July 28, 2014

Hillary’s brain damage [Darleen Click]

This is the female that is the Chosen One for the presidency in 2016?

Not a good woman.

Posted by Darleen @ 10:19pm

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  1. Test

  2. She reminds me of Mitt Romney of 2004 campaign, but without any morals or ethics.

  3. I listened. I’m angry for that. Imbeciles like these two do not warrant our attention.

    That said, don’t “end the killing”. End Hamas instead.

    Then, maybe, most of the killing will wither away. But not before.

  4. She’s starting to get that crazy-eyed look Nancy Pelosi has.

    You don’t suppose all those botox injections do something to the frontal lobes, do you?

  5. sdferr

    WTF that Hillary nattered that Hamas can’t help but put rockets in hospitals and schools cuz, it’s so crowded there!!

    I would be aghast, but Kerry has already pegged my aghast meter today.

  6. christ but Israel needs to tell America to go fuck its whore self in no uncertain terms

    there’s no sense waiting for this cunt to become president to do it

  7. Could be profound stupidity is fascinating like a dismembering car crash is fascinating — like, oh, look at these body parts in places they were never meant to be: can’t look away. I dunno.

  8. I see. If you get dain bramage, your concerns get “alloyed”. If it’s bad enough, you’re pronounced “ready for Hillary!”

  9. But don’t you see? If Hamas stored things like missiles and rocket launchers in easily identifiable places like armories and army bases, those would be too easy to find, and they would be wiped out without any civilian casualties at all, and then the Palis would have nothing to show on CNN except their empty rocket launchers pointed at Israel, and those are like, so hard to pretend to be innocent, and then they might lose their support among the Democrats, the MSM (BIRM), the loser liberals, and Hollyweird (BIRM).

    And who wants, that, amIright?

  10. Can we get a RESET button on her and her husband?

  11. You keyboard to God’s ears, TW.

  12. She’s doing a magnificent job trying to maintain a hold on the Jewish vote while keeping a toe in the moral equivalency pool, as well. Why does anyone listen to these people?

    And OT: If you just listen to the interview without watching the vid, the journalist sounds a lot like Ricardo Montalbán.

  13. Well, Shermlaw, Hillary Rodham’s face does look like old Corinthian Leather.

  14. The competition for smartest Democrat presidential candidate heats up.

  15. Greetings:

    And the lying lips, having again lied, lied on.

    My father used to refer to politics as “the second oldest profession”. “Whores,” he would say, “sell themselves. Politicians sell everyone they can.”

  16. Somebody once told me that after politics, sarcasm was the lowest form of humor.

    I think he was being sarcastic.

  17. Maybe she can borrow Kerry’s brain, he isn’t using it.

  18. A disproportionate response? Does Jorge mean that it would be more acceptable in his eyes if there were more dead Israelis?

  19. Jorge: ‘Si…si, amigo’.

  20. Anyway, politics is the lowest form of comedy, not humor.

  21. Who cares what this cow thinks? Why give it oxygen? I do not follow that commie grifter anymore. She commands too much attention already. I say starve her and her kin. Kill the American political dynasty.

    But speaking of aged beef, the steaks I picked up at Oliver’s on 7th are outstanding and the guys in there are quite friendly too. Very helpful and patient. You can buy ace prime rib-eye steaks cut right of a prime rib roast. Their little shop has everything you will need for a top dinner and their beef cannot be beat and their prices are surprisingly reasonable considering the outstanding service they provide. It is a multi-generational affair. The grandson now is actually quite old. Plus, they have ample parking, not just on the street as I had imagined. I’ve also had very good slightly aged beef from Tony’s Market which is even closer. I can walk there. Tony’s is a bit more expensive, but I just bought two New York steaks for a dinner, and man, were they good. I overcooked mine ever so slightly because my guest distracted me with engaging conversation.

    My usual method is pull my heavy cast-iron grill pan and bring it to rocket hot. It smokes on its own. I turn on the air and open the terrace door fully so the alarm does not sound off. It screams unbearably loud at the first trace of smoke. Open flames are not allowed where I live because it’s a commie city restriction that applies to apartments. Then I place the steak on the pan and imagine it my own hand being cooked and that prevents me from overcooking. Turn once to create diamond pattern grill marks, 10:00/2:00, then flip and into a pre-warmed oven, then turned the same way covered out of the heat to rest without rushing, and the steaks are usually perfect.

    Best to be mindful when paying that much, don’t you think? I mean, since you are bothering.

    You can fuss with the steaks at the table if you want to, cutting them up with steak knives, switching fork between hands as Americans do back and forth tapping and clattering the dinnerware if you wish, but it is much easier to just slice them or cube them using an ultra-sharp chef’s knife right there in the kitchen as Japanese restaurants do. That way you can just pop meat chunks into your mouth. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, aged beef treated perfectly, cooked perfectly, pop, pop, pop, you simply cannot stop until it is gone. And I mean it.