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March 22, 2014

White House & Leftist acolytes attack Matt Drudge for revealing his first ObamaCare penalty tax [Darleen Click]

TweetWhy yes, Dorthy, self-employed people do pay estimated quarterly taxes … The brouhaha started when Drudge tweeted, “Just paid the Obamacare penalty for not ‘getting covered’… I’M CALLING IT A LIBERTY TAX.” Jesse Lee, the Director of Progressive Media at … Continue reading

22. March 2014 by Darleen
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March 14, 2014

“We nag you, because we love you.” [Darleen Click]

TweetIf said by a mother to any adult offspring, “love” is less the motive than “want to control.” And the more precise statement, “We nag you because, you will do what we want, damn it” is the raison d’être of … Continue reading

14. March 2014 by Darleen
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February 10, 2014

…Second verse … same as the first … [Darleen Click]

TweetBarry and his Mighty Pen have struck again! The Obama administration announced another delay Monday in the requirement on businesses to provide health coverage to workers, giving some employers a reprieve next year while phasing in the mandate for others. … Continue reading

10. February 2014 by Darleen
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February 9, 2014

“I can quit my job, pick my neighbor’s pocket and never feel guilty! Thank you, ObamaCare!” [Darleen Click] UPDATED

TweetI’m just agog at the spin the Obama apparatchiks are putting on the 2.5 million job loss due to ObamaCare Count Polly Lower among those who quit their jobs because of the health-care law. It happened in September, when her … Continue reading

09. February 2014 by Darleen
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February 1, 2014

“They call it the affordable health plan. There is nothing ‘affordable’ about it. I can’t afford it.” [Darleen Click]

Tweet Unfortunately, these people still believe the unconscionable raise in the cost of their healthcare is a bug, not a feature

01. February 2014 by Darleen
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January 31, 2014

Obama tries to perform without TOTUS … [Darleen Click]

TweetFry cook asks Obama about getting cut back to part time b/c of Obamacare, Obama tells him Congress needs to pass a minimum wage increase — BuzzFeed Benny (@bennyjohnson) January 31, 2014 Oh.My.

31. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 24, 2014

American Goskino … [Darleen Click]

TweetWho knew that edgy, independent, willing to speak Truth to Power Hollywood would proudly go here..

24. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 17, 2014

ObamaCare: If the Bros & Hos campaign didn’t work, surely a Richard Simmons dance-off will … [Darleen Click]

TweetRemember the parody-proof ObamaCare campaign that revealed the White House minions considers millennials drunks and sluts? Well then, why not this disturbing engagement? I’m either on drugs, or the administration is this helplessly stupid. The Tell a Friend — Get … Continue reading

17. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 15, 2014

“We vote …” [Darleen Click]


15. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 9, 2014

Who is doing healthcare better than ObamaCare? The Left’s whipping boy, Walmart [Darleen Click]

TweetReally For many years, the giant discount retailer has been the target of unions and liberal activists who have harshly criticized the company’s health care plans, calling them “notorious for failing to provide health benefits” and “substandard.” But a Washington … Continue reading

09. January 2014 by Darleen
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