July 24, 2014

“Howard Stern Gives Impassioned Defense of Israel”

Stern: “If you’re anti-Israel, then you’re anti-America. It’s the only democracy over there, it’s the only friend we have who’s willing to fight and stand up for what’s right.”

Idea for a pay-per-view event: Stern and Mark Steyn vs John Stewart and just about anyone from MSNBC, CNN, or the LAT. Topic: Who would Hitler most approve of, the Israelis or Hamas, the offshoot of the PLO, PLA, and the Mufti who pushed for the Final Solution.

Winner gets bragging rights. Losers move to Israel or Gaza, their choice.

Fuck, man. I’d pay $40 to see that, wouldn’t you?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:19am

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  1. If you want to put that $40 where it will materially support the IDF, go here: https://secure.qgiv.com/for/modonate/

    Mercury One is helping IDF troops being called back into service with the stuff they’re expected to bring with them when reporting for duty: tents, clothing, boots, etc. IDF supplies the ammo and arms but the soldiers are expected to provide their own personal effects.

    So there’s that…

  2. Anti-enabling: *** On Fox, Cruz said, “What is offensive is the Obama administration giving $47 million that will go to Hamas, who is actively trying to kill civilians, while simultaneously imposing millions of dollars of economic harm to our friends and allies in Israel.” ***

    Pro-enabling: *** The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that diplomats from the U.S., Israel, and other Middle Eastern countries are reworking a cease-fire proposal made by Egypt’s foreign ministry last week. The paper reports that the new proposal would call for both Israel and Hamas to cease military operations in the coming days before calling on the U.S. and the international community to begin talks on a long-term economic program for Gaza. ***

    The results of enabling, heh: *** “In the name of Allah, most gracious, most compassionate,” says Mashaal in the mock video. “I want to start by thanking the excellent staff of the kitchen at my hotel.”

    Later, the leader speaks about hearing about what is happening in Gaza and adds: “The hotel cost me the same as the price of a hospital and three tunnels in Gaza.” ***

    Khaled Mashaal: “Dear people, my people, Gazans: You die while I eat, and that will be a glory to us all.”

  3. But hey, the United States has its very own Khaled Mashaal, albeit a Khaled Mashaal who doesn’t speak Arabic and happens to never be seen in public wearing anything other than ugly pants-suits.

  4. – That “debate” is only cogent because the average millennial twits of today are know-nothings when it comes to history.

    – Adolph incorporated an Islamic corp within the SS, complete with camels and trained Bedouin infantry, many of whom fought in the North African campaign.

    – Look it up.

  5. For some more History, we have Mark Levin explaining that relationship between the Nazis and the Mohammedins:

    Mark Levin opened his show explaining the history of the modern day jihadi movement and how it’s connected to Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party….

    Audio here:

  6. sdferr,

    The Pantsuits will come in handy when she’s finally shipped to the nursing home:

    Green polyester outfits won’t attract thieves and they only need a weekly shakeout.

  7. Have you never wondered at the possibility those pantsuits are an overcompensation for a secreted desire to perform public exhibitionism in the all-together, Danger? The mere fact that there are no known extant photos of the old hag spread-eagled doesn’t mean she doesn’t wish there were.

  8. I’m sure she’s a goddess in her bathroom circus mirror sdferr ;)