August 4, 2014

Keith Ellison: Moral Relativism’s cynical, disingenouos objective correlative


Representative Keith Ellison (D., Minn.) justified his recent vote against additional funding for Israel’s missile-defense system as part of an effort to reach a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

“Because a cease-fire is what we should prioritize now,” he said when asked to explain his vote on Meet the Press. “A cease-fire protects civilians on both sides — it doesn’t just say, ‘We’re only concerned about people on one side.’”

He pointed to the devastation he witnessed during his trips to Gaza.

Additionally, Ellison penned an op-ed in the Washington Post earlier this week calling on Israel to “end the Gaza blockade.”


Note how Ellison tries to suggest that his vote against Iron Dome funding is a vote for the promotion of peace — which he effortlessly conflates with a cease fire that would prevent Israel from destroying the tunnel system that Hamas uses to launch incursions.

More, Ellison thinks that funding Iron Dome — which is meant to protect an ally from indiscriminate bomb attacks by Hamas and other terror entities — is somehow unfair, that the asymmetrical nature of defense against avowed enemies looking to kill you off is, well, gauche.

Much like free-market capitalism is crude and unfair. Ellison would like to see the redistribution of weapons systems just as surely as he’d like to see the redistribution of wealth. And in both instances, he promotes a failed, totalitarian, and murderous philosophy — proven so by history time and time and time again.

That he is able to do so while presuming to perch himself atop some moral high ground is absolutely repulsive. But then, citizens get what the representation they want.

Much like those in Gaza who voted Hamas into power and now decry the consequences of having done so.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:56am

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  1. Powerline: ISIS advances as Kurds run out of ammunition

    *** Why hasn’t Obama supplied the Kurds? Apparently, it has something to do with the niceties of Iraq’s constitutional framework. Obama, it seems, has more regard for that framework than he does for ours.

    If Obama is prepared to ignore the U.S. Constitution to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants who face virtually zero chance of deportation, he should be willing to overlook Iraqi formalities in order to help the Kurds defend themselves against our most implacable and barbaric enemy — a group that even Eric Holder finds “more frightening than anything.”

    But Obama’s mission is the transformation of America, not so much its defense. ***

  2. In the Leftist Reality, Israel has committed the gravest of sins: it refuses to be a victim, thereby forfeiting any claim to the moral high ground it may have had. It’s worth remembering, back when Israel was the land of kibbutzim and soft democratic socialism, it was the darling of the Left. That ended when the Arab air forces when up in flames on the tarmac in June 1967.

  3. Caroline Glick: Israel’s Endgame in Gaza

    *** […] To summarize, the Obama administration wishes to end the war with Hamas armed and in charge of Gaza, enjoying open borders to the world, and rolling in the dough of international donor dollars and euros, and so in a position to replenish its arsenals and rebuild its tunnels.

    The US seeks as well to use this end-state as a means of reinstating its pressure on Israel to surrender land in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to the Palestinians.

    Israel’s end-state is of course entirely different. Indeed, if the US gets what it wants, then Israel will have lost the war. […]

    Second, Israel must avoid any cease-fire agreement that involves any international supervision or presence in Gaza. The best option for Israel would be a cease-fire in the form of a letter from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas setting out broad conditions of a cease-fire arrangement.

    Any cease-fire that involves US guarantees or supervision or international guarantees or supervision will be an invitation for renewed pressure on Israel and Egypt to open the borders of Gaza and allow Hamas to rebuild its machinery of murder.

    The same is the case for international peacekeepers.

    Any agreement that involves the deployment of foreign forces to Gaza for any purpose is an agreement that imports human shields to Gaza. As has been Hezbollah’s practice with UN forces in south Lebanon for the past four decades, foreign forces will not interfere with any Hamas operations, but through their very presence in on the ground, they will impede the IDF’s capacity to fight Hamas in the event that such operations becomes necessary. ***

  4. Before Ellison and his like are done Kipling won’t be just a suggested reading but required memorization.

  5. Ellison represents Little Mogidishu…a significant number of his constituents totally agree with his thoughts.

  6. shermlaw Funny, I was thinking back when I was in college in the early 80s, an old friend was in a field archeology class and the instructor was wearing a kafiya. He took it off when he realize one of the students was Jewish/Israeli and might be offended.

    How times have changed.

  7. Archaeology has evolved from digging up jew artifacts to burying jews to create jew artifacts. Some change.

  8. Ellison represents Little Mogidishu…a significant number of his constituents totally agree with his thoughts.

    And yet he also represents Saint Jewish Park. I wonder when he’s next scheduled to appear in front of those particular constituents…

  9. He’s a Muslim – that delegitimizes anything he says because taqiyya.

  10. Ellison is all of the above… but he is also an partisan hack asshole.

  11. He’s a Muslim – that delegitimizes anything he says because taqiyya.

    As I lived on the South Side of Chicago for a long time I’m always wondering if they’re Muslim or Nation of Islam.

