August 22, 2014

“ISIS Jihadi Who Threatened To Raise Flag Of Allah In White House Is Dead”

So I guess he’ll be needing a proxy to raise that flag now.  And yes, I’m holding back the urge to say, “like, maybe Obama?”


At any rate, I sure do hope those 72 virgins are cool with his showing up in Islamic Heaven with half a skull, some twisted limbs, and his goody bits blown off.  Or else he’s shit out of luck.

— Which, it’s his own fault for not figuring that there just had to be a catch…

(h/t Pat Dollard)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:59am

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  1. imma bow before wgn thanks, which got there first

  2. “Overheard in a Raqqa bunker…”?

  3. “missile clashes from the #SAA”

    Well, we knew it wouldn’t be by golf club.

  4. – At some point the volume of laughter at IWonPenPhone and his merry gang of Fascist Progressives and their ME policies threatens to completely drown out the Narrative™, at which time all that will matter is the lag up to green #18 for a two stroke putt into the clubhouse.

    – In other news….. It’s just oh so edgy to be openly racist when you have the Progressive cloak of rascist invisibility going for you, but like anyone gives a flying fuck what a brain dead octogenarian Senator thinks or says about anything, but it does show, using Debbie “poodle head” Wasserman-Shultz as the base-line idiot, that Progressives just get dumber with age.

  5. – HTML bad.

  6. I suspect that the catch is that “72 Virgins” is a sadistic undead Aztec price who favors a well worn Craky’s Cudgels brand macuahuitl edged with broken human teeth instead of obsidian slivers, who greets murderous shitballs to the afterlife by beating the shit out of them until they forget who they were in life as a sort of ersatz river lethe. And once they forget they get sold off to Hel who sets them to work on her ambitious but poorly designed fingernail armada.

  7. price-> prince

  8. Craky’s -> Cranky’s

  9. he had unrealistic aspirations i think

    the Chicago thing on drudge is worrisome though

  10. the Chicago thing on drudge is worrisome though

    They were going to threaten to destroy Detroit, but the Left beat them to it.

  11. This Chicago thing?

    We are in your state
    We are in your cities
    We are in your streets
    You are our goals anywhere
    6:47 PM – 9 Aug 2014

  12. Vigilant and relentless in pursuit of that illusive hole-in-one.

  13. well my understanding is they’re eyeballing targets on N. Michigan Ave Mr. geoff and where I’d be working is on S. Michigan Ave

    so there’s a certain margin of safety there plus I’m closer to Noodles & Co

  14. #AMessagetoISISfromUSMilitary
    You are in the morgue
    You are all over the ground
    You are splattered all over the walls
    You are in our gunsights everywhere

  15. I would suggest grilling some pork sausage and having a few beers or wine to celebrate.

  16. If Bumbles wants to get rid of our nuclear weapons inventory, I am starting to agree. High altitude bombers, SLCMs, SLBMs or suborbital ICBMs, I’m good with all of ’em.

    I imagine there are quite a few handy targets available in MuslimLand.

  17. So the yellow menace ends up a few blocks from the whore house that was a fav of every sailor in Waukegan.

  18. 72 raisins Jeff, 72 raisins.

  19. no i’m not sure yet the process is ongoing and the ceo guy is on vacation til next week sometime

    but i’m cautiously optimistic i guess

  20. >but i’m cautiously optimistic i guess<

    about the winter?

  21. I still kind of like the joke wherein it turns out to be 72 Virginians — starting with Chesty Puller.

  22. no the whole winter thing is of great concern to me

    I’ll probably make tanning appointments and such to try and cope

    my sojourn in winter was … it wore on me, the winter did

    it’s just so senseless

  23. Winter builds character. The subtext of this comment I’ll leave as an exercise for the reader.

  24. ‘feets, you’re a rolling mound of enthalpy.

    (Do they make UV bulbs that big ? )

  25. Oh please, these petty annoyances just distract from his game-golf.

  26. If Nero and Louis XVI had a son…