August 29, 2014

Mammas, don’t let your boys grow up to attend California universities and colleges [Darleen Click]

California Democrats have passed a so-called “affirmative consent law” that covers the sexual activity of students who attend California’s public universities and colleges.

The bill’s language clarifies the definition of consent by stating what it is not. “Lack of protest or resistance does not mean consent, nor does silence mean consent,” it reads. “Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity and can be revoked at any time. The existence of a dating relationship between the persons involved, or the fact of past sexual relations between them, should never by itself be assumed to be an indicator of consent.”

The bill’s language does not require verbal consent, said Claire Conlon, a spokeswoman for [State Senator Kevin] de Leon [Democrat and the bill’s author], adding that it would allow for “verbal and non-verbal” consent. Conlon said the intent of the bill was to change the way school administrators approach their definition of sexual assault. Instead of asking: “Did she say no?” We are having them ask, did she consent?,” Conlon said. The bill does not require specific punishments for students found in violation of the policy.

The vast majority of college students are adults. So if this is the new standard of how we are to define rape and sexual assaults (which are already covered by criminal statutes) why is this law limited only to college students? Why not all adults?

Because it really has little to do with “rape culture” — Conlon giving the clue above by using “she” in her remarks about consent.

Last March we covered how California Seeks to Redefine Consensual Campus Sex as Rape, and we asked the question: “How does classifying most consensual sex as rape help rape victims?”

It doesn’t, of course. The California affirmative consent legislation was not about preventing rapes or other sexual assaults, which already are crimes, but about redefining inter-personal relationships in accordance with radical feminist demands which always view the female as victim of the male patriarchy. […]

Campus relationship regulation now is about the predominance of “rape culture” theory which ensnares men into kangaroo campus courts, and even opposes objective preventative measures, like “Undercover Colors” nail polish that reacts to date-rape drugs.

The normal sequence of romantic interaction now is a violation of law unless there is something more than objectively willing conduct. It’s no longer “against our will,” but rather, a matter of procedural steps imposed on willing, consensual participants in order to avoid creating a crime where none exists.

William Jacobson states the follow parody may soon be California law ….

However, even a signed consent form will mean nothing since the law specifically says consent can be “revoked at any time.”

Teh Womyns Rule!

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  1. it makes you wonder if Obama needs to get a consent form from the economy

  2. it makes you wonder if Obama needs to get a consent form from the economy

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video, so in light of this question I’m forced to ask whether buggering was included in the list of permissible acts?

  3. Or should I have inquired about necrophilia?

  4. The unintended irony of this, is that we now see that the Christian injunction against premarital sex is, in fact, invaluable modern advice for young college males.

  5. here is my made up theory:

    Culturally forcible rape is wrong, therefore women have sexual choice in partners. Women can use this to their advantage to get economic favors. Pregnancy is a check on the women’s advantage. Eliminate the fear of unwanted pregnancy and the women regain the upper hand. However, women are not always in the most sober state of mind and therefore a man can regain the advantage. Redefine consent, advantage women.

    It is converting what is suppose to be a partnership between the two sexes into a political fight for power between to clases: men and women. Men are slow to realize what is happening and think they are just being fair.

    (OK, I do not think womens is evil, I am just toying with how easy it is to make a stoopid academic argument when you don’t need facts)

  6. I was hoping that maybe Jeff, Darleen, or Bob or anybody else might look at this. It might be worth a post. It reminds me of the Sarah Hoyt and Larry Correia vs. the Hugo awards and SFWA thing.

    There’s been a weird blow up in video game news recently.

    A whiny vindictive jerk dating a SJW creep, who is nominally a game developer in that she put a text flash game on steam for free and got praised for it because it was about being depressed, outed her dirty laundry on his blog with chat logs and tweets and such and presented as a brief to the internet that she was bad news and sick in the head. Among the dirty laundry was that she had cheated on him with people in a position to adance her career ambitions many of whom were video game journalists. Many of the Journalists circled the wagons and groups like 4chan and reddit started fighting about it. There was hacking and people getting doxxed and outrage and the posting of some almost hilariously unimpressive glamour nude photos from a ‘suicide girls only much more dime store’ pay site. Strangely the photos which were published and available as a commercial item are now being treated as stolen private photos. A lot of forums seem to be deleting any mention of this and one page even got edited from the internet archive. DMCA on youtube videos have been issued and rescinded.

    You-tubers Internet Aristocrat, Mundane Matt are involved. (both post spoken radio-style monologues on topics of SJW in games and other arenas of tech or news.)

    A guy named Phil Fish canceled his game again and will sell his company after getting hacked for shouting down someone who criticized the woman in the photos.

    The words slut-shaming and misogyny were used a lot. The bad-internet side is saying SJW and press corruption a lot.

    The woman who touched it all off thanks to her boyfriend losing his shit after being cuckolded is going to be at a panel at PAX in Seattle (a gamer convention put on by a popular web comic) talking about cuber bullying and misogyny and she claims that she can’t go home due to death threats. (like SWAT ing?)