    It seems that Ellison is Nation of Islam. This doesn’t make your taqiyya warning less prudent, of course. It’s just that we have to also now consider the number 19 and the mothership. And the way you can get nutrients from the sun through your hair. And the evil Dr. Yakub, you know that dude, the guy who created the race of white devils.

    If ya’ll are ever in Chicago and a black dude in a bow-tie offers to sell you The Final Call for a buck? Do it. Good times.

  12. Speaking of which, while they’ve probably scrubbed all the good shit from the past couple decades, you can still get your Final Call fix online.

  13. Okay, there is still some good stuff there.

  14. The Road to Hell Obama is taking the world down created by U.S. Catholic Bishops

    Joseph Bottum blamed it on National Council of Churches and the social gospel of Walter Rauschenbusch.

    But then, according to the dust jacket, Bottum “holds a Ph.D. in medieval philosophy.” So I’m sure that, somewhere there’s a Jesuit in the woodpile. There has to be.

  15. Jesuit in the woodpile, that is.

    I did get a kick out of this bit of verbiage from the link, “phony paragons of the pulpit”. It’s a bit like the question in the other thread. How to explain the obvious hackery one sees if another doesn’t see it immediately?

  16. Didn’t see Rev Greely mentioned there, but with Chi. specified can’t help but wonder if he too wasn’t in there pitching for team immigration-by-any-means-necessary?

  17. My favorite bit was the Marxist “it’s no coincidence that…”.

  18. A coupla weeks ago when I happened to be listeing to Michael Savage, he was going on and on about both the Catholics and the Mormons for taking Obama’s Mammon.

    But mostly he was going on and on about the Mormons. Because he really doesn’t like Glen Beck.

    That was my takeaway.

  19. For what it’s worth, my enjoyment of “phony paragons of the pulpit” wasn’t based on my agreement of same, it was the pure, unadulterated hackery on display. True or not it’s the worst sort of purple prose.


  20. heh, I listened to “Savage” for thirty seconds some time back and felt that sufficed.

  21. For all the complaints one can raise against The Church (I enjoy capitalizing thusly), the main one here in America should probably be Bernadin’s (intentionally blurry?) “seamless garment” of life.

    For myself, I don’t think this is the foundation of Obama’s rise to power or the social justice theory of Latin America. That’s because these are nonsensical claims.

  22. Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for the Gamaliel Foundation, a community organizing institute

    Gamaliel is that but also it is the religious-left counterpart of the secular-left ACORN, the place where Obama first worked as a community organizer and trainer. It is also totally committed to open borders and total amnesty.

    When former Jesuit priest Gregory Galluzzo became the foundation’s executive director in 1986, Gamaliel was restructured as a community-organizing leadership institute that focused on training activists “to build and maintain powerful organizations in low-income communities.” GF has since grown into a network of faith-based community-organizing affiliates with branches in 18 U.S. states, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.
    In the mid-1980s, Galluzzo served as a mentor for a young Barack Obama during the latter’s organizing days in Chicago. The Developing Communities Project, where Obama first worked as an organizer, was (and still is) part of the Gamaliel network. By early 1988, Obama had become a consultant for, and a trainer of, GF community organizers; he would maintain his ties to Gamaliel throughout his years in the U.S. Senate. As Galluzzo said shortly after Obama was elected President in 2008: “Barack has acknowledged publicly that he had been the director of a Gamaliel affiliate. He has supported Gamaliel throughout the years by conducting training [and attending] our public meetings.”

    ” Jesuit in the woodpile.”

  23. so’s “it is no coincidence that.”

    Stale as stale can be, metaphor-wise.

    Even as a paragraph hooking transition.

  24. Wouldn’t that be ex-Jesuit in the woodpile?

  25. Would we describe David Horowitz (founder of Discover the Networks) as a member of the New Left or as an ex-member?

  26. bh, agree about Bernardin. Coincidentally, Bottum discusses that as well. I won’t bother quoting, but the gyst is that the old minorities the Dems used to champion, before ditching them for the new hawtness of Color, were the, largely catholic, minorites of southern and eastern Europe. Add to that the traditional Irish Catholic ethnic voting blocks in the cities, and you have several generations worth of sentimental attachment to the Democratic party as part of a cultural Catholocism that are still being overcome.


    So there’s a commie instigator in the Jesuit woodpile.

  27. Okay, former Jesuit in the woodpile, though I’d bet the training survived even if the faith went away.

  28. […] sentimental attachment to the Democratic party as part of a cultural Catholocism that are still being overcome.

    It’s just too soon to start thinking about Thanksgiving arguments, you bastard.

  29. You can take the boy out of the Jesuit…

  30. What was the issue (doctrinal?) back in the ’80s (was it?) when word came down for the Vatican that priest-politicians had to drop their political offices or leave the priesthood? I noticed at the time that something happened but paid it little attention as to cause or rationale.

