January 16, 2007

Fifty-third in a series of real-time empirical observations (UPDATE)

In the time it takes you to read this post, Congressional alien Denis Kucinich, in what he will eventually argue is simply a commonsense appendix to his attempt to rehabilitate the Fairness Doctrine, will use his position on a House government-reform subcommittee to introduce legislation promising to make turning down his invites to Star Trek conventions “an offense against the integrity of Starfleet Command”—a misdemeanor punishable by having to agree to go duckpin bowling with the creepy little manstump.


Evidently, Taylor Marsh believes herself exempt from Kucinich’s inevitable advances.  Of course, Taylor has never been the sharpest cheddar in the Gordita, so there’s really no surprise here—though I bet if someone told her it’s difficult to get a good glamour shot while you’re dressed in bowling shoes or Spock ears, Ms Marsh would turn on a frickin’ dime.

More here.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:22pm

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  1. to go duckpin bowling with the creepy little manstump.

    Wouldn’t that mean having to go to Bawlmer with him, too, hon?

  2. I like Whack-A-Mole.  And skeets.

  3. Of course it would, hon.

  4. Representative Wu is of course completely on board with this proposal.

  5. If government could do “fairness”, then why isn’t NPR the fairest outlet in the news-manufacuring industry?

    This is an ‘Air America Subsidy Act of 2007’ and is a shot at Limbaugh among others. The only reason many stations even carried AA in the first place was as a kind of protection money to the “Bugsy” Kucinich crowd.

    As you note, Den-Den’s signature issue is preventing Karl Rove from deploying the Rovian Mind-Control(tm) Satellite (ROVESAT). To stop the mind-rays–and the painful swelling and rectal itching that always accompany them–Dennis is deploying his own anti-sat-sat (ANTISATSAT):

    “A test (of sorts) of the Outer Space Treaty is being put forward by Canadian artist Cesar Saez’s project to float a giant helium-filled banana over Texas in 2008, a very serious project supported by the Canada and Quebec Arts Councils.”

    Very serious business, indeed. Do not be fooled by that “arts council” talk. Obviously a front-group.

  6. Duckpin bowling in Bawlmer’s okay, hon, but only if ya blieve in alien mind control. 

    TW:  Reviving the Fairness Doctrine is a Sign of the NY Times11.

  7. Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

  8. So…

    Every time someone asserts that Racism Is Bad, they have to invite a skinhead in to rebut the point? And when Lisa Simpson lectures the US military on how an occupying force can’t beat a determined populace, they have to show a South Park rebuttal episode? (I caught the last part of Simpsons right before the premiere of 24. Coulda thrown a hammer through the tube.)

    You know that if the situation were reversed, if the Left owned the radio waves and the entire blogosphere, you’d hear nary a peep. Fairness indeed.

  9. It’s a long time since I went to St Patrick’s, but wasn’t the Fair Ness doctrine, as put forward by the Bishop of Fair Ness, something like:

    “All the other Bishops have got taller mitres than me!  And crookier crooks!”

    “And…And…And.. It’s just NOT FAIR!”

    morning82 “I AM NOT A NUMBER!  I AM A FREE MAN!”

  10. Radio stations?  You’ll have your fairness and you’ll LIKE it, just like in the old days….

  11. Yeesh and just when I thought McCain/Feingold was the biggest pile of Llama crap.

    Does this mean that we will stop unfairly profiling Feregis?


  12. *crap* Ferengis

  13. That’s because the Democrats fear that the Republicans won’t respect the Prime Directive.

    “The Prime Directive dictates that there be no interference with the natural development of any primitive society. It also forbids any effort to improve or change in any way the natural course of such a society, even if that change is well-intentioned and kept completely secret.”

  14. What the @#$! is up with Dems and Star Trek?


  15. Shorter Kacinich:


  16. Umm, that would be Kucinich, of course…

  17. According to inside sources, the Kucinich bill to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine will be named the Air America Financial Salvation Act of 2007.

  18. Wasn’t that Sheer-luck Holmes?

    When Doctrines go bad…

  19. Hey, I thought we had freedom of religion in this country – so what’s with all this pushing of Trekism, all of a sudden?

    Next thing you know, our kids will have mandatory daily readings from the Klingon Bible in the schools . . .

  20. Three cheers for Dennis and the Fairness Doctrine.

  21. The Fairness Doctrine: Affirmative Action for stupid people.

    Everything you need to know about leftist talk radio, you can learn from Air America.

  22. Let’s not forget folks.  The radio stations don’t own the airwaves. We do.  We lease them the bandwidth and they have an obligation to see that it’s use is not partisan.  Libs wouldn’t have an edge.  Conservatives will lose theirs.  Got a problem with that? 

    Elections have consequenses.

  23. We lease them bandwidth? Well, you learn something new everyday.

    Or not.

    There is no bandwidth and there are no leases. We license them to broadcast on certain frequencies. We already have rules regarding content, and they’re just fine the way they are.

    Elections have consequenses.

    Fortunately, the fairness doctrine isn’t going to be one of them.

  24. The whole world has lost it’s marbles duckpin bowling

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