July 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton, future President!

God Bless the United States of the Transnational Progressivist Utopia!

Now, before you get all miffed, think about this from her perspective: the reset did in fact work, if what you were after was a rekindling of the Cold War. Because maybe this time the good guys will win!

You can’t have “fundamental transformation” without “fun”! Or “mental.” Or “Jesus Christ, tell me this is a dream!”

Okay. So maybe that last requires a bit of artistic license. But then, I’m an artist. So deal.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:25am

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  1. Meh. Rather, before ever the reset worked the presence of JohnHarwoodMouthPiece and his ilk on the national airwaves worked, else the reset had never happened.

  2. – Before you launch off into a “reset campaign” you need to avert attention to what seems a Rumpelstillskin-esque sort of awakening on the part of the lap dog legacy media, in particular the WH press corp, cause boy howdy they seem to “sense” thar’s been some manipulatin’ going on a little during the Bumblefuck rein.

    – Oh the humanity’s. Morons.

  3. Clearly, from Russia’s perspective of its interests vis-a-vis U.S./Russian relations, the reset worked rather well. For the U.S., not so much.

    But you’re a jingoist for noticing. Probably sexist and heteronormativist too.

  4. – You left out xenophobic (It had to be aliens from another Galaxy that brought down the airliner) and nativist because you use the word “American” more than twice in the piece.

  5. I just want my cold war back, because I need an enemy for my life to make sense,

    small minded, easily led bitter clinger that I am.

  6. For some reason, these days, I recall those seemingly halcyon days of being under the threat of nuclear annihilation with much Nostalgia – although now, I must admit, I do place my hopes in a certain type of meteor.

  7. The vacuous elite.


    Only notice that Andrea signs off with “David Remnick from The New Yorker thank you very much. Great to be with you,” rather than the more appropriate “Oh my god, I feel as though I’ve been dumbed back into the stone age for spending these few minutes in your company hearing this idiotic propaganda you spout.”

  8. . . . being under the threat of nuclear annihilation . . .

    Considering that it’s President IVotePresent in charge of national security it seems to me the possibility of nuclear annihilation has never been more threatening.

  9. Remind me someone, how many minutes does the President have to launch a counterstrike before our Minutemen IIIs are blown up in their silos?

  10. There are still Minutemen IIIs in silos? Pres. IVotePresent sees he has work yet to do and only two more years to do it.

  11. You can look at the policies of this administration as working to reverse the result of every conflict that the US was victorious in. I’d once thought the exception was WWII but considering your post today on the connection of radical Islam and the Nazis I must take that exception back.

  12. Heck, Geoff, the jug-eared Nancy Boy thinks The South won The Civil War.

  13. Of course the re-set button worked. All the way up to the time they removed it from the hot tub controls it was connected to.

  14. “Remind me someone, how many minutes does the President have to launch a counterstrike before our Minutemen IIIs are blown up in their silos?”

    If memory from the cold war days (and perhaps some not-so-factual movie plots) serves, something close to twenty minutes.

    That is, at best, old info however; for all we know there are Russian spaced based rocket systems now that could be here in seconds. More realistically, they successfully sneak a ballistic sub in close and we have a few minutes.

    Of course I still have confidence in MAD when it comes to the Ruskies, even under Obama. The real worry, especially under Obama, is how long we have before a MAD Mullah sends one our way.

  15. I don’t have confidence in MAD under Obama, for the simple reason that I don’t think that guy could decide what shirt to wear in less than twenty minutes.

  16. I understand, but the Russians are at least rational and it’s unlikely they would make such a huge gamble.

    To the mullahs though, MAD is a feature.

    They seem to have a thing for virgins.

  17. “Now, before you get all miffed,”

    Actually I can’t help laughing. She’s got the worst case of hoof in mouth disease I’ve ever heard of.