July 14, 2014

“German Leftists, Islamists And Neo-Nazis Stage Violent Anti-Israel Protest, “You Jews Are Beasts”…”

Well, that whole history repeating itself thing seems perspicacious right about now, doesn’t it?  I mean, we’re witnessing the return of the Cold War and a return of various forms of socialism and fascism looking to find scapegoats in the Jews in order to press an agenda that can throw the balance of world power over to the side of centralized control and the crushing of individual liberty, presented as crass, greedy, and not consonant with the Greater Good of the volk.  Or the new Caliphate.

Congrats to all the identity politics groups on the left who have made themselves available as the ground forces. I’m sure gender feminism and the LGBT warrior groups will fare particularly well under a desire to rule that brings along with it notions of purification and Utopianism, if only certain diseases are purged from the ranks of the body politic.  Like pigs and monkeys and other more conspicuous beasts:

A demonstration in Frankfurt against Operation Protective Edge erupted into violence, with protesters tossing stones at the police.

According to the Frankfurter Rundschau paper, about 2,500 protesters appeared in downtown Frankfurt, screaming “God is great,” and slogans such as “freedom for Palestine” and “children-murderer Israel.”

Eight police officers were injured. One sign at the rally was titled, “You Jews are Beasts.”

German media reported that after the protests, groups sought to locate Jewish institutions. The Frankfurt police said Jewish institutions would be protected. It is unclear if the goal was to attack said institutions.

According to the Rundschau, student organization Left-SDS, Islamists and some members of the Neo-Nazi group National Socialists Rhein-Main attended the anti-Israel protest. Flags from Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Hamas were on display at the protest. Banners compared Prime Minister Netanyahu with Adolf Hitler.

Supporters of Assad’s regime were also present at the protest.

In a bizarre act of cooperation, German journalist and publicist Thomas von der Osten-Sacken reported on the website of the weekly Jungle World that Frankfurt’s police allowed the demonstrators to use a police vehicle and loudspeaker to blast anti-Israeli slogans. According to a police statement, the authorities allowed the use of their equipment in order to deescalate the situation. The Jungle World article sarcastically titled its account, “The Police, Friend and Helper.”

The history of humanity is replete with these periodic wildings.  And nearly everywhere, some sort of tyranny — disguised as a glorious, selfless collectivism — is at its genesis.

If the same thinking is allowed to thrive unchecked, it isn’t terribly shocking that the same scenes born of its effects keep replaying themselves on the world’s stage.

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  1. History may not repeat word-for-word, but it sure as hell rhymes, and damned near qualifies as a homophone…

  2. Banners compared Prime Minister Netanyahu with Adolf Hitler.

    Yeah, because he’s the one who wants to kill off all the Jews. (I swear, you literally cannot parody these people.

  3. In Israel itself the political left has been protesting against Israeli self-defense (and whining when sane Israelis counter-protest their idiocy), or else issuing sly questions to the government, asking for detailed “exit strategy”, as though Israel could somehow “exit” the neighborhood.

    As absurd as are the anti-social positions such ideological demands place on the political left in Israel, it is difficult to see any ingress of self-awareness among them, so blinded are they to the concrete world around them, even as they too run to shelters when the rockets fall.

  4. Cats and dog living together

  5. Message To Jews In Europe From A Non-Jew: Get the Hell out of there now and come here or go Down Under.

    The governments of Europe will not protect you, especially the French and the Germans.

  6. According to a police statement, the authorities allowed the use of their equipment in order to deescalate the situation.

    Contrast with WWII veterans being locked out of open-air WWII memorials. Seems that the only way to get ahead these days is to make the State fear you. I’d just like to state for the record, right now, that I’m really not comfortable with the incentive structure the State is setting up, but I’m willing to play along if that’s the only option.

  7. I went and bought some .38 special hollow and two fat boxes of 00 today. The stupid level is getting pretty high even if it’s not local.

  8. sdferr, Brit Hume asked Benjamin Netanyahu three different times on FNS to explain his exit strategy. Bibi didn’t answer him, not even cryptically.

