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May 2, 2015

Pity Joan Walsh of Salon, her racism does not allow blacks personal agency [Darleen Click]

TweetI haven’t commented on the Baltimore, Freddie Gray, incident because I don’t know any more of the incident than has been reported and I know almost nothing about the city and its police department. I do know that with the … Continue reading

02. May 2015 by Darleen
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March 16, 2015

Compassionate Racism: the White Left Liberals dark vein [Darleen Click]

TweetWhite Liberals have found the perfect way of keeping those darkies in their place demonstrating how much they care about black children — “restorative justice”!! New York public-school students caught stealing, doing drugs or even attacking someone can avoid suspension … Continue reading

16. March 2015 by Darleen
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January 27, 2015

NOT The Onion: “We must dismantle the tyranny of the white male syllabus.” [Darleen Click]

TweetI’m going to post the whole thing because … because … I’m in awe (and not in a good way) … Remember now, this is the nation’s number one ranked public university: We are calling for an occupation of syllabi … Continue reading

27. January 2015 by Darleen
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January 17, 2015

Progressives and Islamists — rooting out blasphemy of utmost importance for both [Darleen Click]

TweetRemember the ironically-named “Truthy Project”? Internal emails obtained by the Washington Free Beacon through a public records request from Indiana University about “Truthy” reveal that the school monitored “hate tweets” and shunned media outlets critical of the project after details … Continue reading

17. January 2015 by Darleen
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December 2, 2014

Racist incident revealed to be a hoax; University of Chicago shrugs [Darleen Click]

TweetBecause the political agenda behind the hoax is something they embrace. A University of Chicago student who claimed his Facebook page was hacked and filled with racist and violent messages against him and another student has now admitted he faked … Continue reading

02. December 2014 by Darleen
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November 25, 2014

#Ferguson — Identifying the media invested in a racist agenda [Darleen Click]

TweetCompare and contrast Photo: stuff-that-irks-me: spursandbling: Liberal news always making things about race… ???? #ferguson #cnn… http://t.co/Hk1CJDElLR — Peter T Volkmar (@ptvolkmar) November 25, 2014

25. November 2014 by Darleen
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November 22, 2014

This is what a Feminist looks like — The university system as The Village of the Damned [Darleen Click]

Tweet Brendan O’Neill on the death of Free Speech in the UK. Have you met the Stepford students? They’re everywhere. On campuses across the land. Sitting stony-eyed in lecture halls or surreptitiously policing beer-fuelled banter in the uni bar. They … Continue reading

22. November 2014 by Darleen
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October 25, 2014

Leftism is America’s biggest threat — and they don’t care anymore if you know it [Darleen Click]

TweetThey’ll brag about it in print Rob Stein is the founder of the Democracy Alliance, an umbrella a group that organizes the funding of left-wing causes by rich liberals and interest groups. In The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado … Continue reading

25. October 2014 by Darleen
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September 4, 2014

The rapes in Rotherham were possible because of The Left [Darleen Click]

TweetWhen “good” and “evil” become moot, and everything is viewed through the lens of Race, Gender, Class, the question is not “How did this ever happen in a Western City?” but “How many more Rotherhams are waiting to be uncovered?” … Continue reading

04. September 2014 by Darleen
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July 26, 2014

Eric Holder and Lois Lerner revealed as right-wing rednecks … [Darleen Click]

Tweet… and the beat goes on … Apparently only conservatives and others on the right can be obstructionists, according to Roget’s Thesaurus. A search for synonyms of “obstructionist” on Thesaurus.com, which cites Roget’s, reveals that the source considers several words … Continue reading

26. July 2014 by Darleen
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