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January 17, 2014

ObamaCare: If the Bros & Hos campaign didn’t work, surely a Richard Simmons dance-off will … [Darleen Click]

TweetRemember the parody-proof ObamaCare campaign that revealed the White House minions considers millennials drunks and sluts? Well then, why not this disturbing engagement? I’m either on drugs, or the administration is this helplessly stupid. The Tell a Friend — Get … Continue reading

17. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 15, 2014

“We vote …” [Darleen Click]


15. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 9, 2014

Who is doing healthcare better than ObamaCare? The Left’s whipping boy, Walmart [Darleen Click]

TweetReally For many years, the giant discount retailer has been the target of unions and liberal activists who have harshly criticized the company’s health care plans, calling them “notorious for failing to provide health benefits” and “substandard.” But a Washington … Continue reading

09. January 2014 by Darleen
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January 5, 2014

Rand Paul’s run-in with ObamaCare [Darleen Click]

TweetOr is it that he’s receiving the run-around?

05. January 2014 by Darleen
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December 28, 2013

ObamaCare FUBAR continues: Thousands told they have to sign up … again … [Darleen Click]

TweetHeck of a job, Barry! Nearly 16,000 Iowans who tried to apply for coverage via the trouble-plagued federal health-insurance website are being told to apply separately through the state Department of Human Services. The Friday afternoon announcement is the latest … Continue reading

28. December 2013 by Darleen
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December 27, 2013

“Which Is Having A Worse Year, Obamacare or NHS?” [Darleen Click]

TweetFor the “healthcare is a right you, teatards! Only Big Daddy Government should be in charge!” Progressives, here’s the future under ObamaCare. The bureaucrats at the Dept. of Health and Human Services and those at Great Britain’s National Health Service … Continue reading

27. December 2013 by Darleen
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December 26, 2013

Happy New Year! Here’s your new ObamaCare Fees! [Darleen Click]

TweetThank you, Judge Roberts! Most insurers aren’t advertising the ObamaCare taxes that are added on to premiums, opting instead to discretely pass them on to customers while quietly lobbying lawmakers for a break. But one insurance company, Blue Cross Blue … Continue reading

26. December 2013 by Darleen
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December 24, 2013

ObamaCare doesn’t recognize Obama [Darleen Click]

TweetEven his “symbolic” enrollment is an #EpicFail BWHAHAHA! h/t Jim Hoft

24. December 2013 by Darleen
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December 15, 2013

“If you like your checking account, you can keep your checking account …” [Darleen Click]

TweetWell, it’s not like your actually earned your money … Shannon Bruner of Indianola logged on to her checking account Monday morning, and found she was almost 800 dollars in the negative. “The first thing I thought was, ‘I got … Continue reading

15. December 2013 by Darleen
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December 14, 2013

I just bought a new house! [Darleen Click]

TweetI’ve moved in to the home of my dreams. All mine … and I don’t have to pay a thing to be a homeowner. Fearing that many people will think they have health insurance coverage when they do not, Health … Continue reading

14. December 2013 by Darleen
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