August 1, 2014

Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change Climate Distruption — Is there anything it can’t do? [Darleen Click]

All you First World, carbon big-foot, Gaia-raping people of pallor, the flood of Little Brown Children™ across the artificial southern border is your fault

On a three-day trade mission to Mexico, California governor Jerry Brown talked most frequently about climate change and immigration, and spoke passionately about the link between the two, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“We can see how some are fearful of children walking across the border,” Brown said at the signing of a voluntary climate-change agreement with Mexico’s Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, according to the Journal. “What will they think when millions of people are driven north from the parched landscapes of a world degraded by intensifying climate change?

Brown reportedly spoke of California’s relationship with Mexico as older than the one his state has with the “government in Washington.” Brown pledged to do whatever he could do to aid the Central American unaccompanied alien children arriving in his state and proclaimed his support for additional shelters for the illegal-immigrant children in California.

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  1. heh, that’s quite the missing html tag ya got goin’ there

  2. argh …

  3. So Jerry Brown is a moral cretin and this is news? News might be Californians who elected such a moral cretin to office turning (properly) on themselves, recognizing their role in elevating such a lowlife twerp to substantial power.

  4. It turned me into a newt!


    I got better….

  5. He needs to keep talking so whatever no-name milksop came in second in the primary can make Jerry the first Fugue State gubner defeated for re-election since … Jerry’s dad.

  6. Once again he confuses fear and fury. I’m willing to give them SoCal if we can deal up the rest of the border. It would give me great pleasure to watch them march through Brentwood, actually.

  7. Seal. SEAL.

  8. Ol’ Jerry is just working the pole for all those Obama Bucks that flow from DC.

  9. “What will they think when millions of people are driven north from the parched landscapes of a world degraded by intensifying climate change?”

    They’ll thank me for making it so miserable in the United States that the millions’ll all want to pass on up to Canada.

    Get with the program, Jerrah.

  10. Why can’t they be driven south? It gets cooler in both directions Jerry.

  11. the dipshittery in california is dense-packed

    If the state continues on this path, there may have to be thoughts about moving people out, said Lynn Wilson, academic chair at Kaplan University and who serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations.

  12. It’s why they’re changing the state flag from Bear Flag to Pikachu Flag.

  13. better not

  14. – Brown Menace meets Yellow Menace… for me.