August 7, 2014

sixtieth in a series of real-time empirical observations

Once you finish reading this post, keep in mind that in the time it took you to get through the entirety of it, most members of Hamas daydreamed about blowing up a Tel-Aviv kindergarten, while about two-thirds of the employees at MSNBC, along with a self-loathing Geraldo Rivera, took a shot of vodka and/or Jaeger and spoke with solemn candor to some other useful idiot about the cancer that is worldwide Zionism and capitalism, each agreeing that it’s a damn shame the Jews have Iron Dome technology — because covering this asymmetrical fight isn’t as exciting as it could be if the casualties, like wealth, were more evenly, and so “fairly,” distributed.

Also, Bill O’Reilly farted out some lunchtime fettuccine alfredo.  Though that’s more incidental than anything else.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:56pm

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  1. I’m all broken up about the “Palestinians” getting their asses handed to them after repeatedly attacking Israel and its citizens without provocation.

    The fact that Israel does not crush them like Hamas would crush Israel if given the chance is lost on the left.

  2. Pres. IVotePresent mulls voting present in the genocide of Yazidis matter.

    Heck, let them all die, ClownDisaster, since they’re not our children, not a bit like the invaders you’ve invited to swarm our southern border. And for damned sure they’re not your favored Muslims, if they don’t happen to be your despised Jews either.

  3. Bill bloviated alfredo out his arse… but to be fair, that is an alfredo mixed with finely calibrated psuedo- populism, and the two have been known to explode out of Bill’s other orifices. Sadly, never enough has found its way onto Geraldo.

    If ISIS captured and beheaded Bill and Geraldo, they’d still both be able to talk out their ass for a month

  4. Sadly, never enough has found its way onto Geraldo.

    It’s so unpredictable poor Geraldo is never able to get there in time. And O’Reilly’s too mean and selfish to give Geraldo a heads-up.

  5. My god Obama is a vicious moron.

  6. 39 seconds of Wolf Blitzer — listen. “Mission Impossible”

    Vicious morons one and all, then.

  7. Chuck Todd, another in a long line of vicious morons, together with ClownCatastrophe sycophant Ben Rhodes.

  8. The narrative is their reality and the perception of it must be defended. Plenty of long nights for the historical re-write crew ahead.

  9. The currently settled narrative — which of course will change because it has no part in truth but solely in expediency — has made the Maliki prime ministership into Nassely Bakoula Nassely. So all solutions must be represented to flow through putting Bakoula Nassely in jail, i.e. removing Maliki.

    Of necessity, this tale is designed to obscure the true causes of the catastrophe, but isn’t it wonderful that by misattributing the cause, the proper solution can also be avoided?

  10. Times of Israel (Obama: Netanyahu too strong, Abbas too weak for peace):

    *** “I think the question really is how does Israel survive,” Obama said.

    “How can you preserve a Jewish state that is also reflective of the best values of those who founded Israel. And, in order to do that, it has consistently been my belief that you have to find a way to live side by side in peace with Palestinians. . . . You have to recognize that they have legitimate claims, and this is their land and neighborhood as well.” ***

    Here the ClownCatastrophe waxes on as a moralist on behalf of the benighted Jewish State.

    What he rhetorically expresses as a “question”, this “how“, is of course nothing of the sort for him. You see, he knows, he just knows the answer already from his lofty perch in the aether.

    We, on the other hand, witness this “man” as a pig, wallowing in the mud of his own self-regard — witless, immune to self-examination: too perfectly empty to be found wanting what was never there.