October 21, 2005

The protein wisdom interview: Dr. Kamau Kambon


Dr. Kamau Kambon is a former visiting assistant professor of African Studies at NC State University and owner of BlackNificent Books and More in Raleigh.  He is also a former professor of education at St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh, a historically black institution, and in 1999 received a Citizen’s Award from The Independent Weekly, a leftwing newspaper.

protein wisdom: “Let’s just jump right in, shall we?  In an October 14 panel presentation you gave at the ‘Black Media Forum on Image of Black Americans in Mainstream Media’ at Howard University (which aired on CSPAN), you said — and I’m quoting here—‘We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet.’ My question is, did you mean that, like, literally, or…– ?”

Kambon: “– Literally, yes.  Wipe ‘em all out.”

protein wisdom: “Like, in ovens and such…?”

Kambon: “Well, the method is immaterial, frankly, though Whitey’s sheer volume would probably make the use of ovens—at least until the initial extermination procedure is carried out, and the herd thinned considerably—rather impractical.  I’m no expert on these kinds of things, mind you, but if I had to speculate, I should think something more covert is necessary, like, oh, I don’t know… –”

protein wisdom: “—Poisoning Country Kitchen buffets, bombing professional hockey venues, things like that –?”

Kambon: “– Exactly, yes.  Places where Whitey gathers and engages in sinister Whitey activities.”

protein wisdom: “Like plotting to kill all the blacks.”

Kambon: “Like plotting to kill all the blacks, right.  Which, I should note, many people who are commenting on this controversy seem to forget was the basis for my remarks—this systematic plan Whitey has to kill the black man.”

protein wisdom: “Uh huh. And Whitey wants to do this because…?”

Kambon: “I don’t know. You tell me.  You’re the evil Honky.”

protein wisdom: “Point taken.  Incidentally, you’re not, y’know—armed, are you?”


protein wisdom: “Right.  Well then allow me switch gears for a moment and ask you this:  Bill Bennett was recently excoriated in the mainstream press for remarks that, though he went out of his way to qualify them, were nevertheless deemed ‘racist’ by many in academia and the media –”

Kambon: “– His remarks about killing all the black babies, you mean?”

protein wisdom: “– Yes.  Though, of course, that’s not what he meant at all, and in fact, he was arguing against that very thing –”

Kambon: “—Now, see there?  See what you’re doing?  That’s Honky obfuscation, my man.  That’s the White Devil talking.  Let me ask you this:  Did the man talk about aborting black babies or did he not?

protein wisdom: “—Well, yes, in a way, but –”

Kambon: “– Nonononononono.  No buts, baby.  Ain’t no ‘context’ or qualification that can rescue the implicit desire for a genocide when it is uttered by the White Man.  We take any shit y’all say at face value, particularly when it involves the eradication of the Nubian blood line.”

protein wisdom: “The what’s this now–?”

Kambon: “The Nubian blood line.  The black man.  Don’t act all ignorant.”

protein wisdom: “So then, you’ve really already answered my question, which is, do you believe Mr Bennett should have been excoriated for his remarks?”

Kambon: “Excoriated?  Aren’t you listening, Ofay?  He should have been whipped, then lynched.  Dude advocated the wholesale slaughter of the black man in his pre-born fetal innocence, did he not?”

protein wisdom: “Well, no –”

Kambon: “The murdering Honky racist fuck –”

protein wisdom: “– Well, see, here’s the thing, Dr. Kambon:  if you consider Dr Bennett’s remarks racist and deserving of widespread condemnation, how can you not see your own remarks as racist and deserving of that same kind of scorn, given that you are advocating for the same thing you believe Dr Bennett is advocating for, save a change in the color of the targeted group?”


protein wisdom:

Kambon: “See, now that’s a racist question.”

protein wisdom: “It is?”

