July 15, 2014

“ICE Ordered to Stay Silent on Release of 36,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants”

We live in a dictatorship, folks.  Or something that most certainly isn’t a representative, constitutional republic any longer.  Breitbart:

Breitbart Texas recently reported on the release of 36,000 convicted criminal illegal immigrants, including almost 200 murderers, who were released back into the U.S. by immigration officials in 2013. The figures were outlined in a report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS). Breitbart Texas subsequently reached out to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) offices around the country, in an attempt to learn more about release policies.

Each ICE representative that Breitbart Texas came in contact with was familiar with the CIS report, but would not comment on it. They additionally refused to answer general questions regarding detention and release policies.

“We were given specific instructions not to comment on that report,” said Greg Palmore, a Texas-based ICE spokesman, during a phone interview with Breitbart Texas.

Rather than comment, they all provided the same press release that was apparently drawn up by a press secretary in Washington, D.C.


It is easy to surmise why the Washington, D.C. bureau instructed ICE agents around the country to not talk about the shocking CIS report, as it raises questions about the Obama Administration’s enforcement policies. The newly-released figures also may prompt concerns regarding public safety.

The CIS report claimed that the 36,000 released criminals were collectively convicted of 88,000 crimes. These convictions include 426 sexual assaults, 303 kidnappings, 193 homicides, 1,317 domestic violence assaults, and 1,724 weapon offenses.

The immigrants were apparently being processed for deportation at the time they were let go. ICE could have held these individuals in detention, “but released them anyway,” according to a report by the Washington Times. The CIS added that many of the releases were likely “discretionary,” and not in accordance with the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Jessica Vaughan, the director of policy studies at the CIS said, “We keep hearing from the administration that they are focused like a laser on enforcement against the worst of the worst, convicted criminals, as their top priority. On the other hand, they are releasing, at a rate of about 100 a day, aliens from their custody with criminal convictions, and many of them are serious criminal convictions.”

Overwhelm the system. Crash the infrastructure. Fundamental transformation.

Meanwhile, Obama golfs, Boehner tans, McConnell conspires to “crush” the only combatants left fighting this moribund republic, and Karl Rove, John McCain, et al., applaud themselves for keeping relics in power by pandering to Democratic voters and playing on the same racial demagoguery as the President, his AG, the academic left and its useful idiots, and — increasingly — the “pragmatists” in the GOP who prefer burnishing their appearances over protecting their purported principles.

Yield: savory civil decay. Feeds roughly 300 million.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:16am

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  1. a horse..a horse! a kingdom for ruby red slippers

  2. Fuck off.

  3. This is why I think we need to write-off the national government, decide upon a region of the country to eventually takeover, and have all of we Constitutionalists move there.

  4. Bob’s right: Washington is not salvageable. Those who enjoin us to “vote Red no matter what because Senate Majority” are rearranging the place settings in the Titanic’s grand dining hall while the icy Atlantic swirls around their nipples.

    Texas? That seems to be where the proggs are concentrating their efforts to turn a red state blue. Maybe with Spanish-language talk radio some hearts can be turned.

    We can wall off Austin like West Berlin. It worked then; might as well do it again.

  5. dementia news

    Ha! Before I even saw the link, I knew it had to be about “Grampa Simpson” Harry Reid.

  6. “We can wall off Austin like West Berlin”

    That’s pretty much what the excessive web of toll roads (formerly tax payer built highways) is. We have more toll roads around Austin planned by TxDoT than currently are around Kissimmee, Florida. (Disney World, Universal Theme Park, etc.)

  7. Of course you have to worry about central and north Dallas, eastern Houston, El Paso, and San Antonio. too. Especially San Antonio. They pretty much passed a law that prevents non progressives from working for the city since they can be construed to be hateful to minorities or supportive of hate towards minorities. Mayor Castro is a de Blasio level lunatic. The dems want to export him to national politics since they have no hope of getting him into the state level.

  8. FYI, Beck begs Central American parents to not send their kids up illegally.

    Beck spoke about his friend Tim Ballard of Operation Underground Railroad, whom he has worked with to free children from sex slavery worldwide.

    “I can’t imagine what your child will be feeling,” Beck said. “I can’t imagine what goes through the minds of these children who are trapped and scared — offered up as a prize for the slime of humanity to abuse and throw away.”

    “You can’t comfort them,” Beck continued. “You can’t answer their cries. They are alone. They are alone, except for their God. That is not a better life.”

    “I believe that the Lord God Almighty gave us our children personally, and it is our job to care for and nurture them, to love them, to experience the joy of seeing them grow,” Beck said. “You are not giving them a better life if you are not part of it, no matter where they are.”

    Beck said that this Saturday, he will do all he can to care for the children who are here. But he will also comfort them by telling them they’ll be going home soon.

    “If they are thirsty, we will give them something to drink,” Beck began. “If they are hungry, we will give them something to eat. … But I want you to know the words that I will use to comfort them [are] the words that I think every child wants to hear: ‘Don’t worry. Soon, you’ll be back home, and you will be with mom and dad.’”

    With Spanish subtitles.

  9. I was think more the Colorado-Kansas area up to the Canadian Border.

    Meanwhile, if the lovely Mrs. B. keeps on insisting that we move to New Hampshire and I give-in, I’d try and form something involving the upper parts of New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. How does ‘The Commonwealth Of Adams’ sound?


  10. Bob, north of Franconia Notch is wonderful. Only thing you need to watch out for is the drone command post on Mt. Washington.
    And, di, please watch that “icy water/nipples” thing. We older gents have weak hearts.