July 14, 2014

Former teen idol Leif Garrett comments on the anti-Israel BDS movement

“Back when we were filming The Outsiders, me, Darren Dalton (who played Randy), and a few extras who played various background Socs would often catch Ralph Macchio alone somewhere on set and we’d donkey punch the shit out of him.  I mean, we were merciless, man.

“And when the little bitch ratted us out to Francis, we just said, all sincere, that we were working to stay in character for the sake of the piece — and that we thought everybody should be as committed to their roles as we were, including whiny little pukes like Macchio.   Not surprisingly, Coppola — he’s an artiste and an auteur, you see, and so he fancies everything he does like a tear from God; it’s the kind of vanity you learn to exploit if you have the disposition for it — bought our bullshit and he also started treating Macchio like a little bitch.  Because it was easy, I guess.

” — Let me tell you:   that kind of power was like, fucking cool to wield, too,  especially on the set of a Coppola flick.  Though looking back on it — and were I to be honest with you as part of my rehab mandate — we really just picked on the kid because he was surrounded, small, and vulnerable.   And because it was fun and we knew we could.  Besides, you don’t get a handy from the Diane Lanes of the world by looking like some weakass punk on a set filled with a dozen Tiger Beat competitors.

“Which I think answers your question, though probably a bit more obliquely than you were hoping for.   But then, if you wanted something less allegorical, you probably shouldn’t be talking to a dude who, clean or not, still thinks heroin was put here by angels to keep the evil in men’s souls calm and to lessen the sufferings of original sin, no matter what the piggies and the blue noses say.”*

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:12pm

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  1. Throwback Monday. Readers confused.

  2. Have to confess I got hung up wondering whether the coolest part was when Macchio agreed that he should be picked on and tossed about. ‘Cause hell, there’s no validation like righteous validation.

  3. Macchio always knew he deserved it. It was his girlfriend who convinced him to rat because she hoped Coppola would let her go all dominatrix on Leif.

    That was before Bonaduce picked her up, found out she was a dude and punched her in the face.

  4. ..which, I don’t know how it fits in the metaphor, but I never metaphor who didn’t look like at least a nine if she was buying the drinks.

  5. McGehee will be here all week folks. Please remember to tip your server.

  6. europe should make this week be nice to jewish people week i think

    and also next week

  7. Do ya spose Mr. Dershowitz recognizes the irony of the other definition of BDS?

    (click the link people!)

  8. I keep thinking of the older definition when I see the acronym.

  9. – Either it needs more cow bell or more silver hat coins on the brim.

    – That’s weird about McGehee. I though only Jews worked for tips.

  10. That was about the time that Lief was slowly learning that he couldnt play guitar and Ralph probably hinted that of all of them he the most like a girl…looked….so there is that.

  11. “IRS April Sands: “I don’t understand how anyone but straight white men can vote Republican””

    And of course her lack of understanding must MEAN something beyond her merely being embarrassingly ignorant or dishonest due to living in a reality distortion bubble where facts must hate the right or have their fact card taken away.

  12. Hmmmph. What BDS really means is Buy Another Uzi. )

  13. Here’s a question: would say, South Korea happen to be noticing the high relative effectiveness of little Israel’s Iron Dome system and perhaps think to itself ” Hey! Y’know we’ve got a sort of similar problem with the Norks shelling Seoul. Wonder whether we couldn’t work out either a purchasing or licencing arrangement with those clever Israelis and actually do something about our problem, as opposed to continuing to leave our people exposed to unnecessary risk of imminent death and our nation to Nork blackmail on those grounds?”

    And heck, not just the decent Koreans might be interested in such stuff.

  14. Here is to urge people to read Michel Gurfinkiel’s piece at Commentary entitled “French Jewry’s Moment of Truth”. Apologies for not linking it, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find.