June 26, 2007

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, abridged, 32 (cloture edition)

The wise rider would rather a road close forever than see it made into a parking lot.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:40pm

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  1. What if it is the parking lot of a really bitchin’ Hooters?

  2. Major John has obviously spent too much time outside the gates of (insert name of Army post here).

  3. With a small enough motorcycle, you can ride in a parking lot.

    Best not to wear the bear suit, though. Unless your name is “State of Maine” or something.

  4. Christine Johnson is regretting following that advice.

  5. Parking lot? Oh my, yes. That is what it will turn into. The real immigration issue is whether the gov’t can make any immigration work simply because the maintenance expertise isn’t there.

    Send them a copy of the book. Some Zen might help. First applicants will apply for whatever technique the bill provides, wait for the work to be done, and walk away because the tailpipe gets stuck into the fuel injection. Sturgeon’s Law = 90% is crud, which means about 350 pages of S.1639

  6. The Garden State Parkway was, in effect, a parking lot. Fortunately, several years in CA taught me the fine art of riding a Harley in-between vehicles.

  7. Be the journey but try not to become one with the road.

  8. But… Sensei, forgive me… but if it were turned into a parking lot, couldn’t it be said to have been “closed forever?”…


  9. If it’s the road to Tehran, I’m gonna go with the parking lot option, thank you.

  10. OT, I have no blog but I must scream…

    If there was no bias in Big Media, the, ahem, fairness doctrine would always be referred to as the so-called fairness doctrine in all media reports.

    Also, I hope you don’t miss today’s Morning Edition on NPR, where progressives can be heard whining about the possibility of change at the what they perceive as the “conservative” Wall Street Journal. Cherish the moment when Murdoch Derangement Syndrome caused progressives to embrace a philosophy of conservatism for a “conservative” institution.

  11. I heard that too… what’s weirdest is that they always use WSJ’s socialist fucktard David Wessel whenever they want to run down the economy.

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  13. but at night parking lots are empty and you can build a fire in the middle and all can ride around it then! They are private too, so that’s you safe from the law.

  14. I don\’t normally leave comments… but I really enjoyed your post! I will be leaving a link back here in my blogroll! Thanks!i

  15. But my bike is part of the road, & I am part of the bike.. now what :) And when turning up in big numbers, parking lots can be taken over by motorcycles, leaving space in the middle for a possible *night fire*!