July 26, 2014

Eric Holder and Lois Lerner revealed as right-wing rednecks … [Darleen Click]

… and the beat goes on


Apparently only conservatives and others on the right can be obstructionists, according to Roget’s Thesaurus.

A search for synonyms of “obstructionist” on Thesaurus.com, which cites Roget’s, reveals that the source considers several words related to conservative and right-leaning political stances to fit the definition of a “person who is cautious, moderate; an opponent of change.” Under antonyms, it lists left-leaning words.

Included in the list of obstructionist synonyms are “right-winger,” “right,” and “rightist” and ”Tory,” the British conservative party.

Other synonyms listed for obscrutionst are “traditionalist,” “conserver,” “conventionalist,” “unprogressive,” and “redneck.”

…drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain …

n July, we learned that a Google search of the word “bigotry” turned up a definition that equated the word to “right-wing.” The sample sentence from the Oxford Dictionary set off a small firestorm of anger by conservatives, who don’t consider themselves bigoted and don’t think it should be part of any dictionary definition of the word.

Well, it seems Merriam-Webster also thinks conservatives are bigots. […]

[L] liberals and progressives are the opposite of bigoted, but anyone related to “conservatism” is.

A source writes in, ”I would imagine millions of impressionable young minds go to this site to find definitions of words for school. This is supposed to be factual reference. This is extremely dangerous and powerful. I wonder what other words they have redefined.”

…la dee dah dee dee, la dee dah dee dah

An Ohio State University (OSU) class has apparently determined another fundamental difference between Christians and atheists: their IQ points.

An online quiz from the school’s Psychology 1100 class, provided to Campus Reform via tip, asked students to pick which scenario they found most likely given that “Theo has an IQ of 100 and Aine has an IQ of 125.”

The correct answer? “Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.”

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  1. Yeowdshoiop, who had been locally thought a decent fellow, has knowledge that a murderous ambush has been prepared by four brigands, just a bit down the road from his cottage. The ambush, Yeowdshoiop has learned, is aimed at his friend Marrklestu, who walks up to town on this road with regularity of a Wednesday to go to market there, as well as make deposits at the bank.

    Yeowdshoiop runs in the opposite direction up the road from the ambush in order to intercept and obstruct Markklestu before his good friend Marrklestu will unwittingly walk into his own death-trap.

    Bad Yeowdshoiop! Evil Yeowdshoiop! Leave Marrklestu’s progress alone, you obstructionist rotten man, lest henceforth you should be shunned, you meddling, interfering monster!

  2. Well, of course! Left-wingers can’t be obstructionist until there is a Republican President in office again, and of course M-W will change the definition to suit that circumstance in the future.

    Won’t they?

  3. Hamas rocket obstructionists, those vile Israelis!

    As a sort of modern-day take on “WhyWeFight!”, and in a sort of twist on “mind the gap”, a “Mind the Strip [the Gaza Strip]” encouragement to the IDF. (h/t Insty)

  4. the thesaurus just makes suggestions for words what *might* work for what you’re trying to say

    you have to use your own best judgment to pick the one what fits best

  5. I suppose we’ll have to consider Oxford and Thesaurus dot com as Wiki-league now.

    These Leftists have got it coming, and when it gets here, can’t be soon enough.

  6. Instapundit notes about the link to the ILovetheIDF facebook page linked here above as “Mind the Strip”:

    *** SO THE STANDING WITH IDF FACEBOOK PAGE THAT I LINKED TO EARLIER IS GONE NOW. Clicking on the link just takes you to the main Facebook page. The I Hate Israel page is still up, though. Nice job, Zuckerberg, you putz.

    UPDATE: Check out the I Love IDF page. ***

    Facebook? Objectively on the other side, don’t you think?

  7. I posted a link to the gateway pundit update about thesaurus.com deleting the “obstructionist” definition on crooks & liars. Their response? Delete my post.

    Can’t have the truth threatening the progressive hive mind now, can we?

  8. The correct answer? “Aine is an atheist, while Theo is a Christian.”

    The correct answer: the OSU quiz is bugfuck ignorant and stupid:

    Of 10 highest IQ’s on earth, at least 8 are Theists, at least 6 are Christians

  9. facebook is gayer than spelling troy with an e on the end