November 13, 2005

Scenes from my driveway, continued x 61

Deadbeat neighbor: “So.  Broncos-Raiders today, eh?”

Me: “Broncos-Raiders.”

Deadbeat neighbor: “You ready?”

Me: “Does the Pope wear a funny hat?”

Deadbeat neighbor:

Me: “Yes. He does.”

Deadbeat neighbor: “Oh I dunno.  I think his lid looks kinda fly.”

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:49pm

Comments (19)

  1. Pretty fly for a Catholic guy…

  2. Did anybody else just hear Tom Jackson blame criticism of Mike Vick on his being black?  I’ll bet Limbaugh did.

  3. I ain’t eva seen the pope put some ghetto tilt on that sick-assed hat. So I mostly question somebody conferring fly status on his homeyness.

  4. Anybody competent playing football today?

  5. No, no, the OLD pope is attracting flies.

  6. Jesus Christ Superfly

  7. “I think the Pope’s lid looks kinda fly.”

    From what region does the expression, “look fly” come from?  It appears in a story written about 1902, and I thought it had passed out of usage because I’ve never come across it before.

    I really appreciate your info.

  8. Goddess,

    Assuming you’re legitimately looking for answers, which is a risk around here, “fly” is a term Mr. Goldstien appropriated from ebonics and shit. It’s a ghetto term which translates loosely into Standard Amereican English as “bad to da bone”.

    Individuals who wear their hat with the brim pointed somewhere besides 12:00 and/or tilted at an angle which would not add to the hat’s originally intended functionality, are said to have a “fly tilt” and shit.

  9. Maybe the Papal Lid could have a nice chat with Byrd’s Kleagle Hood. Maybe try to bring it back to the path of righteousness…

  10. Skins got screwed by the refs.  Bastards.

  11. Sticky B.

    Yes, I was serious!  Thanks for the reply.  The only other place I’ve seen the expression “trying to look fly” is in a short story by O. Henry (he’s the subject of my dissertation, when I get around to it), set in Texas during the Spanish-American war.

  12. Did anybody else just hear Tom Jackson blame criticism of Mike Vick on his being black?  I’ll bet Limbaugh did.

    B Moe, Cris Carter tried to make the same claim on Inside the NFL earlier this week and Marino smacked him down for it.  It’s a ridiculous claim.  Jason Whitlock called Vick “the league’s most underutilized wide receiver” earlier this week and I doubt race has anything to do with his criticism.

    By the way, Jeff, I wanted make sure to tell you that you were right about Plummer last season and I was wrong to be so down on him.  I’m getting pretty damn excited about the Bronco’s chances this season.  Especially looking at the rest of the schedule.

  13. Too bad the Broncos will be going down on Thanksgiving Day.

  14. Etymology of “fly”–anyone know?  I have always assumed it derives from “flyboy”, meaning a hotshot pilot.

  15. TOTALLY screwed by the refs, CraigC.


    TW: It’s a “given.”

  16. I’m guessing you aren’t living next door to Pat(terico), then?

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