August 22, 2014

President Obama sublimates his deep grief over beheaded journalist with somber round of golf


Now, teatards, before you go getting all OUTRAGED, consider the context and don’t let the smiles and the fist bump fool you:  Obama’s smile is meant to show the US’s remarkable resiliency to the sawing off of some American dude’s head on video by a growing, well-funded death cult that has declared war on us; and the fist bump is a gesture of resolve, of unbreakable solidarity — meant to convey to the world that this President will not sleep until the Islamist State and its burgeoning caliphate lies stinking in the earth as either a bone-flecked paste or in small, bite-sized bits.

— Either that, or somebody sunk a two footer with a hard right break.  Which, well, can you blame them for the joy?  WHY DO YOU HATE COMPETITIVE JUICES?  Racists.


Oh.  Bringing this one up again, are you, teabaggers?  Cut the man some slack. Presidenting is hard.   And clearly what we have here is a picture of a couple of heartbroken adults fending off their bottomless remorse over the videotaped beheading of a kidnapped American citizen with a bit of gallows humor.

Either that, or somebody said something about Jennifer Lopez’s badonkadonk.  Cause that shit is bumpin’, amiright?  So who can blame them for sharing a light-hearted moment in the midst of their soul-wrenching sadness.  Racists.

(h/t Twitchy via Adam Baldwin on Twitter)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:19am

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  1. After making a somber statement of mourning at the loss of a 4 year old to Gazan mortar fire this day, the de factoleader of the free world Benyamin Netanyahu went out for malts and kishkas with his ministerial staff.

    Nah. Just kidding about that ‘de factoleader of the free world’ stuff. Well, and the malts and kishkas too.

    Instead, look for a turn in Israeli strategic direction within a day or so. Hamas has seen to it: they demand elimination, and Israelis who live in the south will make sure it’s given to them.

  2. he looks like one of those make a wish kids in that second picture

  3. How worldly weird is it that SecDef Hagel is roundly cited for having stated yesterday that “ISIS is as sophisticated and well-funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group,” and yet not a single soul seems to have asked Hagel whether he’d ever heard tell of a nation called Iran, y’know, the nation the ClownDisaster and his feminine overlord Valerie Jarrett are in intimate and acquiescent negotiations to surrender the United States today?

  4. How skinny can Obama get? I have socks that weigh more than he does — even when they’re clean.

  5. that was quick: *** 7:41 p.m. In a swipe at Netanyahu, former deputy defense minister Danny Danon said on Friday that Israel’s “hesitation and moderation has led to more missiles and casualties.”

    “After 46 days of attrition and over 4,000 rockets, the time has come to shift direction,” the Likud MK said. “Only the defeat of Hamas will bring quiet to the residents of Israel.”

    7:32 p.m. Rocket sirens sound in Gaza frontier areas.

    7:18 p.m. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu vowed on Friday that “Hamas will pay a heavy price” for the death of a four-year-old boy who suffered fatal wounds from a barrage of mortars that struck a kibbutz not far from the border with the Gaza Strip.

    The premier spoke with the head of the Sha’ar Hanegev regional council, Alon Shuster, by telephone shortly after news broke of the boy’s death.

    Netanyahu told Shuster that the Israeli military will intensify its actions against Hamas in the Gaza Strip “until the goals of Operation Protective Edge are achieved.” ***


    Because the “Juices” are responsible for all the problems in the Middle East as we speak.

    Or did I misread that?

  7. Blow me, folks.


  8. *putt*

  9. What do you think The Gipper would say about The Duffer?

  10. What do you think The Gipper would say about The Duffer?

    I’d start guessing by looking to see what he said about Brezhnev or Andropov, lastly move on to Gorbachev.

  11. This just proves Valerie Jarrett runs the show.

  12. And yet Bush was derided as an unserious frat boy of a president.

    Obama may want to be king, but he’s more like Marie Antoinette than Louis XVI.

  13. -McGehee: How skinny can Obama get?…

    Drugs will do that to you.

    -Blake: Obama may want to be king, but he’s more like Marie Antoinette than Louis XVI.

    That’s what the lads say in Chicago.

  14. I don’t mind the cynicism, but they might at least try to sound sincere. Don’t cost nothin’…

  15. *shrugs* There’s no way that journalist was in Obama’s monkeysphere, so I’m not too surprised.

    Not upset either; that journalist wasn’t in my monkeysphere either. Of all the things to beat on Obama about, this is pretty thin gruel.

  16. Bob, re: “Drugs will do that.”

    Yeah, that was my thought also.

  17. Heh. It seems Maureen Dowd has eviscerated Mr. “Abraham” Obama…

    Reporters – if you can consider Maureen Dowd a reporter and not simply another lefty columnist – don’t like it when one of their own gets beheaded, and the man they leveraged the job of a lifetime to doesn’t give one of their own due consideration.

    If anything can spark a modest revolt in the Obama Press Corps, this Dowd piece has the chops for it.

    However. I won’t hold my breath.