January 26, 2016

Rubio — we really need more stuff like this … [Darleen Click]

This is really nicely done —

Posted by Darleen @ 10:35pm

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  1. Okay, yeah — the subsequent bits sold it. It didn’t hurt that the original “gaffe” was obviously just another spurious entry in the #RubioCrimeSpree hashtag.

  2. Loved the bottle of water clip.

  3. Goodbye, Rubio Tuesday.

    Hello, Ruby Wednesday.

  4. Who was the last dewd, said he couldn’t work like this?

    I’m feeling the senility coming on.

    Also, excellent piece of work.


  5. What is that friggin’ Beta Male dance he does near the end?

    It’s (1) un-Presidential and (2) very faggy.

    [And what is it with those giant’s ears he has?]

  6. I mean, them things are as big as a possum* livin’ in a grain silo [yes, I have been listening to too much Hard Country lately**].

    *…or ‘armadillo’, if that is more
    appropriate here.

    **…but ’tis true that What Made
    Milwaukee Famous Has Made A
    Fool Out Of Me many a-time.