January 23, 2007

the “The ‘I dreamed I saw Evangeline Lilly’s nipple’ poem” poem

I dreamed I saw Evangeline Lilly’s

nipple last night—brown as a bark

chip, hard as a carved diamond.

And given that, does this poem really





Posted by Jeff G. @ 6:13am

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  1. Jeff, after reading some of the recent comments I thought you could use a chuckle or two.  Enjoy.

  2. “Shouldn’t you be out running around rescuing somebody or something, freckles? I think I saw Timmy fall in a well back over thataway…”

    — Sawyer, who got all the best lines

  3. Funny stuff, marcus!  I think I’ve seen a couple before, though I can’t remember where.

    Anyway, I think I’m going to go watch a Harold Lloyd movie.  Still no Buster Keaton set for me, and I’ve been spinning the Marx Brothers so much of late that they are starting to remind of the time I got caught in a “Sister Christian” jag.

  4. Thanks, Jeff.  Those are all original creations of mine (Corel Paint Shop Pro, the “poor man’s Photoshop”), but Ace had the “Time” cover on his blog recently.  That may be have been the one you saw.

  5. Have you considered calling her? I think you could displace her Hobbit.

  6. It doesn’t need an ending, but a picture would have been a value-add.

  7. Dang, you are lucky. All I saw in my dream was some dude named Joe Hill.

  8. Which nipple?

  9. What’s a nipple?

  10. Which nipple?

    Weren’t you paying attention? It was the

    brown as a bark

    chip, hard as a carved diamond


  11. I don’t get it

  12. Jeff,

    Your site is indispensable. It is essential reading. You write like an angel on crack.

    Now I too apologise for reposting, but as a spawn of satan, I know you need to read this:

    (cutting from this morning’s Bangladesh Observer, Letters page , Monday January 22nd 2007. )



    The letter under the above heading written by MM Rahman and published in these columns of your esteemed daily The Bangladesh Observer on 24.12.2006 appeared to be very interesting to me as I was also contemplating to write on the same subject.

    I fully agree with M M Rahman and his views.

    Though I did not use ‘chati’ yet, that was very favourite to my uncles. During my boyhood, I used to wear naughty-boy shoes. When I grew up, I used Oxford English shoes wth laces, then Albert shoes of certain design. I also used Bata leather/canvas/rubber pump shoes of certain design.But now the production of all these shoes is discontinued by Bata.

    So I need to purchase the same from other shops. Once a salesman of a Bata shop told me that new MDs introduce new designs. But they fail to assess the liking of people. So ultimately, they need to sell those at 60 pc discount.

    I heard Bata is owned by the Jews. is it correct? If so what should we do? Jews are giving trouble to Muslims throughout the world. They are the greatest enemies of Islam. Do they have any hand in the political unrest of our country? Have they any hand in JMB/JMJB affair?

    A F M Moeenul Islam, Chittagong.

    That may look like something out of Borat, but it isn’t. It is a letter published in Monday’s Bangladesh Observer.

    Follow up. I mentioned this letter to my client & he looked at me as though I were an Associate Professor or something, before telling me, plaintively, “But it is true. The Jews own many things.”

    hang in there, mate.

  13. i just googled ‘evangeline lilly nipple’ after waking up from a dream of the same event. glorious, glorious dream it was. well worth writing a poem about. good on you man.