August 10, 2014

Israel rolls out exoskeleton — Pfffft bet they stole it from the Arabs Palestinians [Darleen Click]

… cuz everyone knows that Gaza is the center of intellectual freedom and inventive prowess …

Posted by Darleen @ 4:12pm

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  1. The Jews have been creating wealth longer than people have hated them for it. With liberty properly protected health technology would explode. Too bad we decided to destroy that by allowing Obamacare to take root.

    If there is no economic incentive, stuff like this will cease to be created.

  2. I think it’s a self destruct gene that the human race has, cranky-d. It keeps getting in the way of good things.

  3. Cranky, some Hamasshole will see your mention of health technology exploding, and…

  4. it’s a good start but there’s something of an uncanny valley thing going on here too

  5. Touche, McGehee.

    On the other hand, I do not hear hf’s words.

  6. Man that looks like a great thing. Here’s hoping the blows of foot-falls where once there were none have follow-on effects possibly undreamed.

  7. maybe they’ll invent rehear next up mr. cranky

  8. How long before we become the Borg? I’m not paralyzed, but I want one of those exoskeleton things that will make me able to outrun a cheetah and lift small cars.

    For a reasonable price of course.

  9. I’m hoping for anti-pikachu spray.

  10. I’ll settle for nanotech that gives me all the capabilities of a Constitution-class starship.

    Start small…

  11. you’re just a grumpy pickle sometimes i think mr. cranky

    these guys noticed it too

    a gait (and a sound) eerily reminiscent of RoboCop’s

    they also bring up the therapeutic benefits (digestive, cardiovascular, and circulatory benefits), which i think maybe might could end up being one of the more effective keys to marketing this product at this development stage

    at its price point, which i think is down to $65K or so, this is still a tough thing for which to find enough early adopters for to help them ramp up to the rewalk 2.0 place

    but maybe the therapeutic benefits will help move the dial

    otherwise you’re largely looking for people with a compelling need for technology what lets them go where their chairs can’t, and are willing to exchange the efficiency and mobility and reliability and convenience of their chairs for a slower more cumbersome and – going by the spotters in the video – a riskier technology

  12. – If there’s an exoskeleton that strangles Yellow menaces on sight I’d go for that. Other than that the idea of enhancement is fine and dandy. What I keep resisting is all the “dodage tools” designed to make things easier, but really just anti-excersize traps that will turn you into a complete veggie that much faster. If you honestly need it go for it, otherwise tough it out.

    Hildebeast news….

    – I get a cackle out of watching any Dem or Progressive get their asses kicked, but its ten times better when it’s another Proggie doing the kicking, even one that’s sort of Lefty lite.

    – As a followup, here is that vision of Fugliness herself in case you doubted how man miles she has on that wrinkled old chassis. Son of a beach. These people should either wear more clothes or stay in doors.

    (Warning: Not to be viewed in or around meal times.)

  13. – Not safe for sanity : Link.

  14. Thanks a lot, BBH…anyone need two eyeballs, slightly damaged from going all Oedipus on myself?

  15. There’s engineering and then there is what the world’s socialist/islamist/cronyist bunch call “engineering.”

  16. Greetings:

    Can’t help but wonder how much explosives and ball bearings a crafty Arab could pack into on of those things.

  17. My, what a lovely blue shamuumuu.

  18. guinspen says August 11, 2014 at 11:11 am

    …I’ll be right with y’all after I catch my breath from laughing.

  19. Mopy Dick, or, on the whale

  20. Sarah Palin and all her daughters could fit in that mu mu.

  21. Israel rolls out a welcome mat for *gasp* Jews! So they steal productive, affluent, upright and decent members of other societies!

    And in the exchange, those other societies will get more of what drives the Jews away. How inconsiderate of the Jews to put these bereft societies in this uncomfortable position, what? These nasty Jews should stay put where they are, if only out of loyalty to the State which has allowed them to live — not merely well — according to socialist lights, but to live even this long a life, the ingrates.

  22. john says August 10, 2014 at 8:12 pm
    How long before we become the Borg? I’m not paralyzed, but I want one of those exoskeleton things that will make me able to outrun a cheetah and lift small cars.

    I want one of those mech. lifts that Rpley used in one of the Alien movies.