August 9, 2007

Post-partum aggression

Sometimes you need to (retroactively) scramble a few eggs to make the perfect matriarchal omelet.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:02pm

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  1. Bed-maker, meet bed. Have a nice set-down.

  2. Witness sickness and evil at work.

  3. I’d comment on that post but reading caused all of by brain tissue to melt into a greyish/green puddle at my feet. Staining my shoes.

    By the love of something these people need to get serious, psychological help and stop blaming their psychosexual issues on all of the maleness.

    And, yes, those statements were a form of child abuse. What kind of mother wishes she had dumped her son’s egg down a Planned Parenthood drain because he’s not marching lockstep with a political philosophy?

    Get. Serious. Help. Please.

  4. The libel threat theme in the comments is cute. Patriarchically speaking.

    “I’m tellin’ my Daddy on you!”

    Blankie. Get one.

  5. It has almost reached the tenor of those who in the past might have done one of the following (just to compare.)

    1. Wished they had committed infanticide on their daughters because they weren’t male.
    2. Wished they had aborted their child because they turned out gay.
    3. Wished they had not had their child because they married a person of another race.

    The only conceivable difference between those three positions in the sense of the mindset is…?

    No, the only difference is that the wisher is a feminist, and the recipient of the abuse a male (white, preferably.)

  6. The eggs may be btoken, but where’s the omelette?

  7. Dear lord – after being raised by that hyena, if he doesn’t despise women it’s a freakin’ miracle.

  8. I learned something today. I learned that womyn is plural. Who knew?

    TW: first piping

    (not even going to touch that one)

  9. RiverC, there are a few other differences.

    In the case of your first example, the difference between the perfered and actual state is biological and cultural.

    In the case of your second example, the difference between the perfered and actual state is possibly biological, or behavioral (depending where you fall on recent studies), but an expression of sexuality that is outside of the accepted societal norm. And by norm, I am refering to the fact it is statistically less practiced and stigmatized at a much larger percentage.

    In the case of your third example, the difference between the perfered and actual state is predominately culturally and ethnically biased. In that, sociological studies have shown that interracil marriage recieves different levels of resistence in relation to the time, race of participant and race of reacting cultures.

    That might seem like a minor set of distinctions but the example of the feminist and her son is based on the difference between the perfered and actual state as defined by political ideological conformity.

    While politics may, and probably do, play a part in definie the cultural aspects to the example you gave, this instance is different in that politics ARE the culture in whole.

    That being the case, I think a different reaction to the example that you gave and this instance would stand out regardless of the participants. Now, if you can a person wishing death on thier offspring due to their political persuasuion, that would probably be more apt a comparison.

    Of course, you can disregard all of this if you were just trying to score points on the way to the moral highground. But if the comparison was meant to be serious, we’d probalby be better off looking for a long time political official expressing similar thoughts for their kids as a source of comparison.

  10. Why doesn’t this womyn just exercise her constitutional “right to choose” and simply seek an abortion in the…45th trimester?

  11. That is just beyond repugnant. Can we question their hatefulness yet?

    tw: necessary alienated

  12. Oh Heavens! Teenage boys who enjoy Looking at Porn! What next? Will she make another breathless post about how shocking it is that the Sky is Blue?

    I take it there’s no dad in the house to explain these things to this clueless woman. He either killed himself years ago to escape her or doesn’t even know she kept the child. Nor did she have any brothers growing up.

    If there was ever a need for CPS, this is an ironclad case. This woman is a deranged sexist.

  13. That was simply amazing. I had no idea looking at porn, and masturbating were foreplay, if you will, to rape. Huh. I never raped anyone, that doesn’t make me gay does it?

  14. As long as you don’t get paid for it, no. Or is it the other way around?

  15. There really are some women who should be spayed at birth.

  16. I have the feeling gay porn would be ok with this womon? Womyn? Whats the correct way again? Well, man dominating man gay porn anyway. Actually, probably chick on chick also. Whoops. Bet I wasn’t supposed to use that word.

  17. Rob B – you can quibble around the edges all you want. At the end of the day, what that womyn said was vile and reprehensible.

  18. with every orgasm he will further solidify his own hatred of and superiority over, women.

    …..or you know, just simply give him an eventual case of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    My question is, if he’s a righty, and he uses his left, does this like reverse the curse or something? Or does that make it even worse?

    Either way, I feel sorry for the little fella. It’s bad enough to have Mom catch you dating rosie palm and the five sisters, but when Mom thinks you’re a rapist for looking at porn, well, that’s gonna cost a lot in therapy eventually.

  19. I’m tickled by the fly-in who chastises Riehl for helping “ruin” this woman’s–womon’s–life in concert with the deranged internet sociopath that hacked her private board, oh woes.

    At a certain point, the b-word deserves to have her life ruined–what she hasn’t already ruined of it herself. Once that’s all over, she might actually become a competent parent, buuut I’m not holding my breath on that.

    This moment of vitriol brought to you by the TWs: eccentric opinion

  20. And Pellegri just stood there with her arms crossed beneath her ample bosom, tapping her foot, and shaking her head. ;-)

  21. I remember reading somewhere how a conservative columnist deduced that the women’s liberation movement promoted sexual freedom which has also lead to the mainstreaming of porn.

