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July 19, 2013

Let me take this moment to apologize to all rational people for the mendoucheous twatwafflery of Chris Matthews [Darleen Click]

TweetI am very happy to live my life paying no attention to Mr. Tingles, but sometimes his odious character issues make too much of an affront to ignore: While hosting two black guests, MSNBC host Chris Matthews on Thursday took … Continue reading

19. July 2013 by Darleen
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May 25, 2013

“If the reporter stays very still and very quiet long enough, he might be able to catch them grooming one another.” [Darleen Click]

TweetSo states a commenter on Ann Althouse’s post about the Washington Post’s strained attempt at explaining all those [gasp!] American Flags!!1!1 [gasp! GASP!] flying in Moore, Oklahoma. MOORE, Okla. — The first thing Kevin Gibson did after returning to his … Continue reading

25. May 2013 by Darleen
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April 18, 2013

Feminist mugged by reality of Title IX on campus [Darleen Click]

TweetJudith Grossman’s son hauled before ivy bush league kangaroo court My son was given written notice of the charges against him, in the form of a letter from the campus Title IX officer. But instead of affording him the right … Continue reading

18. April 2013 by Darleen
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February 17, 2013

Left-feminist new Outrage(s) du Jour [Darleen Click]

TweetI don’t think I need even comment further on how much Left-feminist “seriousness” is really self-parody Every month or so, I receive a glossy coupon from Victoria’s Secret in my mailbox. “Free panty!” it beckons. “No purchase necessary!” Reading those … Continue reading

17. February 2013 by Darleen
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February 10, 2013

What the hell is wrong with people? [Darleen Click] UPDATED x2

TweetIt’s not that I didn’t expect some of the usual Leftist Emos to cheer on homicidal manic, Dorner — nevermind the cognitive dissonance of cheering on someone shooting The Man while said oppressed fighter published a “manifesto” full of yearning … Continue reading

10. February 2013 by Darleen
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February 5, 2013

“It’s who they are …” [Darleen Click]

Tweet“… it’s what they do,” to quote Jeff. Indefensible wealth. Think of all the envy, coveting, self-hate, and downright misanthropy wrapped up in that one little phrase. Really, the core “value” of the Left. h/t Twitchy

05. February 2013 by Darleen
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August 14, 2012

I hope the Secret Service is more focused these days … [Darleen Click]

Tweet… because I have a bad feeling that the Left will not be satisfied until Paul Ryan or his family is hurt. DES MOINES, Iowa — Paul Ryan’s remarks at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines today turned into … Continue reading

14. August 2012 by Darleen
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August 10, 2012

How Left-feminism makes women stupid … [Darleen Click]

Tweetvia Revealing Politics h/t Mary Katherine Ham

10. August 2012 by Darleen
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June 21, 2012

Universities are Left-wing seminaries … [Darleen Click]

TweetJust as the agenda of traditional Christian and Jewish seminaries is to produce religious Christians and religious Jews, the agenda of Western universities is to produce (left-wing) secularists. The difference is that Christian and Jewish seminaries are honest about their … Continue reading

21. June 2012 by Darleen
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June 19, 2012

8.1 on the Cognitive Dissonance scale [Darleen Click]

TweetThe Occupy movement, the darling of Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media, “famous” for filth, vandalism and rape, are also in favor of child sex-trafficking. On Wednesday, June 13, members of the Occupy movement protested against a conference … Continue reading

19. June 2012 by Darleen
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