    Now clueless “reporters” at Gawker (really Kortaku) and GAMASUTRA and such are declaring all ‘gamers’ that don’t tow their line as awful jerks who need to die as an identity. At the same time Kotaku’s Stephen Totillo (editor in chief) has now decreed that reporters really should not be writing about people they donate to on Patreon or who they are living with and in a relationship with. Because ethics and getting caught.

    Lots of other game press outlets are keeping quiet about it and deleting threads that pop up on the subject

    It’s going around on twitter as #GamerGate and Adam Baldwin is involved telling the non GameDev/Gawker side of the story.

    This caused someone to write this.

    It’s SJW activism promoted and screened by the press versus the antics pranks and harassment of the angry outsiders and there are some serious issues lurking under all the drama. But it’s happening in video games instead of politics. It’s caused quite a backlash despite all the attempts to contain and handle it.

  7. I have never cared much for video games but, I am now getting to the point where I can’t stand anything about them.

  8. Alright. Let the SJW burn and cull as they will. Politics is downstream from Culture and now Culture will be downstream from the whims, tastes, and prejudices of a clique of rich, white, minorities studies educated, totalitarian jerks who cluster on the west coast and get paid to read Mother Jones and regurgitate it into Slate and Gawker sized portions.

  9. Not all of culture, just vidja game culture.

  10. Palaeo

    I’m not in the gamer world at all, but I’m trying to look at some of the stuff you write about

    Holy Mary Mother of God, is there no place that the busy-body Carrie Nations of the Left will leave ALONE?

    When did “choice” including “poor choice” become verbotten?

    Looking at this:

  11. If the video game people carried guns like rap/hip hop people imagine the bloodshed.

  12. [I]nvaluable modern advice for young college males.

    What makes you think that any actual sexual contact, hell any contact at all, is needed before the accusation, which is equivalent to a guilty verdict, is made.

    This is designed to drive men from ever getting degrees thus consigning them to being poorer, on average, than women. It is also likely about that it is thought that college age women are much more susceptible to internalizing the leftist indoctrination which is the main purpose of the college’s administration and faculty. More women equals more success for them.

  13. geoffb, I don’t think any actual contact is necessary. In point of fact, I emphasized that precise point to my son who’s starting his freshman year.

  14. More women equals more success for them.

    – To do what, with who, and for how long when the population starts to drop. They can bullshit around as much as they like, none of these skanks can get a date, much less get laid.

  15. The unintended irony of this, is that we now see that the Christian injunction against premarital sex is, in fact, invaluable modern advice for young college males.

    Or as Insty puts it, “They told me if I voted for Romney, repressive sexual mores would be imposed.”

  16. This is designed to drive men from ever getting degrees

    I’d say that’s more a side effect (an obviously bad one) than part of the plan.

    Female hysteria tends not to be designed at all. When all the females get together and their hysteria loops around in ferocious feedback, it is tremendously heady stuff.

    Moral outrage can be addictive when its underlying fuel is personal pain (self-inflicted and not) that has been sublimated and redirected.

    The SJWs are avenging all wrongs against [victims] past, present, and future. Swinging around that Sword of Fire isn’t something you stop doing on a whim.

    In their minds, men can still get degrees and stuff — they just have to do it without being sexist pigs.

    Given that the SJW demands will never be sated — away goes this amazing drug! — they won’t stop until something stops them. It’s a real drag to see how far people will go to justify Doing Whatever I Please Without Criticism.

  17. Following #GamerGate to #YesAllGamers got me to @femfreq’s account and I noticed that she retweets Laurie Penny.

    ¡Ay que el mundo es un pañuelo!

  18. Wow, that gamer thing is intense. As neither a gamer nor an SJW (but you knew that), I can’t muster a lot of sympathy for the gamers if they’re going the full Frisch on the SWJs. Assuming these events really happened, that is:

    a game designer’s personal life was exposed to the internet, and used to justify physical threats to both the developer and her colleagues.

    … On Sunday, a fake bomb threat from a hacker group diverted the flight of Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

    That day, the same hacker group claimed responsibility for shutting down Sony’s PlayStation Network. …

    On Monday, prominent media critic, Anita Sarkeesian, posted a video to YouTube that criticized the use of women as background decoration, particularly in violent and sexual ways. … Death and rape threats forced Sarkeesian to leave her home for safety.

    … Yesterday, a SWAT team threw a young man to the ground at gunpoint on a livestream, playing into a plan of online griefers who called 911 with a false report of an active shooter. The Littleton Public School District locked down a number of schools in reaction to the same threat.

    What’s that, you say?

    This is mostly the work of 4chan?

    Look, SJWs, if you’re so full of righteousness that you don’t know not to cheese off sociopaths with mad coder skillz, you pretty much deserve what you get.