Kambon: “Of course it is.  You’re white, ain’t you?”

problem wisdom: “Well –”

Kambon: “Well nothing.  Whitey wants to kill all the blacks, which makes you part of the racist plot. QED.  It ain’t difficult to follow.”

protein wisdom: “Well, sure. But that seems a bit like circular logic –”

Kambon: “Listen:  logic is a tool of the White oppressor class that is invoked to stifle the creative mentation of the Black man, whose mind functions according to ancient narrative patterns inscribed in his genetic memory and which is borne of an oral rather than a text-based cultural dialogic.”

protein wisdom: “Wow.  I hadn’t realized that –”

Kambon: “Yeah, well—It’s a black thing.  You wouldn’t understand.”

protein wisdom: “Like the bumper sticker!”


protein wisdom:  “Right.  Moving on.  So tell me a bit more about these, y’know—these retina scans and DNA banks that Whitey has.  Because I found that part of your speech particuarly fascinating.”

Kambon: “I said that?”

protein wisdom:  “Well, you talked a bit about the technology Whitey was using to surveil the black community, right?  You said—and I’m quoting here—‘Now how do I know that the white people know that we are going to come up with a solution to the problem. I know it because they have retina scans, they have what they call racial profiling, DNA banks, and they’re monitoring our people to try to prevent the one person from coming up with the one idea. And the one idea is, how we are going to exterminate white people because that in my estimation is the only conclusion I have come to. We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet to solve this problem.’”

Kambon: “Oh, that.  Right.  What of it?”

protein wisdom:  “Well, don’t you find it a bit ironic that for all this advanced technology you were on about, all that Whitey really had to do was wait for you to go on CSPAN and broadcast that ‘one idea’ about exterminating all of us?”


protein wisdom:  “That is, who needs all this high-tech monitoring and cataloging technology when people like you are just going to, y’know, blab the whole plan on Cable TV like that?”


protein wisdom:  “I mean, I just found it ironic, is all.  Nevermind.”

Kambon: “Well, let me ask you this, big shot:  who invented Cable TV?”

protein wisdom:  “I’m not sure exactly, but I think I know where you might be going with this –”

Kambon:  “– That’s right, the White Man.  The White Man invented Cable TV.  And on whose terms did I release this information about the one idea?”

protein wisdom:  “Your own?”

Kambon:  “That’s right, the black man’s.  You damn skippy, Cracker.”

protein wisdom:  “Okay, good.  So just to summarize quickly what we have so far:  you think that Whitey is looking to exterminate the black man, and that his motives for doing so are racist.  And your solution to this problem is to exterminate Whitey first—not out of any racist impulses of your own —after all, you aren’t really judging Whitey, you’re just acting on an empirical fact, and besides, the oppressed can’t, by definition, be racist because of the inequity of power relations, blah blah blah.  But rather, you are calling for the extermination of whites out of a necessity which you argue is borne of the White Man’s inherent racism.  Is that a fair paraphrase of your position?”

Kambon:  “That’s it, yes.  Though I would use the term ‘brother’ more often –”

protein wisdom:  “– And the empirical evidence upon which you base this self-defensive call to genocide is…what, again?”

Kambon:  “The fact that you all are white, and that Whitey wants to kill all the blacks.”

protein wisdom: “Right.  Gotcha. Now, one last question, if I may, Dr Kambon, and it’s this:  Why do you think it is that Whitey continues to provide you with a forum for delivering these kinds of messages?  That is, if Whitey controls the power and wants to eliminate you—or, at the very least, to silence you in order to prevent you from eliminating him—why do you think it is that he is so willing to give you a forum from which to espouse such controversial racialist views?”


protein wisdom:  “…Like for instance, putting it on C-SPAN?”


protein wisdom:

Kambon: “Well, I never said Whitey was particularly bright, did I?”

protein wisdom: “No you did not.  I thank you for your time, Dr Kambon.”

Kambon: “Uh huh. Now get your pasty shit out of my face before I beat your white ass pink and pulpy with a ghetto brick.”


(h/t Terry Hastings; previous protein wisdom interviews here)

[Note:  the above interview is a satire—though it is difficult to parody something so shockingly incoherent as was Dr Kambon’s actual presentation, links to which are available in the post and in the comments.  Be sure to check out the previous protein wisdom “interviews” here]

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:20pm

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  1. Did Ward Churchill change his name again and claim African ancestry? I must’ve missed that issue of Time.


