July 30, 2014

Confirmed: Hamas not a Palestinian savior. Mark Levin interviews son of Hamas founder

Then, after you listen to it, pass it along. Especially to Democrats, who Levin points out elsewhere are in a Pew poll (predictably) drawing moral equivalencies between a worldwide terror movement, bent on creating a permanent Islamic Caliphate, that is being allowed to disguise itself as an underdog nationalist movement in the Palestinian territories — with the aid of our insufferably dull, incurious, or outright anti-Zionist progressive-infested media — and an actual democratic nation state that is being forced to fight a war in ways no other nation would ever have to fight a war, particularly when that war is against an enemy who in its very charter has as one of its goals the eradication of Israel and the Jews.

Such are the wages of a relativistic, anti-foundational epistemic paradigm being fed to minds prepared for such dishonest nonsense early on by the daily doses of PC “teachable moments.”

According to Mosab Hassan Yusef, son of the Hamas founder (who has since disowned him), Hamas — as many of us here understand, but as many who get their information from a tacitly anti-Semitic press mainstream press would not — cares not a whit for the Palestinian people, who it uses as part of a ploy to draw international sympathy to a local cause it isn’t actually interested in achieving. And that’s because Hamas as a movement is not a nationalist movement; it is instead an ideological, religious fundamentalist movement intent on global domination and perpetual jihad against the “unclean.”

Mosab Hassan Yusef rejected those aims and for a while joined with Israeli intelligence to prevent suicide bombings. He is now a guest in the United States, though his criticism of Obama’s attitude toward Hamas (he is careful to say he “loves Obama” but believes him mistaken, rather than intentionally malignant, on the Jewish Question) could lead to problems for him.

The fact of the matter is — and I had some “nuanced” libertarian on Twitter the other day challenging me to name one way that Obama has shown himself a Jew-hater — the State Department under Kerry, presumably with Obama’s full support, went around Israel and Egypt and tried to broker a ceasefire with the aid of Qatar and Turkey that would have prevented Israel from completing the task of destroying the tunnel system set up by Hamas to infiltrate Israeli borders and kill as many people as it can. It has also given money to Qatar and Hamas, which it continues to pretend is a legitimate governmental party; it isn’t. And the fact that the Palestinian people voted it into power just means that they are going to have to reap the consequences of their own votes.

The way to end the problems in Gaza are to allow the Israelis to level the place. To lay waste to the tunnels, to obliterate the enemy, no matter where they hide and without further risking the lives of their own soldiers needlessly in some feint to “international pressure” (itself a PC tool of anti-Zionism) until the “Palestinians” themselves recognize that electing Hamas to a governmental leadership role was a terrible mistake. That Hamas hides behind what they consider propaganda props — women, children, civilians, in schools and hospitals — is odious enough without the “westernized” media playing along in these kind of Goebbels games. Israel should, for the good of humanity itself, as Mosab Hassan Yusef argues, work to defeat Hamas; and the free world should remain steadfastly behind Israel as it does so.

Me, I say go full-on Dresden. Not because I like to see Arabs killed, as one kike-hating liberal commentator dared suggest; but rather because the way to destroy a terrorist movement is to kill all the terrorists in it and convince those they hide among (or in the case of the Palestinians in Gaza, presume to represent, whether elected or not) that having such murderous would-be TRUE colonialists in their midst will bring dire consequences.

Level the place. Salt the earth behind you. And let the craters and the barren land stand as a warning to those who for so long have relied on Israel’s restraint, itself a product of a Nazi-esque propaganda campaign imbibed and nurtured by leftwing journos.

Reports have surfaced that Obama phoned Netanyahu and, while shouting at him, demanded an immediate ceasefire, the upshot of which would have given Hamas time to regroup and perhaps stop Israel from finishing the job of clearing out the tunnel system from which Hamas was launching attacks.

What one can glean from this is twofold: first, that Obama is a better friend to the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots than he is to Israel; and second, that Obama’s entrenched (and bogus) belief in Israeli colonialism — a view he developed having drank from Edward Said’s poisonous tit [ed – longtime readers will recall that I often point to Said’s Orientalism as the academic justification for an identity politics that disallows as legitimate any criticism expressed by those not aligned with the official identity narrative] and then had reinforced by the horrific radical chic leftist “academics” like Khalidi with whom he surrounded himself — is every bit as pernicious and active as his “spiritual advisor” Reverend Wright could have ever hoped for.

It’s time for Israel to recognize that while most of the American people are behind them, many Democrats who hold an opinion are not. And so it’s time to ignore the imperial counsel of Obama and do what needs to be done to win, because Obama is the face of the New Left Democrat Party, the sixties radicals that worked to take over the “bourgeois Democratic Party” from within.

The son of Hamas’ founder has come to the conclusion that Israel has an obligation to destroy Hamas. Why is it so difficult for those of us who have never had to live as the Israelis have to reach a similar, obvious conclusion?

More, it is important to remember, as Levin repeatedly points out, that one of the most influential Muslim “civil rights” groups in the US, CAIR — unindicted co-conspirators in the Holyland Terror trial — is a creation of Hamas and is its propaganda and agitating front group in the US. That they haven’t sued him for repeatedly making this allegation publicly is itself telling, as this is a group whose litigiousness is only outdone by its phony moderation.

These facts may prove inconvenient to many on the left, or to many Democrats who rely on a leftist press to get what they may still believe to be objective news. But that doesn’t change its basic truthfulness. Hamas doesn’t care about “Palestine,” just as no anti-Israeli Arabs really ever have. Instead, they use it as a prop to keep hatred aimed at the Jews.

The rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and now here in the US is troubling. The scapegoat is once again being prepared for the slaughter. And so it is important — or rather, crucial — that people learn just who and what Hamas is; just who and what the Muslim Brotherhood is; and just what ties and alliances our own government has nurtured with these terrorists.

When Michele Bachmann among others came out and questioned the influence the Brotherhood was having on our foreign policy, she was brutalized…by Republicans, among them the ever-wrong John McCain and the ever timorous John Boehner.

What we need do is find independent journalists who can literally pull back the veil on this in-country alliance that is putting our allies in harm’s way and that Obama, by his actions, believes are justified inasmuch as they’ll “level the playing field” when it comes to regional power.

We are living with a Manchurian candidate in the Oval Office. We have a Secretary of State who was a traitor to his own military brothers. And we have a media that gives them — and the rest of the hard New Leftists controlling the Democrat party — repulsive cover.

So please: spread the interview far and wide. Let those who only get their news from the major networks hear from a man who was raised in the movement and whose father was its founder — a man who knows what Hamas is and what its goals truly are.

The truth will set us free. Which is why those who don’t much care for all the problems that arise when we allow a free people to act in their own interests are so committed to keeping the truth obfuscated.

War is hell. And it needs to feel like that for it to be effective.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:29am

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  1. State Department condemns.

    Side taken.

    Comfy, Americans?

  2. The Obama/Kerry ineptness is actually quite enjoyable right now. Very little stands in the way of Bibi finishing Hamas as a military/terror entity for the foreseeable future. About damn time.

    Oh, Obama’s approval on the conflict? 39%

    Netanyahu’s approval: 82%

    Finish it, Bibi.

  3. Nobody cares what our State Department thinks. Nobody cares what Obama thinks.

    Hey, how about Putin? 83%

  4. Don’t bother to salt the earth. Blow it up, and make the rubble bounce. Wait for the radiation to die down and then turn it into a new tourist center, with associated airport, amusement parks, golf courses, hotels, spas, and marina.

    Then make each visitor eat a piece of bacon before being allowed entrance.

  5. Do we understand why Israel does not, has not so far, embarked on that seeming simple solution to lay waste to the Gazan ground from the air?

    We probably have a few ideas about that.

    There may be others going unmentioned.

  6. Such violent solutions. I suggest solving this the way the liberal would. Take over the Palestinian schools and institutions and indoctrinate their children to the right way of thinking.

  7. The Obama/Kerry ineptness is actually quite enjoyable right now. Very little stands in the way of Bibi finishing Hamas as a military/terror entity for the foreseeable future.

    Unless and until they decide, no doubt with the full support and at the urging of the U.N. to intervene on the side of Hamas.

    Or, consider Iran’s P.O.V. Obama and Kerry have made it abundantly clear that they aren’t going to do anything about Iranian nukes except talk.

    No doubt the Saudis see that as well.

    And Iraq, Syria, ISIS.

    provacative weakness nature abhors a vacuum and all that.

    It’s July 2014, and Obama is playing the Kaiser.

  8. That may be another day. But it is not today.

    Despite their most fervent wishes, I think they like keeping power more than they like getting Israelis killed. If they were to throw in with Hamas, the first casualties would be Democrats.

  9. *** White House spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan says the US is also “extremely concerned” that thousands of Palestinians aren’t safe in UN-designated shelters in Gaza. ***

    Hmm, well, y’know, if UN-designated shelters in Gaza have explosively booby-trapped tunnel entrances in their basements, then the White House spokesidiot may have accidentally hit on something true, since yer damn straight such a place isn’t safe when a premature explosion can bring the entire building down on everyone’s heads. Fuck wad.

  10. The actual statement from NSC is ambiguous, but does make reference to militarized UN facilities. It does not lay blame, but condemns the shelling.

    The UN really needs a public flogging.

  11. The UN needs to be disbanded and then reconstituted under the name SPECTRE. Or CHAOS, for you Get Smart fans.

  12. If a OneWorldOrder is on the plate, let’s just merge the ClownDiastserAdministration with MainlandChina and be done with it.

  13. So, this is the lesson the ClownDisasterStateDepartment learned from Benghazi murders.

  14. *** 21:00 White House calls IDF fire on UN school ‘indefensible’

    The United States says there is little doubt Israeli artillery was the source of a “totally indefensible” strike that killed 16 people at a UN school in Gaza.

    White House spokesman Josh Earnest notes that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had said all available evidence pointed to Israeli artillery and that the Israeli government has acknowledged its forces were firing in the area in response to Hamas fire near the school.

    “So while we underscore the importance of a full and prompt investigation of this tragic incident, as well as a shelling of other UN facilities and schools that have been hit, it does not appear there’s a lot of doubt about whose artillery was involved in this incident,” he says.

    “That is why we have continued to urge Israeli military officials to live up to their high standards that they have set for the protection of innocent civilians. There is clearly more that can and should be done to ensure the safety of innocent civilians.” ***

  15. There is clearly more that can and should be done to ensure the safety of innocent civilians

    So they are now calling for the complete destruction of Hamas and then all like minded “States” quasi or actual?

  16. Either that geoffb, or they are preparing to endorse the DayofRage declared to take place across the Arab West Bank towns tomorrow after prayers. Or both, who can say?

  17. Or perhaps the White House is preparing the ground to ask Israel to enter Syria to protect the next 160,000 Syrians from murder between the Assad war machine and the butchery of ISIS?