August 8, 2014

Yes, we’ve reached this point

And I’ll admit, even I thought it farfetched. Yet here we are. So let’s get to work pointing out all the potential drawbacks of a worldwide Islamist Caliphate in order that our fellow citizens can wake up and, for once, cast a clear-eyed look at who and what is running our country, and what their foreign policy is apt to produce long term.

Like, say, a decided uptick in beheadings.

Think on this and post your thoughts here, or post them at #CaliphateDrawbacks on Twitter.

Go on. Don’t be shy. The worst that can happen is that you’ll be tortured and then probably crucified. Which is pretty much the same as listening to an Obama speech anyway.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:48am

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  1. Maybe the ban against reading al-Farabi, Ibn Sina or Ibn Rushd, to say nothing of those Greeks’ books these three read. Can’t be havin’ idle thinking going on when there’s caliphate bloodlettings to be busy with.

  2. The biggest laugh will be on the environmentalists.

  3. Does Vienna still have gates?

  4. To be fair, not being pelted–metaphorically–with Kardashians on a daily basis would be a plus in my view.

  5. Squid, I’ve not seen the gates, but I’ve seen a plaque commemorating Prinz Eugen of Savoy’s holding the line during the battle. It’s shown as the Ottoman high-water mark.

  6. Laws permitting same-sex marriage would become one of those anachronistic curiosities, like those against denying women driver’s licenses or displaying severed human heads on your gatepost.

  7. It’s shown as the Ottoman high-water mark.

    ISIS says that records, much like Jews, are meant to be broken.

  8. I still think of “Almighty Isis” when I see that acronym. It unfortunate that the name barbarians choose for themselves invokes the memory of a harmless teevee show.

  9. It unfortunate that the name barbarians choose for themselves invokes the memory of a harmless teevee show.

    Still, it is better than the rather ill chosen MILF.

  10. Tent prices go through the . . . oh, well, there isn‘t a roof — but tent prices rocket into Israel anyhow.

  11. Carrion eaters numbers rise exponentially, only to fall just as drastically as bodies eventually become too scarce as Calipharters finally kill off everyone what needs killin’.

  12. Toilet paper companies all go out of business, their services no longer needed.

  13. Not a drawback: the threat from Red China ends as the Caliphate see’s to ’em . . . . . . .

    . . . . . . . . or . . . . . . . isn’t that a pleasant soft light glow the entire Middle East puts off of an evening and night?

  14. Having to learn a whole new Arabic vocabulary to replace our already familiar German Anschluss, Stürmabteilung, Geheime Staatspolizei, Einstaztgruppen, Judenjagd, Sonderkommando, Umschlagplatz, and so on — one giant pain in the creaky ol’ brain pan.

  15. Wine cellars full of beautiful drink across the world all turn to vinegar.

  16. What’s in a name?

  17. Them jihadi boys at the Mosul Lake Dam? They’re chilling by the powerhouse.

  18. What century are we (in)?

    Can anyone tell me what’s the Arabic for “What you mean ‘we,’ dhimmi?”

    We, as in us, are in the 21st century — but it should be pretty obvious not everyone is.

  19. It’s 1982 v. 2.0 which is to say it’s smellier more stale 1978 only with a less fucked up New York…so far.

  20. Arabia ABtJMessengers

  21. and in celebration of 6 taters, joe morello on drums

  22. > Obama’s Treachery and Republican Silence<

    the ruining class no?

  23. *** The US State Department expressed hope that a new ceasefire would be reached shortly between Israel and Hamas.

    “Our hope is that the parties will agree to an extension of the ceasefire in the coming hours,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters on Friday afternoon, AFP reported. ***

    Ordinary Americans expressed the opinion that their Department of State thinks like teenagers full of shit, and simply wished the Israelis would get on with annihilating Hamas.

  24. newrouter says August 8, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    And he thought the media were his friends.

  25. ClownCatastrophe is a drowning man, yet his sycophant media does not see their way to throw him a life-preserver, but are content to jump into the abyssal waters with him to die clinging to their creation. Such dedicated artists to love their wispy-children so.

  26. And the great WitlessOne thanks his media for this as he turns to depart for another vacation, saying: “Here, hold my beer — now watch me turn water into dreck — I can walk on dreck! Did you know that?”

  27. his sycophant media …. are content to jump into the abyssal waters with him to die clinging to their creation.

    The sooner the better.

  28. Yes, well, agreed, if however we have to count on their not taking the remainder of the nation down with them — which the longer the insanity governs, the greater the likelihood becomes.

  29. I’ve concluded that a journalism degree is as legitimate as an MFA in underwater basket-weaving.

  30. By contrast with the pathetic depths of ignorance to which the profession “journalist” has descended, we can look to the estimation Max Weber makes of the critical demagogic power of the institution of journalism in his own day and foreseeable to come, in his essay “Politics as a Vocation”. It is little wonder that the escape or attempted escape from responsibility in politics would begin in the abdication of the necessity of honest thought aiming at truth among the scribes.

  31. “I was told there’d be no thinking.”

  32. ach, ubaldothepunisher is back from the do and he’s puttin’ it to us right from the jump.

  33. Sdferr wrote: ClownCatastrophe is a drowning man….

    He doesn’t think so and the rest of the members of The Jarrett Junto [ie: those who actually reign] either have their heads in the dreck up their arses or refuse to tell their puppet he’s drowning.

  34. true, he doesn’t think so — however, the observation comes not from his point of view, but mine. Who, after all, would trust the judgment of a moron like the ClownCatastrophe?

  35. woo hoo!

  36. double woo hoo!

  37. Hit it, George.

  38. Take it down red beans

  39. now swing it, Reinhardt

  40. Meanwhile, somewhat further south by southwest.

    More or less.


  41. Oopsy, Hoagy.

  42. Westward BO!

  43. Ponch our train, Roundhouse ramblers.

  44. Hello, Ethel?

  45. Ahyep, now arriving.

    Welcome to No Refunds No Returns!

    Don’t forget to tip your Redcap.

  46. Ain’t linkin’ Willie Nelson, goddamnit.

    oh ok, am linkin’ willie nelson, goddamnit.

  47. That song always brings a tear.

    Or two.

    “Steve tells the story of the song and sings it
    on a Chicago radio show in the 70’s.”

  48. hey but Goodman looks nothing like Ethel, whereas Willie’s got it all goin’ on.

  49. I still defer to the author’s interpretation, sdferr.