July 16, 2014

“Iowa Governor: I Do Not Want To House Immigrant Children In My State”

Another nativist and white supremacist who hates brown people.  Hopefully the good people of Iowa will throw this bigot out of office come next election.  And maybe even replace him with a child from, say, Guatemala.  As a show of cosmopolitanism!

Failure you to do so, let me remind you, will brand you Iowans as backwood corn-fed country hicks.  And that’s a helluva lot worse than having to wait extra time for emergency services, or see your schools overrun and your state’s resources sucked up.

Because of the stigma.

Don’t be one of those people.  Tsk tsk tsk.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:25pm

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  1. Can’t say I blame him. They’re not just distributing children, they’re distributing measles and TB, and the fed has done exactly nothing to prepare for the tsunami of infected kids, even though they’ve known they’re coming.

    Which, haven’t we stopped vaccinating against measles, or was that something else?

    Either way, if you point out that problem to a Sinistro, he’ll blithely assert that “we can handle it” even though by “we” he means “not me and mine.”

    As usual.

    To update on Sinistro Heads Exploding News, hated animal-murderer Ted Nugent is going to accompany Glenn Beck to the border on Saturday with resources from his heretofore unknown “Hunters for the Hungry” organization that annually donates “250 million hot meals of pure, nutritious, low-fat, low-cholesterol, wild organic venison” to the needy.

    Which they’ve been quietly doing for 1/4 century.

    “I’ve got my Uncle Ted protein soldiers on standby down in Texas,” Nugent remarked. “We will bring down the most wonderful, healthy protein, wild game venison, the ultimate burgers and goulash and spaghetti. … We will feed the kids like we do to our fellow Americans, 250 million meals a year. It’s awesome.”

    Also, Bill O’Reilly is chipping in. That would give one pause, except that you can’t go by what Bill does because he’s all over the map at any given time.

    So that’s Glenn, the Nuge, O’Reilly, Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, and who knows which other Hated Conservatives very publicly performing acts of charity that don’t strictly concord with their policy preferences, while Obama lines up another bank shot.

    Bad optics?

    Sinistro heads explode. That’s the prettiest thing this side of a butterfly.

  2. Unfortunately, there isn’t a damned thing that the States can do about it, since SCOTUS has repeatedly confirmed that immigration is strictly and solely a Federal matter (most recently when Eric Holder sued Arizona for daring to enforce Federal laws by replicating them into State statutes), and the right to travel freely among the States is one of those guaranteed rights (under both the “Privileges and Immunities” Clause and the 14th Amendment), but I would LOVELOVELOVE someone to try and point out that the Constitutional protections are reserved only to those persons actually subject to the Constitution, which aliens here illegally are NOT, given that they are not here legally in the first place.

  3. “there isn’t a damned thing that the States can do about it”
    Gonna have to disagree with you there, drum. Under the heretofore unknown “ObamaClause” of the Constitution, an executive of a sovereign entity can just make shit up and do it. Therefore, Texas, for example can say, “We aren’t enforcing federal immigration law, we’re only operating under our State health codes and quarantining off the land south of what is conveniently and coincidentally our southern border.”
    Perry could become a folk hero. And maybe President.

    Of the Republic of Texas, that is.

  4. The racist teabagging governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, is also refusing WH calls to send immigrant children to his backwater hick state.

  5. If I were Governor of Texas, I would drop every bridge between El Paso and Ciudad Juarez into the Rio Grande, and set up machine gun mounts every 50 yards along the border. I doubt there would be a shortage of volunteers, and most of them could supply their own ammo. Hell, I imagine quite a few would be willing to pay for the privilege of gunning down a few narcotraficantes.

  6. Since the feds have started shipping these illegal aliens around the country it clearly falls within their powers of regulating interstate commerce.

  7. I look forward to a Strongly Worded Letter from the UN taking Obama to task for using biological weapons on his own populace. Seriously, what’s the difference between busing diseased illegal immigrants into the districts of your political rivals and slinging diseased horse carcasses over the castle walls with your trebuchet?