  3. Thanks Jeff, I know getting this interview was hard.  How were you able to elbow CBS, NBC, ABC, NEWSWEEK, TIMES and the rest out of the way?

  4. that was awe some

  5. Great post man, loved it!


  7. I’m glad my diploma is not from there. I’m assuming this is a real university, and not some parody.

  8. Oh dear. Where’s the lynching KKK when one needs it? And I say this as a non-whitey.

  9. I love it when a plan comes together… cool smirk

  10. I’m disappointed that Kambon wasn’t more articulate.

    Does that make me black?

  11. It’s cause of the capitalism, man!!

    Whitey thinks he can make money off the black man before killing him by letting the black man go on TV and say “kill Whitey” in front of a large black audience, thereby selling advertising, except on C-SPAN, which broadcasts the black man calling to kill Whitey just for the ratings so they can be proud of themselves for having good ratings.

    But it’s gonna jump up and bite Whitey in the butt. See?

    (Just so you know, my secret word for this comment is “blood.” Do you pick those?)

  12. “I detect a perpatration!”

  13. Jeff’s been mentating, again.  Sigh.  He’s so noetic.

  14. Chump don’ want no tenure, chump don’ get da tenure.

  15. Ironically, Kambon is also an opponent of the death penalty.

    So if we all go ahead and kill a black, then confess, he can’t kill us.  Goddamn us white folks is some kinda devious, huh?

  16. Is Kambon a papyrus originalist?


  17. Kamau Kambon on what makes his bookstore unique:

    We’re offering black people a chance to become “blacknificent.” Blacknificent means “to be more than magnificent” but it takes some work to become blacknificent.  So each of us has a lot of work to do individually, psychologically, emotionally and sankofa to go back fetch the best of your history and your past. [sic]


    The term ‘sankofa’ is defined to mean ‘going back to reclaim your past so you can move forward. [as an african, obviously]

    Seeing how mitochondrial DNA studies support the notion that we’re all descended from Africa, I guess we’d all better get busy with sankofa so that we can internalize our black heritage and move forward.

    That, or just cut the pasty-lookin’ ones and be done with this jive.

  18. I seem to have misplaced my plantation.

  19. Thanks for enlarging on Kambon’s remarks, Jeff.  Before I saw them in their full context, I just thought this guy was saying something really stupid and hateful, like William Bennett did recently. Now I understand why the MSM will have nothing to say about this kerfuffle.

    T/W: “study.” How true.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste…


  21. He’s got some kind of serious mental disorder.

    …And a following.

    Quotes are from a blacklisted site. So no hotlink, but it’s googleable stuff.

    It goes like this: the government still believes that a Black Messiah might rise from among Black people and this ONE will have the ability to organize Blacks despite all of the artificial barriers that have perpetually divided us. The Black Messiah, it is understood, will have a plan that would unite our race despite religious, social, educational, economic, cultural and skin color divisions. The Black Messiah would have to be a Messiah, certainly, and have a divine plan to accomplish the mission of un-dividing us.

    Racial Profiling” is designed, primarily, to get the fingerprints of all young Black men who are stopped by the police. The police are the “frontline data gatherers” for the FBI data bank so the government can monitor and keep tabs on the whereabouts of Black men. Why would the police and the judicial gatekeepers want the fingerprints, social security numbers, blood types, addresses, DNA samples and names of relatives of Black men? They are trying to prevent, by early detection, the rise of a Black Messiah!

    Integration paved the way for the gatekeepers of the judicial system to have greater access to the Black Community. Especially, integration gave the police and judges the “legal authority” to code Black men for surveillance and monitoring. All of these actions are for the purpose of stopping the rise of a Black Messiah and, if Black men are kept in check, the New World Order will become the new reality.

  22. I am not surprised that Dr. Kamau Kambon was a professor of African Studies.

    What does surprise me is that he is no longer so employed.  Wasn’t he radical enough?  I hear that the University of Colorado has an opening as head of the ethnic studies program.

