October 23, 2005

Talking back to 80s music, 46

Not me.  In fact, I’d be content just to rule, say, Trenton, New Jersey—provided it has a Sizzler and a decent strip club.  But then, I’ve never been terribly ambitious, either.

“Everybody Wants To Rule the World,” Tears for Fears.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:01am

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  1. Ah, but soon enough, Newark would come knocking at your door, wanting to take over your territory, steal the cutest strippers, etc.  You’d end up with no choice but to conquer them, expanding your empire…only to run into new enemies and new frontiers which must be conquered in turn.

    Once you decide to rule something, you end up having to rule the whole world just to be able to enjoy a hamburger and a lap dance in peace.

  2. Racist.

  3. What Trenton Makes, The World Takes.

  4. Trenton.  Jeff’s first stop on the White World Terror Domination tour.

  5. Sizzler is a good name for a strip club.

    New York?

  6. I knew you were the type to hide stuff with font colors and other tomfoolery.

    The armadillo is in this post somewhere, I know it:


  7. Trenton has neither a Sizzler, see http://www.sizzler.com/wherewesizzle/newjersy.html nor, as I recall from a prior lifetime, a “decent” strip club.

  8. Better to rule in Trenton than serve in the UN.

  9. And the incredibly, super-duper awesome movie this song was from is…?

    I really need to get that DVD.

  10. The armadillo.  Sizzler’s.  In the same post?  Say it aint so.

  11. Not from the movie (Real Genius), but the movie used it to great affect.

    I remember driving down Highway 5 in California with my best friends.  We were going to L.A. for the weekend, to hit Disneyland and Magic Mountain.  This song came on and we rolled all of the windows down, blasted the radio, and sang (terribly off-key) at the tops of our voices.  Wonderful times.  Fabulous song.

    TW: simple.  Not Simple Minds, but Tears For Fears.

  12. The armadillo.  Sizzler’s.  In the same post?  Say it aint so.

    Oh, but it is.

  13. Good point.  I was thinking of the association with Real Genius.

  14. No Sizzler. No decent strip clubs.

    But creating a Sizzler’s Strip Club might fit the bill, no?

  15. The place to go for a perfectly grilled strip sirloin.

  16. I am with you on this one Jeff.  Heck, I’d even settle for a 50% stake in Lemont, IL and part ownership of Nick’s (best cheeseburger on Earth)…

  17. “You know that shit’ll rob you of ambition.”

    “Not if your ambition is to get high and watch TV.”

    — Jackie Brown

    SB: college