February 1, 2007

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, abridged 28

To really push forward on the road of life, one must sometimes “brave the wheelie.” Unless, of course, one has a tender prostate—in which case, one should probably just consider shelling out the extra bucks for a bigger engine, and a banana seat fashioned out of inflatable rubber donuts or some such.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:44am

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  1. “Braving the Wheelie” would be a good name for a rock band.

    If there were still rock bands.

  2. And the motorcycle goes, “buddha-buddha-buddha . .”

  3. The douche who wrote that book should have spent just a tad more time on Zen and the Art of Being a Human.  Because he is just about the entire definition of Zen and the Art of Being an Asshole.  Not that I have anything against everybody who thinks they saved the world but forgot the note they wrote, just those who ride bikes that suck.

  4. I found out the guy’s kid in the story got shot in the head and killed in front of the Zen center in a random robbery.

    Kinda negates any point in reading the book….

  5. The last time I braved an inadvertant “wheelie” on the Ducati, it really crushed “The Boys” when I landed it. It was my fault, as I chopped the throttle as it went ‘over center’ instead of just riding it out. Hurt like hell though.

    TW: mean95, no, actually it was a 900SS, NTTAWWT.


  6. Donut holes? My prostate is bigger than yours is, or maybe it just drips a lot to brave the willie.

  7. The front end of the FJR1300 will come up if I get ‘heavy handed’.  Of course with the bags on it, it’s like wheelie-ing the Battlestar Galactica compared to the 900SS!

    TW: over66….  Yeah, like twice that.

  8. Man, I really need to get me a motorcycle. 

    Which reminds me, have I mentioned that my birthday begins in 2:30 hours, local time…?

  9. El Jeffe,

    If you are “Experienced”(obligatory Jimmi Hendrix reference), then this is for you:

    Otherwise, don’t go here. You will not fare well.



    TW: third87 – What the hell is that? Third?

  10. Well, I was Big Wheel King of the Imperial Gardens subdivision back in the late seventies…

  11. ChrisP is trying kill Jefe.

  12. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    So . . . what didn’t you get from us?

  13. Everything on earth but Tender Mercies, Murphy’s Romance, and a 1 quart All-Clad saucier.

  14. A kidney belt for long rides is a good idea too.

  15. One day I was driving down the highway and spotted a Wild Turkey streaking across slightly above the traffic, wings tucked. At some point they start to fly like rocks.

    Shortly later, I saw a guy rare up into an at least one hundred yard wheelie, doing around 65 in heavy traffic, coming from the opposite direction then passing off into the distance still riding it.


  16. This is about Ilan winning Top Chef isn’t it?

  17. I’ve been trying to pop a wheelie in my Bronco for years.

    Getting the damn motorcycle into the truck has been the main problem.

    Keeping the owner of the damn motorcycle from catching me at it, seems to be the hitch.

  18. me —

    DUDE!  We fucking tivoed that!


  19. Trying wheelies is tough in Syracuse.  Too much snow, and no more motorcycle.

    Does falling on my ass in the driveway count as a wheelie?

    The kid works at night, so he can’t snowblow the driveway during the day.  I work during the day, so I get to snowblow the driveway at night – after he and Mrs D have driven on it and packed the snow.  This allows me to perform my amazing acrobatics for the amusement of the neighborhood.

    Happy birthday Jeff.

  20. It was a prediction. I also taped it.

    Is it about the Colts winning the Super Bowl?

  21. If you got to screw your courage up to “brave a wheelie” keep the bike in the garage.

  22. A sure sign of a good book is that you like it more the older you get.

  23. Zen is popular among cyclists, that’s not surprising. Not all motorcycle riders are in gangs, like they like to show on TV.