    Maybe we should start calling him Barack Assad?

  8. That would require the UN to hold beneficent intentions toward the populace of the United States. Wouldn’t hold my breath a second waiting for confirmation of such a proposition.

  9. Why are we calling them immigrant children as though they followed the immigration process? Are people who break in afforded the status of informal but de facto housemates? Even guests?

    Enough with the magic word bullshit.

  10. di

    We don’t vaccinate for small pox any more. This is the schedule. (pdf)

    Thing is that the MMR isn’t given to kids until they are 12 mos old (in the 80s when my girls were born, I recall it was 3 doses at 3, 6, 9 mo … but they found they don’t hold on the immunization as well when given that early.)

  11. Interesting argument from the Maryland Governor: “I don’t want those kids deported but don’t send them here, not because [b][i]I’m[/i][/b] provincial and elitist, but because they might be subject to harassment by all those mean Republicans in Maryland.”


  12. pala

    One of my clerks refuses to call herself “Mexican-American”. She says she is AN AMERICAN who is of Mexican heritage. She has no sympathy for illegals when her grandfather worked hard to follow the rules and be legal.

  13. Yeah, that hyphen is a destructive little sunnuvabitch…


  14. Send them all to Austin. We deserve it. I want to see the shitheads here simmer in the smell their own farts for once. You want to be a compassionate sanctuary city? PAY FOR IT. No more ‘somebody ought to but NIMBY’ moralizing. See what the GotCBH have to teach you for once. And send any complaints you have regarding reality falling short of your good intentions to intellectual lighthouse of the 20th century Howard Zinn.

  15. I believe that while there are children in detention, they should be treated humanely … medically treated, well-fed.

    However, they also need to be repatriated to their home countries as soon as possible. Like yesterday.

    Also, the insanity that gangbangers are not separated out and kept in detention MUST stop.

    They will never report to hearings. They’ll just hook up with their homies on this side of the border.

  16. Today coming home I stepped off the elevator on my floor and turning the corner from the opposite direction at the same time, a tiny boy a few steps ahead of his parents about, oh, I’d say, two inches tall, pipped, “Hola!”

    The cutest little passing greeting I was ever greeted.

  17. I’m sure we’d feed them fine in Austin. We invented the “food trucks” phenomenon after all. Even if it was more than 10 years after southern California did. And we’re the live music capitol of the world*.

    *If by “the world” you really mean central Texas.

  18. They can’t have plastic bags when they buy groceries though. We are a civilized* people.

    *If by “civilized” you really mean we have dirty and probably contaminated reusable grocery bags.

  19. the filthy urchins need to go to agricultural states where their skills can be utilized to the fullest I think

  20. Like California you mean?

  21. Bet those filthy urchins already know how to put up drywall.

    We’d be better off directing 90% of our high school graduates to trade school, if we still had trade schools.

  22. Roger Kaplan has the right idea:

    There is a way to deal with the children, teenagers, and adults who are crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into the United States.

    Shoot them.

    It is simple. It is straightforward. It is efficient. It is politically, strategically, legally acceptable. I am not sure about morally, but who is sure about anything morally these days?

    There is no law that says the Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona National Guards cannot be mobilized to protect the hundreds of miles on our southern border that are violated daily by illegal immigrants. Reports differ, but recent estimates have close to a hundred thousand entries since the beginning of this year, most of them, we are told, from Central American countries.

    There is no law, and no political wisdom, that says that if persons refuse direct orders to halt at a border crossing, you cannot stop them forcibly. It is widely acknowledged the world over that national sovereignty includes the right to defend recognized international borders.

    In a majority of countries, the defense of borders is understood to include the right, in fact the duty, to use force. That is why border police worldwide are armed. On many borders they are soldiers. Force may be lethal when the alleged perpetrators of illegal acts — as clandestine border crossings are universally defined — refuse to cooperate with police or any other legitimate authorities.

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