    TW: until- Until we get rid of identity politics it will continue to divide us.

  23. I picked up on this on the 15th and even got a link from his followers:


    (Because that’s in this site’s filter, you’ll need to remove the stars)

    However, please don’t link me above, one link is enough.

  24. “He said a Black…


    Would come and set the world on fire.

    And he… no liar….

    ‘cause he has truly heard de word.”

    R Davies

  25. Neat.

    So, Jeff, did the good Dr. scare away the ‘dillo?  Or are we in for some other lame excuse today?

    TW: Lost. Is the shelled one still?

  26. As a graduate of Duke, I can assure you, NC State is not a real university.

    TW: either, as in “not that St Augustine joint either”.

  27. Fantastic post, Jeff.

  28. So how did this guy get a job in academia? Ah. Affirmative action.

    Now, who in the halls of power has the authority to exercise affirmative action? Whitey.

    And what’s Whitey’s essential motivation with regard to the Black man? Extermination.

    So part of Whitey’s plan to ultimately destroy the Black man is to give unqualified madmen jobs based on the color of their skin.

    Hmmm. Crazy dude might be on to something.

  29. WHO TOLD HIM?!!

  30. Great interview!

    Kafka couldn’t have invented this guy.

  31. Shut the fuck up!

  32. Dr. Tampon needs to be flushed.

  33. I give that a hearty BWHAHAAAA!.

    Great job, Jeff.

  34. That was dead on for the haters of Whitey, sadly enough.

  35. Thank God he’s a former NC State professor. I’d hate to see my alma mater become the next CU.

  36. From the Chomsky interview:  *

    Language is the way we interact and communicate, so, naturally, the means of communication and the conceptual background that’s behind it, which is more important, are used to try to shape attitudes and opinions and induce conformity and subordination. Not surprisingly, it was created in the more democratic societies.

    Do I understand Noam to say the intent of the speaker is secondary to the conceptual background from which it is said?  Noam thereby empowers his minions to ignore intent, construct a conceptual background (that fits the narrative) and deal with the construct.

    The Protein Wisdom series on language and the abuse thereof is great stuff.

  37. It’s times like this I thump my David Duke bobblehead doll and ask, “What would David do?”

  38. Um. Most black people in this country are descended from both black and white people (which makes for some lovely shades, BTW). I’m just wondering whether all the light-skinned blacks are also supposed to be killed.

    Of course, a while back Juliette posted about how whites with full lips may have some African ancestry–perhaps that helps explain what my mother always called my “negro lips,” which I’ve never thought much about.

    But if light-skinned blacks get spared, perhaps I should be as well.

    Of course, if we want to do this correctly, we should insist on racial purity, and most American blacks should also be killed if the whites manage to conduct their ethnic purge first.

    BTW, when this Helter Skelter stuff starts, do Asians get to watch from the sidelines, eating popcorn?

  39. Fuckin’ shitbag…but thanks anyway for the interview, Jeff.  Perhaps the ole Professor would like to hang out with Charles Manson…they seem to have a eerily parallel worldview.

    (Mistakes/errors in this post due to drunkeness)

  40. Oh, and by the way…if said radical is so ready to exterminate someone, perhaps he’d like to try (and I do mean try) to start with my Iraq-veteran company and I.  I’m sure we could arrange an entertaining evening for him.  Just ask the thousands of Mahdi Amry Iraqis we dealt with, that is, if one has the ability to speak with the dead.

  41. I’m white, and therefore I can’t understand racism and am not allowed to comment.

  42. Whenever I see the name Kambon my mind’s eye see Kaboom. Til now it didn’t make sense.

  43. Who wants to bet this guys real name is something like Cleotis Bumphus?

    What a fucking idiot.  If Whitey weren’t around to build him a cushy society to vomit on for pay, he’d fucking starve.

    “start” – the ass kicking.


  45. I was hoping that you would do something like this.  What an awesome application of the ideas you developed in the language series.  I’ve been thinking that maybe the best way to combat this po-mo linquistic three card monty is to give it right bact to them, but do it ironically. 