    If you don’t like the attitude towards women in gamer culture, develop your own games that suit your tastes and kick out the ones who don’t toe the line.

    Not even ISIS is stupid enough to mess with 4chan. What does that make you?

  19. I don’t think the service outages (Sony Network, Battlenet,Xbox Live, Steam by some reports) were tied to this. Those were fairly massive DDOS attacks probably with a botnet which usually points overseas. Nor are the gamers really very organized. Anonymous is just script kiddies from 4chan pretending to be part of an organized secret society but the cells of it are just people who know each other and not really an organization in any sense. The gamers definitely have some dangerous kooks on their side and they do act up and break laws but that’s not stuff being done by most of the people who object to the game press snuggling up to indy devs who are in bed with SJW advocacy which is itself trying to get people blacklisted and silenced.

  20. I don’t even like the idea that gamers means anything beyond “I play some games sometimes”

    I don’t think gamers have all that much in common. The idea that they are a movement or a people is kind of stupid. People who eat steak aren’t a movement in any serious sense.

    It’s a type of consumer identified by what they consume not a whole subculture with rules and characteristics.

    I’m not against feminist games either. As long as someone has skin in the game then they can make what they want and try to sell it.

    I just don’t want some doofus minority of sanctimonious busybodies telling me what I can’t want, like, buy, or play because it offends the easily outraged. I don’t want people who seriously worry about cleaning up crime or prurience in fiction to have the ability to dominate entertainment.

    The SJW’s offer cliquish dismissal of what they don’t like and totalitarian shame campaigns for anyone who objects. That’s bullshit. That’s bad for the industry and the consumer. But it’s being portrayed as some kind of virtue.

  21. i wanna be a gamer someday but it’s for sure not a this year thing

    if i move north though it might could end up being a good wintertime project next year

  22. I just don’t want some doofus minority of sanctimonious busybodies telling me what I can’t want, like, buy, or play because it offends the easily outraged.


    If only…

  23. I don’t think gamers have all that much in common.

    My SIL is a serious gamer – also ER Tech who is computer savvy and due to back issues (hefting patients) is back in school for programming plus CISCO certs

    my twin grandsons, 11, 6th graders, adore Team Fortress (their mom about 15 years ago was dedicated to Tomb Raider)

    My step-son — straight A student at University of Portland — another serious gamer

    My Father in law – 80 y/o is also serious gamer (retired engineer)

    Playing games is the only thing they have in common. It’s the one thing my step-son & my FIL (his grandpa) can have long conversations about.

  24. I have to admit to being kind of happy that social justice and political correctness have seen some vigorous semi-public pushback and resulted in cosmetic changes to Polygon and Kotaku’s policy on reporting ethics. And it came from outsiders that the internet holds in contempt, regular people who like to squawk about games, and youtube personalities who lie out side of the game press circle. Much of the pushback was as articulate as it was passionate and the gaming press ended up looking small by trying so hard to look united or at least compliant in misreporting or pointedly ignoring the whole thing because one of their pals was on the block. Much of the fight happened on twitter. Adam Baldwin did a lot to add visibility to it.

    I am happy to see that people who buy games have not yet been successfully molded into another troubled confused enraged yet spineless victim group to be beaten or pandered to whenever some creepy, puppet master, social shepherd turd wants votes, petition signatures, money, angry letters, or to sell the wares of a crony on some stupid basis like being some idiot’s game of the month (like Hillary’s book).

    I hope to see more of this public resistance taking place in the fields of say science, finance, family law, medicine, etc.

    Since the gamer faux-group won’t obey, nor tolerate being whipped, the little delusional press-lings have simultaneously written multiple editorials declaring “the gamer” is dead as a thing. They are so totally just a lot of ugly lonely bully-terrorist shitlords, who are NOT incited to the party anymore and they need to hide under bridges and ‘Die in Le Fires’ and such tout de suite.

    The editorials imply that they are now trying to recruit a new class of hand licking goodythink gamers who they will write for and presumably ‘good’ devs will develop for, from now on.

    Gamers just weren’t good enough so the game press will take the gamer badge and give it to the more deserving cool people, just as soon as they can rebrand it and make the word ‘gamer’ so icky that no one will answer to it again if they want to find jobs and get tables at restaurants.

    I suspect their sponsors are about to slap them right out of their slogans and shake their little bubble but good. But we’ll see.

    National Review sure didn’t stand up to the evil eye very well when the time came.

  25. Shermlaw @ 1:38

    I apologize. I shouldn’t have made it sound personal. My bad.

    I just wanted to emphasis that once lies are taken for truth then any “incident” can be made up out of whole cloth with no actual act ever happening, even an innocent act is not needed as a basis.

  26. RE: This Gamer thing – wow.

  27. Oh. Geeze. Thanks a bunch, Darleen.
    The youngest daughter (21) wants to go live with her big sister(40) in Tustin and finish her degree in Graphic Arts. (God only knows what she is going to do with that)
    Now I’ve got something else to worry about.