July 16, 2014

“Federal debt to reach 106% of U.S. economy in 2039, CBO says”

And that’s just public share of the debt.

Meh. Don’t sweat it.  If Paul Krugman is still alive in 23-years, he’s got one of them however-many-trillion-dollar-platinum coins he can lend us to pay off our debts and keep the bread and circuses going.

And even if he’s long gone by then, God forbid, the government will have taken the thing from him as part of its compassionate estate tax income inequality fairness initiative, so they can just break it out then.

So stop your worrying. None of this is real, anyway.  Seriously. Did you think it was?

‘Tis to laugh.

(h/t RI Red)


Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:46am

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  1. Left holding the bag, the public’s responsibility is the plaything of our rulers. One day, perhaps, the public will revolt.

  2. The level of debt doesn’t matter, or so I’ve been told. Now, when the interest on the debt exceeds GDP, well, it’s Katie bar the door! Time to invest in wheelbarrows.

  3. I had a trillion-dollar Bitcoin, but then my hard drive crashed…

  4. I’ll just write a post-dated check to cover the debt, dated, say, June 1 of 2025.

    More than likely, inflation will make the check good.

  5. My smartass uncle was saying something about the idiocy of the people holding the debt, deluding themselves that Uncle Sam would come through with payment. “Brave words from a guy depending on Social Security and Medicare to keep him alive for the next 30 years.”

    What? I didn’t say he was my *favorite* uncle…

  6. “Federal debt to reach 106% of U.S. economy in 2039, CBO says”

    2039, eh? Aren’t these the same guys who affirmed Obamatax as revenue neutral?
    I’ll take the under. Whatever odds, for one trillion dollars.

  7. Last month, the government posted a $70.5 billion surplus compared with a $116.5 billion excess a year earlier, the report also showed.*

    so the June surplus is down 40% from last year’s June surplus

    Sen. Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, said in a statement that the CBO report “is a stark reminder of the urgent need for entitlement reform.”

    ok Orrin

    so what does the CBO say?

    “Federal spending for Social Security and the government’s major health-care programs – Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and subsidies for health insurance purchased through the exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act – would rise sharply,” CBO said.

    and Orrin aren’t you the sleazy Palin-endorsed little slut that invented the Children’s Health Insurance Program?

    yes you are lil pickle

    own it and write a goddamn hymn about it you sleazy fuck