    Here’s a better link to the Cspan footage


  46. I went ahead an excerpted the audio from Kambon’s speeches and posted them here.

    I’m pretty busy today what with all the oppression I’ve got to get caught up on.  White World Terror Domination waits for no man.

  47. There’s something deeply ironic about Kambon talking about genocide under a pic of him waving around a Walther P-38, exhibiting terrible trigger discipline.

    Or not.

  48. So why is homey waving around a good Nazi pistol?  Can’t get much whiter than that. He trying to pass or something?

  49. The gun he’s waving bears a suspicious resemblance to Megatron from the Transformers…

  50. If his plan is to kill us all with plastic toys from the eighties then I think we’re safe.

  51. I don’t know for sure what the tune is really supposed to be about, but Frank Zappa had this tune called “Brown Moses”…

    Brown moses: (singing)

    Oh-oh! wait a minute!


    What wickedness Id dis?

    De way yous carryin on!

    Dis pygmy I be clutchin

    Have been lef out on de lawn!

    De daddy were ne-glij-ible,

    De mama were de-flate-able,

    De trauma to de imfunt

    Be mostly not ne-gate-able

    Yo urgin to be exitin

    Because of dem fla-min-i-gos

    Be thoroughly perplexin him

    Because of where yo petuh goes

    If only you been siderate

    Erbout dis lil illiterate

    I wouldna been trudgin cross de san

    Fum way down yonder in e-gyp-lan

    Dey callin me brown moses,

    Fo dat Id sholy what I am,

    Ancient an re-lij-er-mus

    Solemn an pres-tig-i-mus

    Wisdom reekin outa me

    long wif summa dis baby pee

    minds me of dem river weeds

    n all dem ignint Bible deeds

    Growed up in de pharaoh place,

    Lef de sucker in disgrace!

    Some dem boys refuse to loin

    Somthin smokin: somthin boin!

    Somethin borry: somethin blue!

    Best keeps a lil paper

    In yo shoe!

    Hear me when is tellin you:

    Leavin de midgit were

    Wrong tdo!

    Its a terrble thang, done did to him

    Left wit de crab-grass

    Over his chin!

    Sholy one day he will grow,

    n put some shit

    In yo sack o woe

    Ol brown moses now have spoke!

    Could ya lends me bout a dollar?

    Is a tiny bit broke

    I likes my wine

    I loves my gin

    n fo a lil collateral,

    Ill gives ya him!

    A lil collateral,

    Ill gives ya him!

    A lil collateral,

    Ill gives ya him!

    I said a lil collateral,

    A lil collateral,

    A lil collateral,

    A lil collateral,

    A lil collateral,

    Ill gives ya him!

    Ill gives ya him!

  52. If there is a racist trope that Jeff Goldstein missed in his ‘interview’ of Kambon I’m not aware of it.  Of course, he can try to wiggle his way out of this exposition of the racism that is apparently deeply embedded in his psyche with the Wiiliam Bennett maneuver.  (Claiming that he is just conducting a “thought experiment.”) But, in reality, a person has to have a mind full of bigotry to produce a ‘parody’ like this or Bennett’s remarks.  It had to be in Goldstein’s mind to come out. 

    I find the gun in the faked picture among the most telling aspects.  Kambon owns a bookstore.  So, why isn’t he wielding a book?  Could it have something to do with his race?  Does Goldstein believe black men wield guns, not books?

    I realize that since many racists are also anti-Semites, Goldstein has to work extra hard to ingratiate himself.  He has succeeded.  This entry rivals anything one might read at Stormfront.  Good going, Jeff.  Perhaps you and David Duke can do lunch.

    I’ve looked for a primary source version of Kambon’s alleged racist remark.  None seems to exist.  The links to C-Span are inevitably garbled or blank.  Methinks this is another ‘meme’ made up by the far Right.  Lying seems to come so naturally to it.

  53. Here’s the source of the pic.  I’ll let you figure out why I used it.

    The rest of your comment is laughable, and completely typical of your ilk.  I’m not at all cowed by suggestions that I’m racist.  In fact, I attach my actual name to my work, so prepared am I to defend my views.

