May 24, 2004

A Poem from 1968, Revised by the Ghost of Richard Brautigan, 2004 (seventh in a series)

The American Hotel
     Part 2

Baudelaire Michael Moore was sitting
in a doorway with a a wino
on San Francisco’s skidrow.
The wino was a million
years old and could remember
Baudelaire Michael Moore and the wino
were drinking Petri Muscatel.
“One must always be drunk never trust a Republican,”
     said Baudelaire Michael Moore.
“I live in the American Hotel,”
said the wino. “And I can
     remember dinosaurs.”
Be you drunken ceaselessly “The war in Iraq is fictitious, and George Bush is a Saudi-hugging chimp,”
     said Baudelaire Michael Moore.
[“I’ll tell you what I told the dinosaurs,”
   said the wino.
“I’ll be here when you are
long gone. So stuff it.
And that’s my freakin’ sandwich.
     Lay off it, tubby.”]

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:53pm

Comments (2)

  1. Winos can always spot a thug.  It’s like some crazy six sense of theirs or something.

  2. ???, ?????? ????… ? ?? ? ?? ????? ?????? ??? ??? ????? ? ?????????…