August 19, 2014

BREAKING: Libs as willing as GOP establicans to throw their own under the bus?

Well, yes and no. With expedience being the key factor.

Obama, the once charismatic black man who could parrot academic argot, filibuster substantive questions, subsist in an incurious media environment on banal blandishments and bumpersticker policy, and wore such a nice crease in his pants, is on the outs. But don’t be fooled: that’s only because he is literally on the outs in a couple years, and his obvious flaws (which the real leftists know were actually accomplishments, given the goal of fundamental transformation) need to be “acknowledged” so that they can be differentiated from his heir apparent, Hillary Clinton.

— Who we all know is every bit the radical Marxist sympathizer Obama is, and will run as a centrist trying to double up on the “historic” sales pitch to the nation. Which will probably work, if the GOP runs Bush, Romney, or Christie. God save our souls.

Anyway, I just thought I’d cue you in. Because while it’s perhaps fun to watch liberals like Jimmy Fallon pretend to come around to what has been painfully obvious to Americans for some time now, we have to keep in mind that he has an agenda in doing so. And it isn’t just about being funny.

It’s about preparing the ground for the next phase of the progressive coup.

Will we be manipulated again? And by “we,” I mean “the same idiots who gave us two terms of the current Marxist simp”…?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:11am

Comments (4)

  1. “But… but… HISTORIC!”

  2. Don’t be surprised if the Left doesn’t Francis Urquhart Barry’s puny arse.

    This way, they get one more use out of him: martyr.

  3. This is not surprising. When the Left is (again and again and again) confronted with the evidence that their Message doesn’t work, it blames the messenger. It is always the How of the implementation and the Who is implementing. Sure, Obama will be thrown under the bus, so that the Left can embrace the next person who promises to “do it right this time.”