    You, on the other hand, hide behind a fake name and level odious charges at people you don’t know based on the flimsiest of pretenses, and proceeding from the kind of bad faith that has made you something of a staple commenting on left wing blogs, but a punchline here among the classical liberal set.

    And here.  Try this. Not garbled at all.  Clear as a bell, in fact.

  54. Lemme get this straight… Mac Diva can’t get Windows Media Player to work, so (obviously) Jeff is a lying racist.

    Am I missing something?

  55. Also, I think Kambon is holding a gun because it’s really hard to bludgeon whitey to death with a book.

  56. If Mac calls Jeff a racist for calling Kambon a racist, what does that make Mac?

  57. because it’s really hard to bludgeon whitey to death with a book.

    Michael Moore did it.

  58. Mac Diva:  I realize that since many racists are also anti-Semites…

    such as Cynthia McKinney, yes?

  59. If you’re looking for a position in academia, it always helps to have “I’m insane” on your resume.

  60. Kamau Kambon is author of several books and runs the Blacknificent Bookstore in Raleigh, N.C. He can be reached at (919) 250-9110.

  61. Someone supplied me with a viable audio of some of the panel discussion, including Kambon’s remarks.  After listening to that segment, my reaction is “paranoid style.” It is a significant aspect of American thinking, particularly in politics.  Right Wing hero Richard Nixon is considered possibly its most able practitioner.  He did not trust anyone.  Based on his self-description, Kambon has applied across the board distrust of others to the way he lives.  That is regrettable because it is neither rational nor realistic. 

    But, that does not excuse the misuse of the intemperate part of Kambon’s remarks to support an agenda of mockery and contempt for African-Americans, as Jeff Goldstein has done here.  One could just as easily post some of the extreme rhetoric of members of the Jewish Defense League, who, by the way, do carry guns, and claim they are representative of Jews.  It would be wrong to do that and it is wrong to do this.  I still believe that, if he had a conscience, Goldstein would be ashamed of himself.

  62. this is a bull-shit, contrived, fake interview dummies!




    As may be.  But homey still be waving a genuine milspec Nazi Walther P-38…

  66. Unable to ping a trackback to ya!  Linked to your post!

  67. Pingback: The Annotated (academic) Left: a deconstruction

  68. That was hilarious. Never heard of this guy but what an interesting “interview”.

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  73. this just gose to show you how limited these peoples minds are. this makes me sick. basicly a black version of the nazis. you guys can go ahead and try and take white people out, but 99.9% of the black pop with go right along with them. assumein you win haha witch you wont becuase they controll every singel aspect of the millitary. but yeah good luck with that….

  74. I am a lover of all humans. I think skin color tagging is itself racist, however, for the sake of this comment I will use flesh tones to describe my family. I am part caucasian and native american and my two adopted daughters are of african descent. I love them with my whole heart and soul. I do not understand this man’s hatred. I do have to say that some of the things he has said are true and everyone knows it. However, no one needs to kill anyone to make things better. What needs to happen is what Dr. King wanted to happen peace and love on earth between all races and nations. I will also extend and offer Mr. Kambon to come to my current home with his family. The world might be bad but not every person in the world is out to kill. Funny, ever take a look at earth from a photo taken in outer space, we are humans co-existing on this planet called earth. What if an alien invader came and just wanted to kill all humans, wonder if Mr. Kambon would call on white and chinese and whoever to help protect his family or would he then realize that we are all just humans. Wow. There is a special place for people who mislead others, whether they are white or black, that is hell “my brother” so stop preaching hate and come to my home we will share food together. Remember violence begets violence, and love begets love. What ever you plant in the ground and nurture so shall you reap. If any man brings violence to my door step it will be dealt with accordingly. One last thing, Mr. Kambon, no one who spews hate should carry a title of Doctor.

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  78. Another sick little mofo like Idi.
    Tell Shaq & Magic & Obama & SnoopDog & 50 cent & Kobi etc etc how they are enslaved by the white man.
    Sheesh, this old f*ck needs a good beat down.