August 6, 2014

“Female players say fake soccer turf violates Charter, threaten legal action”

Reached for comment, every last NFL and MLB player who played during the 70s and 80s said they didn’t really want to get involved, but that they wouldn’t mind it at all if these chicks just decided to shut the hell up.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:50pm

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  1. Greetings:

    I tend to view reports such as this one as the logical psychological outcome of their being relegated to an apartheid, almost Zionistic sports experience. I think that it’s long past time that Title IX be abolished and the womenfolk, both heterophobic and homophobic and everything in between or none of the previous be allowed, nay required, to play for truly gender equal sports teams with liberty and justice and trophies for all.

  2. That’s exactly where The Bad News Bears enter the scene.

  3. The correct solution, of course, is to eliminate college athletics across the board, replacing them with private clubs and professional leagues as appropriate.

    Sadly, it’ll never happen…

  4. Fortunately this bozotic stupidtude doesn’t diminish professional soccer because… soccer.

  5. Any time I see “female,” “fake,” and “turf” in the same headline, I get a sort of queasy feeling.

  6. Isn’t the name ‘soccer’ Patriarchal? I mean, you know, it’s pronounced ‘sock-her’?