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February 27, 2013

Big Sis Napolitano releases “low-priority” illegal aliens. NYTimes finds out what “low priority” means … [Darleen Click]

TweetCalifornians are familiar with the “punish the proletariat” tactics of politicians who, when told “no” to their addiction to free tax money start cutting where it will directly hurt voters — e.g. teachers, road repair — rather than their crony … Continue reading

27. February 2013 by Darleen

February 26, 2013

Maybe a picture can explain it … [Darleen Click]

Tweet Added: Bob Woodward combs his Thesaurus for every synonym possible when it all boils down to Obama lied

26. February 2013 by Darleen

February 10, 2013

No shame: Obama’s sequestration was “designed as budget threat, not budget strategy” [Darleen Click]

TweetDem Dick Durbin says so, quite matter-of-factly — as if Obama’s duplicity in July 2011 is, really, no Big Fucking Deal. SOP from King Barry I. h/t Gateway Pundit

10. February 2013 by Darleen

September 29, 2012

Obama Admin bribing defense contractors not to issue lay-off notices in October [Darleen Click]

TweetA little quid pro quo prior to election The White House moved to prevent defense and other government contractors from issuing mass layoff notices in anticipation of sequestration, even going so far to say that the contracting agencies would cover … Continue reading

29. September 2012 by Darleen