  31. The same could be said of myself, Geoff.

  32. It is not the knowledge itself but the use to which it is turned which makes the difference.

  33. I won’t claim that I was ever invited into the sanctum sanctorum where the true agenda was discussed cabal-like but all the Jesuits I’ve ever talked with had a great deal to say about geometry and the like and very little to say about immigration policy.

  34. I know that no one here is coming down hard on Catholics or their subgroups. Especially you, Geoff, I don’t think you’re doing so at all. And, it’s not like I can be offended on that score anymore anyways, I’m not Catholic or anything.

    But, there is one’s personal experience that one can relate to others. In much the same way I tell non-rightists I know that conservatives aren’t actually making all kinds of racial arguments when we speak amongst ourselves so too it’s been my experience that Jesuits don’t pitch international communism to even bright kids from parochial schools they’re trying to recruit. Just was never my experience in anyway whatsoever.

    They want you to turn in your homework, spell words correctly, and show up to do charitable work every week or so.

  35. I’m going to back out before I find myself flailing uselessly around against superior logical abilities arrayed in this thread.

    The only point I’d originally aimed for was about Gamaliel and Obama but when I read that Greg G. had been Jesuit I couldn’t help but myself. My bad.

  36. Shit.

    It’s also my bad if I have you feeling like you should back out of thread, Geoff. Sorry. Ehhh, I mentioned in the other thread that I’ve been slipping into a polemical style lately for some reason. Maybe I should learn to write more better.

  37. Just bedtime is all. I was sloppy and you caught it. Shows I need the sleep.

  38. ‘Night, buddy.

  39. Liberation Theology screwed with a lot of well meaning dupes it seems.

  40. What was the issue (doctrinal?) back in the ’80s (was it?) when word came down for the Vatican that priest-politicians had to drop their political offices or leave the priesthood?

    Here, I think, sdferr. Which reaffirmed 285 here.

    Again, I think, don’t know.

  41. Imagine that first paragraph above was blockquoted.

  42. Thanks bh, I’ll give that some study.

  43. What’s sorta funny is that if you grew up Catholic you heard all this talk about the second Vatican council and how that was a very big deal. People in my parent’s generation talked about this in the same breath as the Pope coming to America around that same time.

    These were big events. People had framed newspaper clippings they’d show you.

    Nothing was cool or important like that in the 80s, I guess.

  44. heh, I grew up next door to a passel of Catholics but their catechisms didn’t take on me.

  45. That’s why bingo and the delicious fish fry were invented, sdferr. Everyone loves gambling and fried food.

  46. And vigorous high school basketball games based on the fundamentals of passing and lay-ups!

  47. learned to enjoy butter dipped steamed clams of a Friday meal with that gang, but they didn’t introduce me to the pleasures of bingo.

  48. -You weren’t introduced to Bingo!, Sd, because we weren’t allowed to give you the secret bingo pleasure receptor code – that was reserved for old maids and widows back then. Then the damn Injuns came along with their reservation bingo halls and cheap smokes and it all went, literally, to Hell [we call it The Battle Of Wounded Church Key].

  49. …or, at least, the [Goddamn] Irish Catholics do.

  50. Ha! Funny thing, look who pops up in the newstream today! Commie-Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua, United Nations and Libyan fame, evidently just reinstated to his priestly calling and work by the new Pope Francis. Who knew?

    Anti-communism is so over, we can guess, gone with that old fuddy-duddy John Paul II.

  51. Eliot Abrams: Hamas’s War for Cash

    *** And then would come the payments to Hamas. The goal of the war was to shake things up, to get Hamas out of its fiscal crisis, by getting the world, the “international community,” to get money moving. Perhaps Qatar would agree to pay those salaries. Perhaps the United States would pressure Egypt and Israel to open more passages more hours, and without undue inspections of what was going through. Perhaps the Americans and the EU and the wealthy Arab oil producers would go for as “Marshall Plan” for Gaza, sending hundreds of millions of dollars.

    And all the while, Hamas would remain in charge. As Guy Bechor pointed out in Gplanet, it’s as if all the Marshall Plan funding directed at Germany had been sent with the Nazi Party still in charge in Berlin rather than after the destruction of the Nazi regime and while American troops were stationed in Germany.

    It remains to be seen, of course, how well Hamas’s bet will pay off for Hamas. The price paid by the people of Gaza is enormous, but that was part of Hamas’s goal: no destruction, no reconstruction money to skim. The basic situation remains: every citizen of Gaza is a Hamas hostage. ***

  52. That action by Pope Francis may well be the proof needed that he is out to destroy fundamentally transform The Church into a Heretical Abomination.

    Schism, anyone?

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  54. You can take the boy out of the Jesuit…

    Now that’s just naughty. I attended a Catholic high school that at the time was not co-ed. The only other all-boy Catholic high school in town was Jesuit. We all thought unwholesome things about that place, but just try including them in a pep rally cheer.

    For the record, there were four all-girl Catholic high schools back then. Apropos of nothing.

  55. Ich war un petit séminariste.