March 23, 2007

Mary Katharine Ham Video: Pussy and a Hummer [Dan Collins]


Where do I buy lust offsets?

Unrelated: Man, I just don’t even know how to respond.

What I think I think about Edwards.

First, I’m sorry about his wife.

Second, whatever his decison is, he’s right.

Third, as a voter, even if I were ever attracted to vote for the guy, which I’m not, I’d have serious misgivings.  If it were my spouse, I would expect to be extremely distracted by anything bad that might befall her.  I wouldn’t pursue any such thing, if it were a matter of her health, particularly considering my children.

Dear Mona Charen,

Denny’s doesn’t have a smorgasbord.  I know you mean well, but STFU.

Apart from the “girl” stuff, this is my favorite Seipp appreciation, so far.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:39pm

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  1. As the video clearly indicates, MKH has an affinity for mother Gaia loving politics.  So your headline, while sweet in a fascist neoconish sort of way, probably has no hope of ensnaring her heart.

    Send her some tofu in the shape of a heart.

  2. DG, I’m not sure it was her heart that he was after.

    TW: But maybe I just have a dirty mind27…Can you buy offsets for that?

  3. meh.  5, 6 at best.

  4. Moops, you must be travelling in a parallel universe.

    This guy counts himself as a 7.5

  5. I say we settle the next election with a hot oil wrestling match between Mary Katherine Ham and Kirstin Powers…..

    Because tehn there would be no real losers…..

  6. I guess they’re above average, if your baseline is pundits, and their competition is Eleanor Clift and Kate O’Beirne.  But in the population at large, I stand by my initial assessment.

  7. Last week I went to and bought a year’s worth of offsets for my H3 for $80.00 and got a big self-righteous sticker to put on the back. So when I drive up to Oberlin for my daughter’s graduation I can have fun ragging on those non-offset Prius owners. Sick, I know, but I think it’s hilarious.

  8. Remember.  Don’t let Eleanor Clift show you her Tweety Bird tattoo.  That is all.

  9. Screw buying offsets, how much ya think it costs to squeeze Mary’s tits?

  10. If I ever need some money, remind me to ask Defense Guy.

    If he believes Hot Air regular MKH is a crystal-gripping hippie, he will believe literally anything.

    I won’t be asking him to do any research for me, however.


  11. I believe everything I read on the Internet. Al Gore would not lie to me, and neither would someone who is as clearly devoted to the serious issues of our time (like Glowball Worming) as MKH is.

    I have no money for you to borrow, as we use the barter system here at the commune.  I could let you borrow a chicken for a week or so if you want.

  12. Never borrow an man’s chicken, it’s just not right.

  13. So Edwards is going for the sympathy vote.  Such cynicism disqualifies him for the job he seeks.

  14. Never borrow an man’s chicken, it’s just not right.

    Renting it, however, is perfectly okay.

    But a man who would rent a pig is not to be trusted.

  15. Wow.

    Went to TerraPass and had it calculate my emissions:

    Vehicle:1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD automatic transmission

    Mileage:16 mpg (city), 21 mpg (highway)

    Distance:20,000 miles per year

    Fuel use:1,081 gallons per year

    Emissions:21,149 lbs CO2 per year (I’m surely going to hell)

    The typical weight of gasoline at 72 degrees F is around 6 lb. per gallon or 6486 lb of fuel.

    Simple math says burning 1 lb of fuel emits ~3 lb of CO2.