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August 22, 2014

Don’t you dare ‘parentify’ your child, you monster! [Darleen Click]

TweetAfter a mom was arrested because she let her 7 year old play at a nearby park without her, psychotherapist Karen Ruskin was asked to weigh in. Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston First off, Ruskin’s tone … Continue reading

22. August 2014 by Darleen

December 28, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Parents discover table manners [Darleen Click]

TweetI don’t know whether to be amused or depressed when the New York Times runs breathless articles on things I take for granted about parental responsibilities. The place is Chenery Park, a restaurant with low lights, cloth napkins, $24 grilled … Continue reading

28. December 2012 by Darleen

June 11, 2012

When ‘studies’ are substituted for God or common sense [Darleen Click]

TweetWill the acolytes still adhere to the conclusions when studies go against their political ideology? Judge Vaughn Walker ruled in his decision overturning Proposition 8 that social science had disproven the idea that children benefit from being raised by their … Continue reading

11. June 2012 by Darleen