August 10, 2004

The John Kerry reports from Cambodia (c. 1968) post


update 2here.  And here.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:05pm

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  1. Hey, there’s no text up there …

  2. It’s written in Cambodian river water.

  3. I was in Cambodia before I wasn’t.  Nixon sent me.  Oh, he wasn’t President yet on Christmas day in 1968?  Well, uh, I mean . . .

  4. I just don’t get it. I must be stupid.

    (Subtitled: “God, why is it so fun to F with Goldstein?”)

  5. I’m really, really looking forward to seeing how they’re going to spin this. They’ve got till the Sunday talkshows, I imagine. –s

  6. Another variation upon a theme…

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas

    And all through the house,

    Not a creature was stirring

    Except for the two assholes coming in two by two cover formation…

    — Die Hard

    Or maybe JFK has just adopted another undocumented, though nonetheless favorite, slogan from the Vietnam era to the present day: “We have to destroy this country in order to save it.”