August 1, 2014

Flashback: John Kyl told by Obama no border security unless amnesty is passed

Given that we are now experiencing genuine national security risks thanks to the surge at our border, it bears repeating: Obama doesn’t give a shit. He wants what he wants, and that’s fundamental transformation of a colonialist, racist nation that doesn’t deserve its hyperpower status and whose citizens live to well and arrogantly and disgustingly lay claim to selfish individual sovereignty at the expense of the collective Greater Good. As imagined, engineered, and run by Obama and his like. For our own good, naturally.


I mused a few weeks back that the camps that Bill Ayers once dreamed of may manifest themselves in pockets of disease that wipe out the right kind of citizens. As stories of ebola begin to make the rounds, keep that crazy conspiratorial gleaming in the back of your minds.

And worry not if lots of the proper kinds of citizens are also impacted. They’ll be just bumps in the road to Utopia, their deaths for the cause the greatest form of heroism. Not one that any of the movement’s leaders would take, mind you — Ayers didn’t like to get his hands dirty, either, though he wasn’t averse to watching as pieces of his girlfriend got scooped into plastic bags — but then, somebody has to do the difficult work of taking care of all the thinking.

(h/t Pat Dollard)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:31pm

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  1. ObaZma just now is in a press conference saying he needs more American money to complete his erasure of the border, and that if he doesn’t get the money from Congress he’ll just put on his IVotePresentandWonPenPhone cape and do stuff.

    He’s gonna do stuff.

    Because you demand it. His stuff, which you demand.

    ice picks, n’est pas?

  2. *** the caracaras plucked his eyes before he was dead — he bled out through his eyes before he was dead, which tells me he was probably in a coma if they were eatin’ on him before his heart stopped beatin’ ***

  3. I think one of the junior refugee producing central-American countries should appoint Obama Dictator for Life. He would like that.

  4. The border states need to act unilaterally, and say to hell with Obama and the federal government.
    When will enough be enough? When will there be actions taken?
    Tic toc, people. Tic…toc.

  5. I fell out of my chair when I heard Obama say, addressing the Ebola threat, something along the lines of ‘there’s no way it can get into the country’*. Seemed a pretty bold statement considering what is happening at our borders.

    I kind of hurt my elbow too. It’s OK now.

    *Just a few hours later, it was announced that two cases were headed for Atlanta.

  6. – Just another day in Bumblefucks Utopia™.