  9. There’s journalism and then there is something closer to reporting.

  10. Did they call on St. Pancake to bless their gathering?

  11. Why travel to Germany, when homegrown is available right now.

  12. At least here – for now – Jews can arm themselves [beware, though, of taking your weapons on canoe trips to your nearest lake].

  13. Why, life in Gaza City is just like Auschwitz !

    Click around to see the horrors.

  14. 10:29 P.M. Sources in the Egyptian Foreign Ministry say Egypt has proposed a cease-fire outline to Israel and Gaza: The cease-fire will start at 9 A.M., meaning Israel will stop aerial, naval and ground operations against the Gaza Strip and promise not to engage in a ground offensive or harm civilians. At the same time, all the Palestinian factions will hold their fire.

    Yeah, just like all the times before; “hudna” is correct.

  15. Just as in WWII, there will be no peace in agreements or truces–only in surrender.

    I sincerely wish I thought the Israelis had the stomach to do what it takes to bring that about.

  16. or

    “Here we go again. Hold onto your bloomers, ladies!”

  17. someone should make a sign what says “Jewish people are not beasts they’re actually very nice people whereas Palestinians are disgusting”

    except in German

  18. Hudna indeed.

    Big surprise.

  19. “Truce” now over as Hamas launches rockets.

  20. About the truce proposal and its contingencies — Eliot Abrams: Why Secretary Kerry Should Come Home

    *** Netanyahu can only go a few more days – at most – without using the reserves he has called up, so the real variable here is whether Hamas genuinely seeks an Israeli ground invasion. They may, but they may also be willing to go for a deal that promises them an immediate opening of the Rafah crossing into Egypt and payment of salaries for the more than 40,000 “civil servants” on their payroll.

    What is interesting about these two demands is that they do not depend on Israel. The Hamas demand of Israel is that it free the Hamas figures let out of prison in the trade for Gilad Shalit and recently re-arrested. Israel will not agree to this, so Hamas will either accept an Egyptian agreement to try to get them freed or it will reject a deal and guarantee an Israeli invasion.

    The salaries can be promised by Qatar or the PA, just as Egypt can promise to keep Rafah open, but these are after all just promises. What we do not know yet is whether Hamas is suffering enough to accept these promises as achievements it can trumpet (regardless of how they look, or whether the promises are kept, down the road). That Palestinians are suffering plenty is clear, but Hamas has never concerned itself much with that problem. Its high command remains safe, hidden –if experience is a guide– beneath the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. All of Hamas’s special tricks– the number of its rockets, their longer ranges, the tunnels, the drones– have failed to make much of an impact. So the high command must decide, soon, how much pain to inflict on the people of Gaza.

    Secretary Kerry’s visit will not affect that decision, so it will not shorten the war. He may dramatize American concern by being in Cairo, but equally display our lack of influence. ***

  21. AFP via NowLebanon: Protesters chase Palestinian minister out of Gaza

    *** GAZA – Palestinian Health Minister Jawad Awad cancelled a trip to Gaza City’s Shifa hospital on Tuesday after being confronted by angry protesters as he arrived from Egypt, officials said.

    Witnesses said protesters threw shoes and eggs at Awad’s car as he entered Gaza through the Rafah border crossing.

    Officials said he left the Palestinian territory shortly afterwards.

    Protesters also gathered at Shifa hospital in Gaza City, carrying posters criticizing Awad and the recently formed government of technocrats to which he belongs.

    The government was sworn in on June 2 following a unity deal between the Islamist Hamas movement and president Mahmud Abbas which ended seven years of rival administrations in the West Bank and Gaza.

    “Gaza has been bombed, and Gaza has been destroyed, and now he comes to visit?” protester Ahmed Murtaja said incredulously.

    “We don’t want this visit and all the Palestinian people are opposed to it and reject it,” he told AFP. […]

    They also condemned the Palestinian president for failing to do more to halt the Israeli campaign, with some chanting: “Abu Mazen [Abbas] is a collaborator.”

    In a statement, the Health Ministry condemned the “flagrant and brutal assault” on the minister and his delegation in Rafah, blaming the incident on “media affiliated with Hamas.” ***

    So most likely the angry mob was astroturfed by Hamas, which also goes on to have one of its ministers [pro forma] condemn the mob. Terror politics is a twisted business, no doubt.