    No wonder this mother is so messed up, she created her little monster/future rapist both figuratively and literally.

  22. Tman – Ambidextrous is the only way to go.

    How does this woman function on a day-to-day basis? Does she scream rapist at every man she sees ?

  23. The truly sad part of this, is were this poor young child to grow up and become a rapist, it is likely due to the fact that she has taught him that all sex is rape, and has removed that bright flashing line between sex and rape.

    We require licenses to operate a motor vehicle, yet any idiot can go have a child and fuck it up.

  24. Teh Son:

    Can I do it until I mildly dislike women?”

  25. Oh, and was the mother raped?

  26. JD, I totally agree it was vile. I’m not defending her in the least. I was just pointing out that this is different that the examples that River had listed because it has to do with this lady wishing retroactive evil on her own kid due to political ideology.

  27. I admit it.. I’m a rapist. I’ve been raping womyn for 33 years (with their permission)over 14 states and 6 countries… and the cops havent caught me yet. but they could.. They may be closing in even as we speak. So I need all of your help to build myself up a legal defense fund. Just drop me an e-mail and I’ll let you know where to send your checks (made out to cash).. And if you choose not to give, well, the womyn will have won.. Just ask yourself who’ll be left to help when they come for you.

  28. Dunno, wishing your child was never born – with such explicit language, sounds as bad as any so-called bigotry. I claim no moral highground, for whatever its worth. This is to me about how those who tout social justice so often do not from any pursuit of justice, but from a distorted view of reality. If wanting to grandfather in an abortion isn’t distorted, then I’m not sure what is. What’s especially twisted is that he’s growing up with probably about the best chances for success in life of anyone in any previous time… and she would have thrown it away.

    tw: Parents sig…

  29. Rob – Sorry if I misinterpreted. Maybe the comparisons were not as precise as one might hope for, but they were clearly illustrative. Frankly, this one requires no comparisons. It is quite vile all by its lonesome.

  30. Maybe a call to the Columbus child-abuse hotline would be in order?

    We all know that feminists are the first to suggest taking children away from abusive mom- er, DADS, I mean.

  31. That is just beyond repugnant. Can we question their hatefulness yet?

    d00d you are so past that.

    TW: teh sucks

  32. ladonne – Do you share the same type of obsession that Charles Wilson does?

  33. TW:coote residue

    Ok thats just WRONG!

  34. Oh, Jesus. It’s the ESL internationalist, last seen here offering a spirited defense of Scott Beauchamp.

  35. Jeff G – Is that michelines / dorita / doritos / etc … If so, we can expect a good bout of teh krazy anytime now.

  36. I would comment but I’m afraid she’ll swallow.

  37. I have an old upholstery needle and some dental floss that will fix that right up.

  38. I just hope the poor little son of a bitch is too busy looking at porn to see that blog post.

    And yes, I meant that literally.

    TW: Melville layers The Great White Beaver?

  39. Diana – I just threw up a little in the back of my mouth.

  40. I can hem anything.

  41. Reading a radical feminist screwed me up as a teenager. No, I don’t want to talk about it, but it would have helped if I had realized that she was a fucking lesbian who had no use for the male sexuality that she obviously wanted to see destroyed.

  42. Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Bitches is crazy.

  43. I read on another blog where this was discussed that this woman claims to have been raped when she was young. That may explain – though it certainly does not excuse – her horrendous comments.

    I know the “rape sensitivity” training at my son’s university pretty much took the position that all the boys were rapists at heart. When he and some others protested that attitude, they were ignored. To keep girls safe we have to indict all boys? Ridiculous!

  44. Any beaver in its metaphorical territorial waters will attack and whether its a leathery tail or a Coach handbag you will feel its wrath.

  45. Would you hem my car for me please, Diana?

  46. It continues to astound me that feminazis measure their level of “empowerment” in direct proportion to their level of “victimhood”.

    TW: natu responsible. No, they’re na.

  47. Is that michilines chick’s blog reallly dedicated to Rightwingsparkle? Of all the people on the Tubes to go after, she is really going to hitch her wagon to RWS, one of the most inoffensive people ever to grace to Web?

    That is some grade A crazy right there.

  48. Jeremy, I think she wants to be the next Dr. Cowbell.

  49. Seems she’s got two. One insane and one inane.

  50. Apparently inane and incoherent are not good for traffic. She has virtually no comments, about the same as the A-Bot. she’ll be back weeping for her Iranian students very soon.

    tw: beliefs which define teh inane

  51. – Apparently this is a case of “role reversal”, wherein as she noted her son’s masterbation habits, she was the one that went insane. Also check her palms for hair. There ought to be hair.

    – Either that, or she’s one of “those” wymon who really let herself go to hell after his birth, and knows at this point she couldn’t get laid at a pervert convention with hundred dollar bils pasted all over her body.

    TW: fsrther Pstrick ….snf s little to the fsr-Left…..

  52. – “and a little”….. Ok…. so I am going blind…..whats it to yah….