ok.

    Plus, even if its unintentional, I have the idea a conneciton might be drawn by some that you are poking me. About the whole relentless internet stalking thing.

    my brouhaha, let me show you it.

    Now there. You’ve brought me to ruin,
    I want a muffin.

  7. I’m just saying is all. It’s not that I don’t like your brouhaha. here go … Harold rips my heart out, just so you know.

  8. I had this idea you guys emailed each other all the time and explained things. I don’t know what’s real anymore.

  9. Oh Happyfeet,

    and to think I have just eaten…I have just realized I have eaten exactly 9 muffins this morning. Until a week ago I had literally not had a muffin in the last 2 years.

    It’s like muffin rain, when you’re sick in bed…

  10. When a chick has the lips of a Hoover you just naturally assume she knows how to use one.

  11. Nine isn’t on the bad list yet, is it?

  12. Nine isn’t on the bad list yet, is it?

    If it is, that’s a good excuse to have another muffin.

  13. No, but ten is way in the clear.

  14. Which, I’m on my way to Starbucks, come to think of it. They put sourcream icing dollops on their muffins, if I remember right. Dollops make things better.

  15. “Dollops make things better.”

    Trollops, hf, trollops.

  16. Trollops with dollops make things better.

  17. But I don’t like muffins.

    I much prefer tea and strumpets.

  18. And pie.

  19. OK. I will admidt to being clueless and out of touch, but can someone tell me whose picture dan posted, why it is relevant, and where Jeff is?

  20. It’s the picture of Jaileen (I am not making this up) Soliman, who has been arrested for child abuse, for keeping her kids in a filthy home.

  21. Let’s face it, fellas. You’d hit that so hard you’d cause the water levels to rise 20 feet, validating Mr. Gore’s prize.

    But afterwards, with her head on your shoulder, in deep slumber, you’d be wide awake.

    Because of the crazy eyes.

  22. This blog is amazingly sexist.

  23. Althouse? Is that you?

  24. This blog is amazingly sexist.

    This blog: “I’ll have you know some of my best friends are femblogs.”

    This blog: “They’re just so damn cute, ya know?”

  25. I am always particularly amused when “no name” drops by to impart its wisdom.

  26. She does have crazy eyes.

  27. This blog is amazingly sexist.

    I’m sorry you were offended.

    Does that mean you’re not going to show us your tits?

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  29. 1) SarahW:

    Now there. You’ve brought me to ruin,
    I want a muffin.

    I just want you to know that I love you. In a stereotypically male internet momentary crush sort of way, of course. Have a muffin.

    2) no name

    Shut-in, much?

    3) Swede

    When people look at her and say “Crazy, Hot,” they REALLY emphasize the comma.

  30. This blog is amazingly sexist.

    I guess a blow job is out of the question. Probably for the best, that.

  31. Jon Swift is kind of proof that ghosts don’t exist, ’cause otherwise the real Swift would be on his ass like a duck on a june bug.