The Returning of Protein Wisdom

Hi everyone.

Sorry about the outage; about a week ago a hacker managed to run an attack on the site and inject unwanted content, and deleting the content broke the site.

I’ve uploaded a clean version of WordPress (with the latest security fixes) and I’m in the process of bringing across all the existing posts, comments, and accounts (minus the spam) from the old instance.

Your passwords may have been compromised; I don’t know for sure, but I’m going to get the system to do a password reset on all accounts, so the first time you log in you will need to check your email and confirm your account again.

And sorry about the delay getting things fixed.  I tried to get to this earlier, but the local police were out shooting knife-wielding madmen so I was a bit distracted.

Update: And 10 minutes later we’re already getting spam.  Joy.

— Pixy and the Hamsters