May 23, 2007

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, abridged, 30

The Joy you feel having the chrome on your exhaust pipe expertly polished on the cheap is inversely proportional to the Pain you’ll experience a week or so later, particularly should it turn out you opted for the $10 express service from a technician named “Kandi” whom you happened upon while cruising West Colfax between midnight and 3 AM, looking for an open Taco Bell drive-thru.

On this, you really must trust the Zen master.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:05pm

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  1. Her name wasn’t really Kandi you know.

    When you go to get that checked out, the name won’t really be important, just sayin’.

  2. I believe Hugh Grant ghosted this chapter.

  3. Kandi’s chrome kisses causing karmic corrosion?

  4. And by “her”, you mean “her”.

  5. I’m less malicious, and I think that you need to spend some money to have a job done properly. On the other hand, there’s mechanics who will charge you a lot for a shitty job, and that’s even worse.

    Do you know that AC Milan just won the Champions League? NO? Goddamn Yankees!

    And do you know that I just had my 7th beer, too?

  6. I expect “Kandi” is really “Andy”, which will really compound that pain you feel.

  7. Do you know that AC Milan just won the Champions League? NO? Goddamn Yankees!

    And that’s what, bowling? Volleyball? It isn’t football, I can tell you that.

  8. Hmm. I had the chrome on my exhaust pipe expertly polished just last week, and she didn’t mention anything about motorcycles.

  9. I hired an in-house detail specialist many years ago. She did great work during the auditioning period. My exhaust pipe never looked or felt better. Shortly after the ink dried on the contract she lost all interest in polishing the pipe. We’re still friends though.

  10. s’funny, my in-house specialist is still a good worker…but I worry that expanding the team might lead to and there’s no way I can finish this joke without implying something I don’t mean to.

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  12. So, having come late to the party, and wanting neither a treadmill nor furniture nor cardio workout equipment, may I suggest that teh euphemisms used in the post made for some damn weird spam…..

  13. Kandy, Andy, Mandy, Candy…Which one is better? Old conversation yet still interesting.

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