January 21, 2002

Breaking News:  HRW Launches Propaganda Campaign to Regain NGO Street Cred

“Afghans may have danced in the street and ripped off their burkhas when the war on terror liberated them from the Taliban. But judging from the latest survey by Human Rights Watch, the world might have been better off had the Taliban liberated Washington, D.C., instead.

We exaggerate only slightly.” — the opening lines from “The Human Rights Fraud,” today’s WSJ Opinion Journal feature article.

The gist:

Human rights are about universal moral standards, not someone’s narrow political agenda. This report is all about the latter and its cynicism will only make people skeptical whenever they hear the phrase ‘human rights.’ Maybe the authors need to spend a week or two with the Taliban to relearn some basic moral distinctions.


Posted by Anne D. Coughman @ 6:09pm
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