May 28, 2004

Talking back to 80s music, 22

“Pink torpedo,” did you say? Well. How delightfully descriptive.
“Big Bottoms,” Spinal Tap

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:01am

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  1. Nobody say ass fucking .

  2. And I thought the first song that sang the praises of a substantial tuckus was Sir-Mix-A-Lot, but apparently he and Spinal Tap share a love of tush.

  3. Ah darn, SarahW- with a mind that quick, I was hoping you had a blog.  There’s nothing better than fast and wicked tongue-pointed in other directions, of course.

  4. I meant that concerning words. Really, I did.  I am not that kind of girl.

  5. Uh… um… errrrrrrrr Ass Fucking.


  6. Lazy Goldstein, lazy. You coast off of the original satirical intent of the song. I can honestly say that at this moment, I am ashamed to read Protein Wisdom.

    PS – Fix the %$#@$#$^&* cookies so I don;t have to enter my info again the next time I comment!

  7. “Well, you’re too young, and I’m too well-hung…”

  8. No, Bill.  You see, I’m taken aback here by the boldness of the lyrics.  It’s not until much later in story time (though it happens simultaneously in narrative time to those who are hip to the irony) that I realize that the original song was intended as a satire.  Once I do, I would presumably revisit my reaction here and feel a small bit embarrassed.  And by “I” I mean the entity who is talking back to 80s music in these posts.  In this particular iteration, that entity is both the deliverer of a small bit of humor (via his rather understated reaction to “pink torpedo”) and the object of the humor (via the situational irony arising from the setup you describe).

    There.  Now I’ve explained how humor works.  No need for you to read Name of the Rose.  Get that subscription to Maxim you’ve been wanting.

    The cookie problem is unfixable. It’s been looked at by several people who assure me the code is correct. Regardless, pw will be switching off of Movable Type shortly—wait until you see the new bells and whistles!—so the problem will be solved that way.

  9. This lyric may explain why Tap became big in Japan.

  10. Ah, but Jeff – is it I who needs the humor explained to me? Or perhaps you who needs to grasp the humor in my comment, which was straight-man softball, self-parody.* There are many layers here. Many layers.

    * Exhibit B, employing similar humor:

    Why would I read Name of the Rose? I saw the movie, dumb-ass!

  11. That means I have to go to Paul Lind in the center square, please.

  12. That would be Paul Lynde, I think.

    And keep the cookies broken, keeps out the riff-raff.  Why do I keep thinking of Oreo’s now?

  13. Paul Lynde it is, then.

    Re:  Oreo’s.  Because of the delicious cream filling on the inside?

  14. This lyric may explain why Tap became big in Japan.

    Not to be confused with becoming Big In Japan.  Which of course went on to become lots of other bands, but none that ever said anything nearly as funny as “flesh tuxedo.”