August 10, 2014

“You want Nazis?” [Darleen Click]

Mark Steyn

There have been Christians in Mosul for just shy of two millennia, since the first century. There are none today.

The Yazidi are practitioners of Kurdistan’s oldest religion, fire-worshippers whose presence in the region predates Islam. They’re either being executed or starved to death on a mountain:

We are being slaughtered. Our entire religion is being wiped off the face of the earth.

ISIS are fast-track Nazis. No messing about with a few property restrictions and intermarriage laws as a little light warm-up: They’re only in the business of “final solutions”, and they start on Day One and don’t quit until the last Christian and Yazidi is dead or fled. As I’ve often remarked about today’s exhaustively cleansed Maghreb, Levant and Araby, Islam is king on a field of corpses. But pikers like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Baathists, the House of Saud take their time. ISIS are shooting for the Guinness Book of Records.

Fortunately, progressive opinion in the west hates Jews more than it loves Christians or Yazidi or Shia or Kurds, so ISIS can get on with killing everyone they want to kill. George Packer reports in The New Yorker:

Karim couldn’t help expressing bitterness about this. “I don’t see any attention from the rest of the world,” he said. “In one day, they killed more than two thousand Yazidi in Sinjar, and the whole world says, ‘Save Gaza, save Gaza.’ “

Indeed. But you have to pick your causes. To put pressure on Netanyahu, you fly in John Kerry to bore him to death. To put pressure on ISIS would require a commitment the west is not willing to make. So Christians will vanish from the region, and the Yazidi will vanish from the world.

As I’ve said before, the Left uses whatever tools at hand to get rid of its enemies, and if that means minimizing the actions of, or apologizing for, Islamists as they wipe out Western institutions that challenge its authority, oh well … broken eggs and omlets, you know.

And IWonPenPhone certainly can’t let actual genocide interfere with golf and Martha’s Vineyard.

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  1. Dear Franklin:

    Won’t you bomb the railheads to help stop the gassing of a million Jews?

    Your friend,



    Dear Felix,

    Fuck off jew. I’ve got bigger fish to fry, like a political campaign to win.

    Your friend,


  2. This modern day population of Americans refuses to deal with reality. They will continue to ignore it, up to and including the day when it kicks in their own front doors.

  3. ISIS? You mean the guys formerly known as Al Qaeda in Iraq?

  4. In defense of Franklin (and perhaps George, Dwight, Carl, Jimmy and Ira) as well), it would have taken a lot of tonnage to take out those railheads.

  5. Damn straight, in fairness. Further in fairness, we need to keep in mind these were mostly only Jews. And if Adolph and his gang wished to waste valuable resources like these trains in time of war, who in opposition would bother to step in to divert that waste? When your enemy is busy harming himself — never we mind those other lowly people he harms, since they aren’t at war with us — don’t get in his way.

  6. Adolf, please. My father’s name was Adolph.

  7. apologies cranky-d, Adolf it is.